What would you do if you and your boyfriend got in arguments almost everyday?

stacey 2012/04/08 01:40:43
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  • **dark angel** 2012/04/17 21:09:59
    **dark angel**
    i wud just deal with it
  • IceQueen 2012/04/17 20:55:33
    break up
    i'd break up with him so fast it wouldn't make any sense...
    why be with some one if they don't make you happy?
  • XxViolet-Dark-NekoxX 2012/04/17 02:10:07
  • clasact 2012/04/14 20:17:53
    break up
    being alone is better then being misarable
  • beach bum 2012/04/12 05:06:30
    something else please explain
    beach bum
    nothing. i don't have a boyfriend...lol
  • Dynasty Fighter 2012/04/12 03:33:55
    stay with him
    Dynasty Fighter
    I will love him no matter what
  • ErinJaneen. 2012/04/11 05:35:02
    something else please explain
    I think it would be best to talk to him about it, tell him how you feel and how the arguing isnt getting you anywhere. Usually, if you two care about eachother enough, and want to be with eachother enough, the arguing stops. But if it continues, its not good to stay in the relationship, it will only bring you down, and at that point you need to move on to bigger and better things.
  • mustangluver 2012/04/10 07:32:12
    break up
    When it starts out bad, it ends bad..obviously you have nothing in common.
  • Anonymous Coward218 2012/04/10 07:01:06
    break up
    Anonymous Coward218
    End it...why make everybody miserable? It is a bad fit, like shoes that pinch!
  • Morgan 2012/04/10 05:46:57
    something else please explain
    Seeing as I don't have a boyfriend..... I guess I wouldn't have to deal with that.
  • ready46xwu 2012/04/10 03:53:01
    break up
    I can enjoy sex with any woman~
    but I will not 'argue & fight'~
    life is enjoy~not endure
  • Sylmkael 2012/04/10 03:37:24
    something else please explain
    Time to evaluate what will get you to stay or leave
  • TheDeadAreLiving 2012/04/09 23:53:36
    break up
    Obviously if you're fighting, something isn't working too well
  • Andrew 2012/04/09 23:18:10
  • Gio 2012/04/09 16:28:08
    break up
    Well it depends on what its about, but if we can't fix it then he's got to go!
  • sjalan 2012/04/09 16:27:25
  • BIG BAD JOHN R. 2012/04/09 14:00:09
    something else please explain
    Nope, never had a boyfriend in my life, had a lot of girlfriends and a few wives and Im just not the .........kind! Had fun but the right one got away and now I'm glad she did. And, that's made be kind of sad. Sometimes the memory is better than the reality of things.
    Won't go into the marriage end, I'll take the blame! It was real simple, My occupation, I was never there, I'd come home but then it was time to go and I'd have to leave. Money they liked but there was to much of that and not enough of me.
  • bettyboop 2012/04/09 12:48:44
    something else please explain
    Avoid him, try to get advise on the situation. Consider therapy or breaking up.
  • sandra 2012/04/09 11:52:12
    break up
    Life's too short to put up with that kind of stuff. If it isn`t anymore fun ,move on....
  • SteveMarine- JLA 2012/04/09 05:03:45
    something else please explain
    SteveMarine- JLA
    I would never have a boyfriend lol... But I did spend 5 years with a woman... We were great the first 2 years and then she changed... Became a control freak... And we fought every day... I stayed with her right thru it all...till the day she took it too far...and i look back...and say I wish I had left her sooner....but then I may not have my twin little girls ... So with that said.. 5 years of being unhappy gave me the rest of my life to be loved by two wonderful little girls... And gave me the most wonderful blessing of all.. being a dad... So its hard to say .. while I wish I could of had a better relationship all those years...I can't say I wish it could have been different....so I say do what is best for you... Try and work on things...talk ... And take it one day at a time. That's all we can do. Good luck to you..
  • devon.stearns.lautner 2012/04/09 04:47:41
    break up
    Too much agruments isn't a good thing at all, it just pulls and pulls your relationship a part and then your back at square one. Me on the other hand would just walk away from it because I couldn't keep up with the agruements for so long.
  • gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/04/09 04:45:02
    break up
    gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Who needs that in their life?
  • cddjmikey 2012/04/09 04:25:01
    break up
    Last time, Run Far, Run Fast !! You have posted basically the same question for a little while and it seems to be getting worse. This guy must be some kind of svengalli to get you to stay. Talk to people that are physically close to you. Set up an escape date and GO !
  • ☠megan_massacre☠ 2012/04/09 04:08:52
    something else please explain
    I would either break up.. that's what I did with my ex bf, we got in arguments almost everyday. Or I would try to fix things and find out why we were fighting so much.
  • Marianne723 2012/04/09 03:56:02
    something else please explain
    My advise would be for you to break up, then both of you GROW up. Then see how well you can get along.
  • Bibliophilic 2012/04/09 03:54:13
    something else please explain
    Get counseling or sit down and have a serious discussion about the relationship. If you two can not agree on anything or resolve the issues- find someone else.
  • La 2012/04/09 03:45:23
    something else please explain
    Stop being argumentative. Don't be reactive and just talk about things like normal people. However if he starts fights and is aggressive and is incapable of resolving things through normal conversation, then maybe leave him.
  • Allie 2012/04/09 03:35:34
    stay with him
    try and work it out and talk about our problems and at least try that for a few months. if that didnt work then end it
  • nothingbutthetruth 2012/04/09 03:18:26
    break up
    There is a saying, "if two can't agree, they must separate."
  • SlaveWaterNymph 2012/04/09 03:10:27
    something else please explain
    well if it was me, i would evaluate why you two are fighting all the time. If it is for bad reasons and you can not compromise and try to get over them, then you should break up. It's not healthy to be in a relationship when both are fighting all the time.
  • something else please explain
    sometimes we have our complete off days.
    We both are sick and we get grouchy, but no worries here
  • Rubyking 2012/04/09 01:43:47
    something else please explain
    I'm a male
  • Dana 2012/04/09 01:43:24
    break up
    Life is too short, find someone you can actually work things through with. Takes 2... and if one is unwilling to really work and other one is, it still will not work. ANY good relationship takes real work, from both sides. Then it can grow, and that is the best part. :)
  • AM 2012/04/09 01:43:16
  • Ms. Bella Black 2012/04/09 01:42:55
    break up
    Ms. Bella Black
    Arguing every now and then is normal, but every day! I would break up with him because he's just causing more stress on me and obviously it isn't going to work out!
  • ShamshirMkII 2012/04/09 01:41:58
    something else please explain
    Never happened to me. I'm straight :D
  • H H 2012/04/09 01:39:45
    something else please explain
    H H
    I'm a guy, so I would never have a boyfriend. I think the first thing to do is determine what is causing the conflict. If that can be fixed, then fix it. If not, then either resolve to accept it and stop arguing or move on.
  • Molinda 2012/04/09 01:36:28
    break up
    break up.....
  • Lana 2012/04/09 01:17:18
    something else please explain
    Try to determine the source of conflict. If it is reasonable and can be worked out through rational comprimise, try counseling. If not, you may want to step back and try a separation and determine what direction you want to go in. You may not want to continue to go down the same path with this person. If there is this much conflict now with this person, it's likely just to escalate over time.
  • ID51 2012/04/09 01:16:43
    something else please explain
    I'd sure be trying to ascertain if this was the right person for me. All couples have differences, spats, and sometimes all out arguments, but the relationships that last DO NOT experience this on a daily basis. A good relationship requires work, but that work is nearly effortless. It happens because of mutual love and respect - and mutually wanting the best for the other person. Might be time to take a break from that person, knowing that the break may be permanent.

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