What's the difference between softball and baseball?

SHINeeGirl 2011/05/14 03:12:55
Ok, it is....
You are so dumb not to know.
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  • Jason - CoG 2014/03/12 19:38:25
    Ok, it is....
    Jason - CoG
    where to begin - the size of the ball and method of pitching are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • _softballchick13_ 2011/06/03 23:52:58
    Ok, it is....
    Ok, so there is a VERY distinct difference between softball and baseball. First off, softball is pitched underhand and baseball is pitched overhand. In softball, the ball doesn't generally go as fast when in softball when pitched. Next, the softball is usually played with a 12 inch ball. A baseball is played with a 9 1/4 inch ball. Next, the softball diamond is much smaller than a baseball diamond. Lastly, the bat used for softball is generally much longer than baseball. Softball players never move into a wooden bat like MLB Baseball.
  • Transy 2011/05/15 15:16:29
    Ok, it is....
    i was told that softball was made for girls?
  • TKramar 2011/05/14 11:43:40
    Ok, it is....
    Biggest difference is the size of the ball. Softball TENDS to use underhand pitches, and slower pitches, but I've seen it whipped overhand before.
  • Nøkkenbuer 2011/05/14 09:20:29
    Ok, it is....
    Different ball.
    Different rules.
    Different equipment.
    Different age groups.
    Different funding.
    Different support.
    Different features.
    Different restrictions/penalties.
    Different throwing technique.
    Different batting technique.
    Different overall playing technique.
    Different terminology.
    Different player requirements/restrictions.
    Different contractual agreements.
    Different words.
    Different meanings.
    Different definitions.
    Different etymology.
    Different sport.
    Different level of expertise.
    Different substitutions/special occurrences.
    Different strategy.
    Different process.

    Basically, the same game.

    sport level expertise substitutionsspecial occurrences strategy process basically game answer
  • jsaucedo 2011/05/14 06:08:10
    Ok, it is....
    Different type of ball used... Softball is bigger..( making it easier to hit ) and is softer..Hence the "soft " in the word Softball. A baseball is smaller, and harder. Softball is for kids and girls because of the larger, safer ball. Softball is also pitched under-handed, but baseball is pitched over-handed.
  • Georgia50 2011/05/14 06:04:09
    Ok, it is....
    For me the difference was I could never get distance on a softball despite being able to connect almost every time.
  • sglmom 2011/05/14 05:35:21
    Ok, it is....
    Size of the Ball .. the Pitching Method too.
  • future blk 2011/05/14 04:12:47 (edited)
    Ok, it is....
    future blk
    the players players funny baseball...and how you hold the balls.
  • Gracie - Proud Conservative 2011/05/14 03:53:27
    Ok, it is....
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    The ball, the pitching and the rules.
  • Jareth Majere 2011/05/14 03:47:33
    Ok, it is....
    Jareth Majere
    The size of the balls & the way they're pitched
  • Lily Blooms Eternal 2011/05/14 03:24:11
    Ok, it is....
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    something I don't know. And I am not dumb to not know and neither are you. It's simply a subject that isn't interesting or important so why should we be expected to know? :D
  • Albannach 2011/05/14 03:20:27
    Ok, it is....
    The first four letters :)
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2011/05/14 03:16:39
    Ok, it is....
    Junior the Outer Space Music Man
    First the baseball itself is harder and the softball is softer, well thats what I was taught anyway. Then baseball they can't pitch underhanded even though you see submarine pitchers, most of them throw sidearm, not like this guy:

    taught baseball pitch underhanded submarine pitchers throw sidearm guy Dan Quisenberry

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