Whats a good name for a girl Doberman?

CookieMonster 2009/09/01 03:48:30
I'm getting a doberman im about 10 weeks and i just cant find the right name...HELP!! c(:
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  • Melissa 2012/09/05 03:22:41
    How about the name Bronson.
    i love that name
  • hatshepsut123 2009/09/07 20:11:32
    kleopatra :)
  • poet4justice 2009/09/07 04:38:03
  • <--That guy 2009/09/06 21:05:34
  • Winnel 2009/09/06 20:47:13
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2009/09/06 20:12:24
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    I agree with the person who said Sasha. I think that would be a great name for a Doberman female.
  • Scoop 2009/09/06 17:51:55
    Debbie. Duchess, Something sort of Russian, or German sounding: Talia, Inga, Gretchen. Or something mythical: Venus, Aphroditie, Medusa, russian german sounding talia inga gretchen mythical venus aphroditie medusa
  • Keen Tojones 2009/09/06 17:15:48
    Keen Tojones
  • hart 2009/09/06 15:54:02
  • Nick~be... hart 2009/09/06 20:10:57
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    That's a great name for a dog. I like that.
  • hart Nick~be... 2009/09/06 20:12:09
    my buddy had a dobi named sasha, it was a great dog!
  • Nick~be... hart 2009/09/06 20:17:52
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    ahh... I have a yellow lab named Sparky. I didn't name him; he came with that one..I would have given him a different name.
  • hart Nick~be... 2009/09/06 20:19:06
    cool! i got a lab also,black, named sadie.
  • Nick~be... hart 2009/09/06 20:22:28
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    I used to have a black.. his name was Spot. lol. He was 14 when he died... quite old for a lab... the one I have now is 11.
  • hart Nick~be... 2009/09/06 20:24:33
    nice, mine is 8, shes getting a little grey on her chin. 8 shes grey chin
  • Nick~be... hart 2009/09/06 20:31:16
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    That looks so much like the one I used to have.... It's harder to see the grey on a yellow lab, but he's got some as well.
  • Cheryl 2009/09/06 15:24:00
    I had a male black and tan dobie his name was Sun Style and his call name was Sunny!! He was a beautiful dobe and very friendly. I know a female red dobe named Petra!! I will tell you that the red ones have a tendency to be mean.......and it all depends on who you get them from!! Make sure its a reputable breeder. I don't know where you live but I got my dobe from Donto's in Charlevoix Michigan...........her dogs are awesome and bred for companionship etc. Good Luck!!
  • ruby 2009/09/06 14:05:55
    Cha Cha. First thing that came into my head.
  • Von Douche 2009/09/06 13:51:27
    Von Douche
  • sky blue pink - American 2009/09/06 09:32:03
    sky blue pink - American
    That's a hard one. Wait a few days before naming her. After you see how she behaves and interacts with people, you should have no problem with coming up with a name.
    Good Luck.
    Blessed Be
  • aneed2know 2009/09/06 09:04:35
  • Sadie100~In God we trust~ 2009/09/06 09:02:58
    Sadie100~In God we trust~
    My sister's doberman name was Ruffian...she was as great as the horse!!
  • Algor. Mortis. - ҎԊǢɬ Physician
  • Fay 2009/09/06 08:30:22 (edited)
    I had one her name was Bitch and she went everywhere with me. People got really scared when i called her. The only way she would hurt any one was to lick them to death. She had to have a mean name LOL
  • Lizard 2009/09/06 07:55:17 (edited)
  • Nick~be... Lizard 2009/09/06 20:11:20
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    lol that's great!
  • Jay 2009/09/06 06:45:39 (edited)
    Zeus or Apollo, for a boy, and Venus for a girl!
    I think Zeus and Apollo were Magnum PI's dobermann's names. apollo boy venus girl zeus apollo magnum pis dobermanns names
  • Cyde_dish 2009/09/06 06:36:17
    snapper head
  • Kyra 2009/09/05 22:18:40
    I had 2 when I was a kid named Sissy and Lady.
  • TommyB 2009/09/01 04:23:44
    Dobergirl, or perhaps, Doberwoman. Of course, depends on the age of the pet. All kidding aside, if I were to get another dog, male or female, I've decided on the name "Zipper." I had a cat years ago named Zipper. He was so mean all the dogs in the neighborhood called him Sir. male female ive zipper cat years zipper dogs neighborhood sir
  • CookieM... TommyB 2009/09/01 04:31:06
    haha funny comment
  • strawberry 2009/09/01 04:02:06
    I owned German Sheppards. Doberman's can be very high strung. There were articles how they sometimes attack family members. I know you love your dog, be careful. How about the name, "Beebie" Pronounced with long E's. Have fun with your new dog.
  • CookieM... strawberry 2009/09/01 04:03:16
    thx ill keep ur advice in mind. c(:
  • Mary Ke... strawberry 2014/07/20 17:03:52
    Mary Keenan
    I think you have Dobes confused with the pitbull. Pitbulls usually attack family members.
  • strawberry Mary Ke... 2014/07/21 03:35:55
    Doberman's can be very high strung. I went to someone's house never seeing her dog before; she owned a Pitbull. That dog just jumped right into my lap, was so friendly to me. Any time I went to someone's house their dog would not leave me alone. LOL!
  • mcdimpl... Mary Ke... 2014/08/08 00:30:50
  • tooner259 2009/09/01 03:54:42
    Trixie trixie
  • demolitionlover13 2009/09/01 03:54:04
  • seee.nicolee. 2009/09/01 03:53:45 (edited)
    as long as you dont name her after a food... like brownie or sugar o.o
    how about Dora or Dolce?
  • Stinky 2009/09/01 03:52:15
    Nancy Pelosi?

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