What would you do if you woke up and you were a dog?

xoxo<3xoxo 2011/01/12 22:56:11
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pee on my brothers leg
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  • Walt 2011/01/13 01:41:12
    eat the neibors crackers
    Actually, what I would do if I were a dog is run down the road and steal my neighbor's mud boots off his porch. (I used to leave my muddy shoes on the front porch, but his dog stole one shoe each from three pairs until I started bringing my muddy shoes inside.)
  • Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2011/01/13 01:40:04
    talk to the dog next door
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Find a man... hump his leg... Bitch in Heat? Yes, constantly.
    Actually, I think that would be cool to be a dog. Being a human is so stressful.
    Even as a human I act like a dog anyway but I still have human responsibilities. Being a dog would kick ass. Except for a few things... like lack of internet and tv because, well, no thumbs.
    But, eh, you know. BELLY RUBS! My leg, it kicks at the thought of it.
  • harleyxx 2011/01/13 00:58:41
    I would hump my wifes leg. Then her sisters leg. Then the milf who lives 2 houses down.
    for starters.
  • Arizona1950 2011/01/13 00:25:37
    talk to the dog next door
    and the other dogs in the neighborhood and see what life is like as a dog.
  • Zuggi 2011/01/12 23:03:43
  • Gun665 2011/01/12 23:00:40
  • xoxo<3xoxo 2011/01/12 22:58:16
    run around than poop on the carpet

    thats my dog
  • ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pl... 2011/01/12 22:58:03
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    I would freak out because most humans don't treat animals right.

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