What would you do if your Best friend likes you?

MyNameIs.Juliet^16 2010/12/31 02:23:56
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ok, now i have a best friend and his name is Romeo (it's funny how we met cause my real name is Juliet val) we were best friend since we were in 3rd grade we do things together.we tell secrets to each other and he's like my Brother..and whenever people passes by they always say "Dude.! nice Girlfriend.!" then i just start saying " oh shut up <name> my best friend is in love with someone!!"
one day he asked me if i could accompany him to walk to the park.as a friend i said yes..as we were walking he said something to me

R:Juliet,do you..uhm..you know..like me

*well yes i hike him

Me:uhm..Romeo..you first
R:you've been my best friend for a long time..so i'm going to admit to you that I..
Me:go on Romeo..
Me:really?! well Romeo I-
R:i din't tell you because i was afraid that you would be mad at me and never speak to me again..i'm sorry i din't tell you Juliet i..

*then the bell rang..and i have never had a chance to say i like you to him..

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  • tonya 2012/05/01 21:40:05
    well I think you should give it try. Go for it but some people change like for example when you is on a relationship you don't talk to him as you use to but I think you should go out with him.

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  • Ichigo 2013/05/16 17:01:23
    On my glob this is exactly the same thing that happened to me! I'm probably gonna give it a try, but hey it's up to you. If you like him, go for it.
  • sara 2012/11/05 01:50:58
    i have a friend that like me but when he told me i didnt text him back but i sorta like him to what do i do now but im really scared to tell hi9m
  • tonya 2012/05/01 21:40:05
    well I think you should give it try. Go for it but some people change like for example when you is on a relationship you don't talk to him as you use to but I think you should go out with him.
  • Piscess 2011/01/20 22:13:42
    Well he does, and its freaking me the hell out. We always play around with each other, and were really not that serious type of couple thats all lovey dovey and stuff, so yeah it really scared the crap outta me how he became so serious and told me hes in love with me off the bat. (Yes i told him i'm in love with him too), but were best friends forever and i guess we dont want to change that. :).
    outta told love bat told love friends guess change When your in love with your own best friend outta told love bat told love friends guess change
  • Scott 2011/01/01 15:27:33
    My male best friend and me used to make harmless gay jokes about our relationship a few times when I went round to his house. And strangely enough so did his parents.
  • wandering mystery aka Relch... 2010/12/31 21:38:34
    wandering mystery aka Relcho of Anid
    I'm not sure what to say to your situation. I dated a best friend once. We had to break up. It was awkward and we still have awkward moments
  • Someone 2010/12/31 10:20:10
    This is complicated, hard decision you must be sure that you want him too and if you feel optimistic for passing off this relationship. He is your best friend he knows you well, he likes you and by telling it to you that means he is sure for his feelings. It is sure you love him as a friend and that you like him but you must be sure that you want to stop be best friends and you want most to be lovers. So if you are sure for your feelings call him and say him that you like him too. I believe it worths the risk if you only want him very much!
  • MyNameI... Someone 2010/12/31 15:35:05
    yes,i do like him but i'm not yet ready to get in a relationship..i'm still trying to move on
  • Someone MyNameI... 2011/01/01 00:30:15
    Take your time, tell him the truth but don't let him wait very long! I wish you be happy the new year what ever you will decide!
  • i'm~romeo100 2010/12/31 02:55:48
    Juliet..you like me? why didn't you tell me?
  • MyNameI... i'm~rom... 2010/12/31 02:58:06
    i Told the Description bes..i din't have a chance cause the bell rang..
  • i'm~rom... MyNameI... 2010/12/31 03:01:10
    So is it true?
  • MyNameI... i'm~rom... 2010/12/31 03:02:46
    Yes..it is
  • i'm~rom... MyNameI... 2010/12/31 03:03:09
    I love you Juliet xD
  • MyNameI... i'm~rom... 2010/12/31 03:03:29
    well :)
  • i'm~rom... MyNameI... 2010/12/31 03:04:29
    xD Love you!! <3
  • MyNameI... i'm~rom... 2010/12/31 03:08:18
    Aren't you in love with someone?
  • i'm~rom... MyNameI... 2010/12/31 03:09:16
    Yes.And it's you :D <3
    ok Got to Log out Bye! Love u :">
  • MyNameI... i'm~rom... 2010/12/31 03:09:46
    Bye! xD
  • Piscess i'm~rom... 2011/01/20 22:08:33
  • Viciöus-V 2010/12/31 02:36:22
    ummm well that would be weird for me cause my bestfriend is a girl
  • MyNameI... Viciöus-V 2010/12/31 02:37:38 (edited)
    Lol..well..let's just say if your on my condition..hey..have you read the Description? LOL XD
  • Viciöus-V MyNameI... 2010/12/31 02:42:57
    lol ok nd yeps i read it.............in ur situation i probably would ummmm idk i think i would tell him how i really feel
  • MyNameI... Viciöus-V 2010/12/31 02:58:42
    welli think i can now..he's online
  • Viciöus-V MyNameI... 2010/12/31 05:58:51
    okies thats cool

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