What's the funniest joke(s) you've ever heard?

Emelya 2012/04/08 04:23:58
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Tell me the funnisest joke you've ever heard, and more about it! I also want to know people's favorite kind of jokes, so tell me your favorite genre of jokes! Thanks!
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  • AndyBoy 2012/07/26 13:59:42
    Classic Jokes
    A dyslexic man walks into a bra...
  • Natasha 2012/04/14 03:59:27 (edited)
    Mean Jokes
    The one my friend said yesterday;

    my best-friend and I were geting bored, when suddenly another one of my friend's starting coming my way - laughing very loudly. Everyone started staring at her. She carmed herself and said, "That was the funnies thing I heard!" she said, pointing at me as if I said a very funny joke! The faces she made were so funny, my friend and I starting laughing at once.

    I guess she made my day!
  • Emelya Natasha 2012/04/14 13:48:58
    I don't understand it!!!
  • Natasha Emelya 2012/04/15 05:49:42
    I'm telling you wat happened to me on Friday! And the "..." part is wat my friend actually said.
  • Emelya Natasha 2012/04/15 21:01:54
    I know, but I'm confused~~~~!!!!!!
  • ~Violate Harmon~ 2012/04/09 01:03:31
    Blonde Jokes
    ~Violate Harmon~
    Three blondes were walking through the forest when they came upon a set of tracks.

    The first blonde said, "Those are deer tracks."
    The second blonde said, "No, those are elk tracks."
    The third blonde said, "You're both wrong, those are moose tracks."
    The blondes were still arguing when the train hit them.
  • Uranos7 2012/04/08 09:28:57 (edited)
    Blonde Jokes
    I am the only one to pick blonde jokes? Good thing I am blonde.

    A farmer goes into a church not having much money he is wearing his best coveralls and a clean shirt. He notices several of the parishners and the pastor looking at him. After the service the pastor approaches him and tells him " When you go home i want you to pray and ask Jesus what you should be wearing when you next come into this church."

    The man does so and comes back the next week dressed in the same thing. The pastor looking agitated comes over to the man after service again and says " I thought I told you to ask Jesus what you should be wearing before you came back to this church." The farmer said " I did but he said he didn't know because he never been here before."
  • Morgan 2012/04/08 05:21:27
    Perverted Jokes
    There was a guy that went to the zoo and he wa standing in front of the gorilla's cage when some dirt got in his eye. He started to rub his eye to get the dirt out and the gorilla reached through the bars and attacked him. When he was with the zookeeper, the zookeeper told him that in gorilla speak rubbing your eye meant f*** you. The man was still upset so he left the zoo and bought two party hats, two party whistles, two knives and a sausage. That night he put the sausage in his pants and snuck back into the zoo. He walked in front of the gorilla's cage and threw in a party hat, a whistle and a knife. The gorilla woke up to see the man putting on the party hat. The gorilla looked down, picked up a party hat and put it on. Then the man picked up the whistle and blew it. The gorrila proceeded to do the same. Then the man put the whistle down, picked up the knife, whipped the sausage out of his pants and cut it in half. The gorilla then picks up the knife looks down at his own crotch, looks at the man and rubs his eye.
  • Morgan Morgan 2012/04/08 05:35:29
    I have another one. A bear and a rabbit were walking in the forest one day when they came across a genie's lamp. They rubbed it and each were able to get three wishes. The bear went first and wished that all the other bears in the county were females. The rabbit wished for golod to fill his rabbit hole. Next the bear wished that alll the other bears in the state were female. The rabbit wished for a motorcycle. Then the bear wished that all the other bears in the world were females and the rabbit wished that the bear was gay and rode off on his motorcycle.
  • FrancheskahMae:) 2012/04/08 04:46:58
    Perverted Jokes
    Perverted and blonde jokes are my favorite, but this silly one cracked me up some reason "What did the Jew say when he walked into a bar?"
  • 3003573 2012/04/08 04:43:18
  • 3003573 3003573 2012/04/08 05:01:28
  • Red_Horse 2012/04/08 04:35:35
  • sczen8 2012/04/08 04:31:05
    Classic Jokes
    Mine is a visual type..
  • EClareForever101 2012/04/08 04:30:21
    Mean Jokes
    I think this joke is a little rascist but it's funny. I'm not trying to offened anyone.

    "The airplane kept loosing altitude - the pilot had jettisoned everything he could and the plane still kept going down. He came on the intercom.

    "WE need a volunteer to jump out of the plane; otherwise we will all die. We have to lighten the load."

    The Englishman jumps up. "God save the Queen!" He lumps; plummets to his death. The plane still looses altitude.

    The pilot says. "We need another person to jump to lighten the load still more."

    The Frenchman runs to the door. "Vive La France." He plummets to his death.

    "If one more person jumps we will be saved," the pilot yells into the intercom.

    The Texan jumps up, runs to the door, grabs a Mexican and throws him out.

    "Remember the Alamo," he yells as the Mexican plummets to his death."

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