What's the scariest thing that's happened in your life so far?

harrison 2013/01/13 11:49:39
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  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2013/01/15 15:02:27
    Family illness
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2013/01/14 22:30:12
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    I was born
  • JoLost 2013/01/14 18:24:11
    Alien invasion.

    DOA in ER 2 hours later rising up.
  • harrison 2013/01/14 10:46:38
    When i was a kid I saw a mugger stealing from someone. we exchanged glances and I ran to the nearest department store. I told the guy there to call the police and he's arrested now because of me
  • Ken Cooper 2013/01/14 00:59:04
    Ken Cooper
    A HALO Jump.
  • Keith 2013/01/14 00:13:28
    One time the hood of my car popped up as I was driving on a highway. It covered the windshield so I couldn't see. Luckily I was able to stop the car safely.
  • Dave The Canuck 2013/01/13 23:07:59
    Dave The Canuck
    One winter night, when I was 9, I woke up hallucinating a squeaking noise, that kept repeating itself once every few seconds. It had me screaming like hell and I was afraid to go to bed the following night.
  • Summer The Husky 2013/01/13 20:49:23
    Summer The Husky
    when i was at my grand mothers house doors would close and lock on me by there self and i would see a little girl running around the house that wasnt there but the scariest was when i was at my grand mothers me my brother and my friend was standing by the woods and we heard a voice in the woods we looked and saw a man standing there he looked dead and his eyes was gone it was just holes with blood running out of them and idk why but i dont know what he was saying but i got like possessed for a moment my brother and my friend say run but they heard me yell WTF DID YOU SAY MOTHER F**KER and i went to beat the man up and he started laughing and my friend grabed me and said wade what are yu doing i said i dont know and we ran away from there
  • LadyMorgana696 2013/01/13 18:22:13
    I got head lice now I'm petrified of kids
  • Frank Rizzo 2013/01/13 17:48:11
    Frank Rizzo
    Flew off a bridge going 80mph on a Snowmobile and went 30 feet down into the river, luckily nothing happened to me, messed up the snowmobile though.
  • TEPP 2013/01/13 17:41:27
    I don't think it counts, but when I was a child I went to this corn maze; the maze wasn't supposed to be scary, so I didn't register it appropriately when I reached this impasse to see a fat man dressed up in a bat suit, comprising of only a mask with floppy, crooked ears and what might've been a diaper. He was screaming. . . staring at me and screaming. I must have stood there for an hour and dazed off, because the next thing I remember was my Dad carrying me to the car on the outside of the maze; I think he was attempting to comfort me except his own voice was cracking. Apparently he found me in the middle of the maze, screaming and taking my own cloths off.
  • eliza TEPP 2013/01/25 01:32:15
    Well thats just fuken scary!
  • Liyah Neva Stressin 2013/01/13 17:35:18
    Liyah Neva Stressin
    My friend got hit by a car , Right infront of me ! But she survived .... Yayyy !!
  • rocker1446 2013/01/13 17:29:35
    Almost loosing my daughter 3 weeks after she was born.
  • JGF 2013/01/13 16:43:20
    I became a father
  • Stormi 2013/01/13 16:25:53
    umm.. not to long ago, i was getting high and were hot boxing my house and i was believing the nightmares in my head i was thinking there was a murderer im my house and a huge monster. xD
  • latarynn 2013/01/13 16:23:31
    an elevator broke down at this hotel and it was me and 6 other people and all of a sudden the movie 'devil' popped up in my head so i ran to the corner of the elevator and just started crying this old dude was like sweet heart are you ok and touched my shoulder i started yelling and yelling haha i realized after was being a bit over dramatic lol but they finally got us out after 30 min i couldn't stop shaking and from then on i take the stairs
  • TEPP latarynn 2013/01/13 17:40:23
    Ah jeez, if I ever get caught in an elevator with you and four others then you're gonna be the first to get eaten.
  • latarynn TEPP 2013/01/13 17:55:06
    lol haah..were both gonna be eating eachother
  • harrison latarynn 2013/01/15 09:07:12
    that sounds so wrong...
  • latarynn harrison 2013/01/15 13:36:53
    haha some people would take that wrong
  • Debra Smith 2013/01/13 14:49:58 (edited)
  • Xerxes 2013/01/13 14:34:09
  • mrdog 2013/01/13 14:20:20
    Barry is re-elected by the stupid masses of America...hello USA...bark
  • eliza 2013/01/13 14:17:12
  • Jan 2013/01/13 14:15:30
    Having cancer twice
  • eliza Jan 2013/01/13 14:17:39
    So sorry to hear!
  • Jan eliza 2013/01/13 14:21:30
    Thank you. I'm all clear at present :-)
  • eliza Jan 2013/01/13 14:23:59
    Well please stay like that For the rest of your life! Ive never known any one whos doed from it only killed themselves because they found out and didnt want to go through treatment! But woooo! You go girl!
  • Jan eliza 2013/01/13 15:28:38
    A younger brother of mine died just after his 43rd birthday from Lung Cancer. I have regular screening so that both mine were picked up early enough to be cured by surgery and Radiotherapy. Thank you so very much for your good wishes :-)
  • eliza Jan 2013/01/14 01:02:30
    If only people were snart like you to get regular testing! Melanoma runs in my family and i get checked by a specialist once a year! Sounds corny but i think you could be my insperation!
  • Jan eliza 2013/01/14 10:45:56
    Thank you for the compliment although I think we are both just being sensible. :-)
  • eliza 2013/01/13 14:14:21 (edited)
    One halloween i was in trouble from my mum as i didnt di so well in school so far so as a punishment i wasnt aloud to go trick or treating! Lukily for me my cousin came over ad we were havn fun etc mum went to a friends house and dad was half asleep he said we could go trick or treating but only in our street :/ ( LAme ) well anyway i used to live in a colda sack! There was a street lamp infront of a neighbours house and they had a few nomes in there garden anyway me and my cousin noticed it was near the road so kinda near the light of the street lamp! Then we went trick or treating a few houses down and mind you our street had 11 houses that are like opposite one another!!! Well we quikly ran home to grab another bag as we only had a really small one anyway we went bk out this time the nome was under the light than we gad finished my street so we headed bk home than to my suprise the nome had been smashed to tiny friken pieces and halloween here in aus is day light savings so it got dark late late! So no1 was around trick or treating my old street was full of older couples with older kids who were on the verge of moving out as they had there own lives!! Than probably a week later the same nome well a look a like was sitting of our drive way as we live on the bottom of a slope! Ive never gone near a nome since!!!
  • clasact 2013/01/13 14:08:11
    The seven brain surgeries I have had.Kind of scary haveing someone dig around in your head and not knowing if you will wake up from it
  • Lord Emperor Kami Guro Bage... 2013/01/13 14:02:40
    Lord Emperor Kami Guro Bagels Supreme Ruler of the Earth
    I can't decide...
    Waking up to the blade of a knife against my throat
    Having the barrel of a loaded gun shoved up my nose
    Nearly being hit head on by a pickup in the middle of a blizzard on icy roads
    And... Something else that I don't want to talk about
  • eliza Lord Em... 2013/01/13 14:04:54
    Tell me!
  • Lord Em... eliza 2013/01/13 14:08:18
    Lord Emperor Kami Guro Bagels Supreme Ruler of the Earth
  • eliza Lord Em... 2013/01/13 14:18:04
  • Lord Em... eliza 2013/01/13 14:22:58
    Lord Emperor Kami Guro Bagels Supreme Ruler of the Earth
    Its personal... Although if you (and she will know who she is, I'm not going to name her) read this and you want to know, just ask
  • eliza Lord Em... 2013/01/13 14:25:40
    Okli dokily! I think i wont bother u about it! :)

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