What's the Most Surprising Animal You've Seen Fly?

Fun 2012/08/15 20:44:23
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Dreams of flying are among the most common dreams, along with falling and losing teeth. They're certainly the most enjoyable of the three. For some people, flight is more than a dream. Pilots, adrenaline junkies, and inventors have all had occasion to defy gravity and take to the skies. But we wanted to ask the public about extreme flights of fancy -- superpowers and jetpacks, flying pigs and floating food. Be sure to take our 6-question Quick Poll to fill out the entire survey. Oh, and don't try any of this at home!
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  • Incognito Sperry23 2012/08/21 18:58:13
  • Maleficent 2012/08/16 21:59:22
    A flying squirrel
    i chose that because that was the only animal ive seen fly. but it was on tv.
  • Incognito Maleficent 2012/08/21 18:42:42
  • Maleficent Incognito 2012/08/21 19:42:30
    oh yeah that too.
  • Barbie ♥ 2012/08/16 21:33:56
    A flying cow
    Barbie ♥
    well i was actually riding my cow (my cousins and i always ride the cows) and it flew over the paddock fence (well tried to anyway, he kinda landed ontop of the fence then went crazy cause of the barb wire) lol and i was on him the whole time :/
  • Rusty Shackleford 2012/08/16 20:33:07
    A flying pig
    Rusty Shackleford
    I'm from Cincinnati, pigs fly all over the place here.
  • C. C. R... Rusty S... 2012/08/17 11:34:56 (edited)
    C. C. Rider
    I know, I have seen those cons!!!! lol
  • Gates 2012/08/16 19:40:11
    A flying fish
    I would have liked to see the cow although
  • Hirnungah Mancandy 2012/08/16 19:37:37
    A flying pig
    Hirnungah Mancandy
    I call him Turduckin
    flying pig
  • bacon.nivison 2012/08/16 19:04:50
    A flying ostrich
    Saw a horse fly over a fence one time. It was during an earthquake however.
  • Incognito bacon.n... 2012/08/21 19:00:54
  • XCloudPandaX 2012/08/16 18:56:05
    A flying cow
    the day i see that.....lol
  • waterlady 2012/08/16 18:48:17
    A flying fish
    I saw flying fish in the Philippines.
  • fooley177 2012/08/16 16:44:40
    A flying ostrich
    The ostrich I saw flying actually had purple feathers, the exact color of the check mark and vote total above. Feathers are great, much better than hair. Hair only comes in a few basic colors, like brown and black and blond and blue, but feathers come in all the colors of the rainbow. I wish I had feathers.
  • cassie 2012/08/16 16:40:48
    A flying squirrel
    They look funny doin it to
  • Van Irion 2012/08/16 16:29:01
    A flying squirrel
    Van Irion
    I was an Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force. I heard pilots report hitting animals, other than birds, at relatively high altitude. Snakes were the most common. I don't explain em. I just report the reports. But I can tell you that I did personally receive reports from pilots that they had just hit a snake at 1200 feet above ground.
  • Kashee 2012/08/16 16:01:02
    A flying squirrel
    flying monkey

    There's been a few flying monkey battles at my house. Sometimes the flying chicken joins in.
  • bill.fi... Kashee 2012/08/17 19:24:58
    I know someone who lives in central Kansas who says that during a tornado monkeys sometimes do fly!
  • bill.fi... Kashee 2012/08/17 20:07:34 (edited)
    Once driving south ahead of a line of thunderstorms I saw what looked like a scene from the Wizard of Oz. This doesn't really convey it but what I saw were what I estimated by gridcount method to be upwards of 200 Turkey Vultures all gliding, wings tucked back, in the same direction I was going and all one altitude and DESCENDING - just ahead of the squall line apparently wet and racing to dryer air and sunshine where they could soar once again as they are generally seen. But these weren't doing anything like that.
    I first spotted one large formation out my right hand side then looked around to my left and saw at least as many more - roughly 100 on either side. I was surrounded!
    Now and then one would flap to stay airborne then another and it would progress like dominoes for a little then they would all resume gliding. I only wish I had had a video cam as I would have recorded a once-in-a lifetime sight like a movie scene out of Hollywood.

    gliding video cam recorded once-in-a lifetime sight movie scene hollywood

    Wizard of Oz Monkeys flying
  • Kashee bill.fi... 2012/08/18 00:05:08
    the birds
    glad it wasn't this scene
  • mikeyavelli 2012/08/16 15:56:01
    A flying pig
    a humminbird is the most impressive flyer. it hovers, and without seeing it move, it appears in another place in an instant.
  • bill.fi... mikeyav... 2012/08/17 19:56:29
    Since hummingbirds are vertebrates with aerodynamically-refined wings it's not exaggerating to say they can outfly a bee! Truly amazing animals.
  • Monkey D. Luffy 2012/08/16 15:29:56 (edited)
    A flying ostrich
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Just like a flying dodo then! Hahaha
    Ah, and I read about "flying pigs" in class on the Tornado topic..lol
  • Chris- Demon of the PHAET 2012/08/16 15:25:34
    A flying squirrel
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    Flying monkeys!
  • bob 2012/08/16 15:24:38
    A flying fish
    how about
    rocky the flying
  • life.of.insanity 2012/08/16 15:12:43
    A flying squirrel
    flying squirrel

    Pretty cute!
  • elvira 2012/08/16 13:22:52
    A flying squirrel
    Actually, it was not a squirrel. It was a wild rabbit. Wow, can they move. All you see is a white dot (their tail). They can cover an acre in a split second. My dogs don't stand a chance catching one. LOL
  • Daniel O'Hern 2012/08/16 11:09:45
    A flying pig
    Daniel O'Hern
    Actually my dog stepped on a wasp nest man she flew.
  • Sami Curbstomp 2012/08/16 09:17:03
  • Altering_Minds. 2012/08/16 08:54:12
    A flying pig
    He flew...but not on his own...
  • Jack the Dude 2012/08/16 04:51:24
  • Resp 2012/08/16 04:46:33
    A flying squirrel
    I have also seen rats leap 2 feet across an obstacle.
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2012/08/16 04:36:07
    A flying fish
  • Scott 2012/08/16 04:08:54
    A flying pig
    Actually, a cockroach. Freaked me out many years ago.
  • meltrab... Scott 2012/08/16 04:48:27
    i was thinking the same thing man,who knew.
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2012/08/16 04:06:12
    A flying squirrel
    This is one of the dumbest questions I have ever answered....
  • Walt 2012/08/16 04:00:24
    A flying fish
    When I was 10 years old, me and my cousin were pelted when hundreds (maybe thousands) of minnows fell from the sky at a campground in southern Louisiana.
  • Firefly 2012/08/16 03:42:15
    A flying fish
  • Chris- ... Firefly 2012/08/16 15:22:50
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
  • Kapu Hawaiiana 2012/08/16 02:19:30
    A flying cow
    Kapu Hawaiiana

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