Whats the saddest thing u can think of right now

cory 2009/11/23 03:12:26
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isnt that sad
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  • Sydney254 2009/11/30 20:44:50
    it is
    Watching my brother leave for the army. Terrified he will never come back.
  • destaneybreann 2009/11/24 01:43:52
    it is
    The day my grandpa died. The day my other grandpa quit talking to me. OR The day a man I had known since I was 6 weeks old died. Pick one.
  • Julz <3 2009/11/24 00:17:30
    it is
    Julz <3
    remebering watching my brother get shot when i was 8 years old
  • cory Julz <3 2009/11/24 01:20:55
    ohhhh im sorry that is so sad.
  • Sydney254 Julz <3 2009/11/30 20:43:17
    thats terrible. i would end up dying if i saw that.
  • RayySkittleMaster 2009/11/23 17:25:40
    it is
    thinking about the time i got forced to leave with out saing goodbey to her. i thought i waz going 2 c her again, i haven't.
  • Infyniti Harker 2009/11/23 03:56:24
    it is
    Infyniti Harker
    This will probably be my grandfather's last Thanksgiving.. :(
  • sam 2009/11/23 03:17:33
    it is
    My boyfriends mom is in a coma and she could die. She has a .01% chance of surviving. Hes like crying so much and I cant stand itttt :l
  • cory sam 2009/11/23 03:19:14
    ohh im sorry that is so sad hope she gets better
  • I ♥ Tom... sam 2009/11/23 03:41:01
    I ♥ Tom Kaulitz
    thats so sad....
    im sorry
    hope she gets better too
  • Infynit... sam 2009/11/23 03:56:49
    Infyniti Harker
    I send my condolences.

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