What would happen if we lost electricity?

possiblymaybe 2011/03/04 16:12:21
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Taken from National Geographic

national geographic

On February 14 the sun erupted with the largest solar flare seen in four years—big enough to interfere with radio communications and GPS signals for airplanes on long-distance flights.

solar storms go, the Valentine's Day flare was actually modest. But
the burst of activity is only the start of the upcoming solar maximum,
due to peak in the next couple of years.

"The sun has an activity cycle, much like hurricane season," Tom Bogdan,
director of the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado,
said earlier this month at a meeting of the American Association for
the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C.

"It's been
hibernating for four or five years, not doing much of anything." Now
the sun is waking up, and even though the upcoming solar maximum may
see a record low in the overall amount of activity, the individual
events could be very powerful.

In fact, the biggest solar storm
on record happened in 1859, during a solar maximum about the same size
as the one we're entering, according to NASA.

events powerful solar storm record 1859 solar maximum entering nasa

What if the whole world lost electricity?

What if ONLY America (or this continent) lost electricity?

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  • Steve King 2011/03/04 16:17:22
    Steve King
    The public would freak out, crime would be at an all time high and the rest of us would probably sit at home and enjoy the silence for a period time, until we got bored, then 9 months later we would see a baby boom.

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  • Rina 2012/06/30 12:33:46
    I would hope some people would figure out that you have to grow or hunt your own food, start your own fires in order to cook the food, make your own entertainment (like writing, reading, drawing, board games, and playacting), trade items with others in order to get items, find water and boil it to make it safe, and we would have to revert to things like blacksmithing, tanning/leatherworking, weaving/knitting/sewing, and woodworking. If we didn't have electricity people might start to actually BOND and talk to eachother again, without a screen in front of them. Natural selection would weed out people who couldn't figure this stuff out or were lazy, and the hardworking, good people would survive!
  • AllanZhedar 2011/03/28 07:50:21
    We are too dependent of our own inventions. A lot people are not capable anymore to survive in this world.
  • Werdnar 2011/03/07 15:53:59
    Back to the dark ages.

    I have a generator and extra fuel. Keep me going until I move to my home in Kenya.

    It could happen, folks. A terrorist was just caught in Texas, who was planning to bomb nuclear sites and large power producing water dams.

    The next one might succeed.

    Thank you, Islam.
  • BAMACRUSADER 2011/03/07 04:28:39
    I'm an electrician, so I guess I'd either be real busy, or finding another trade.
  • teaputts 2011/03/05 23:26:21
    I got to live in a house without modern conviences while Mom and Dad were building our house. It was interesting. Lets say it would be very interesting. There would be no hot water, or anyway to heat it. We couldn't get cool, warm, cook, sew,pump water, do most home repairs. Because we come from rual areas where this type of senerio does happen, we prepare for it. Even so, we aren't currently set up to do this for long. We'd have to move to one of our parents' houses.
  • captkirk999 2011/03/05 21:21:46
    people would go crazy because electricity is necessary.
  • Cheetah 2011/03/05 14:44:47
    I would have to fire up my generator to the house. Then all my friends would come over since I would be the one with electricity they would have a place to stay in trade to stand guard at my property the senario has already been played out and we are ready we have food shelter and more guns than most small army's. We would welcome the criminal element with open arms then stack the bodies down the street for trash pick up, next question please.
  • Ken 2011/03/05 05:13:29
    We would use candles like the pilgrims did.
  • +~*KhRiZ*~+ 2011/03/05 03:00:47
    THE WORLD WOULD GO MAD.........................=P
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2011/03/05 02:28:14
    jumpboots 187th PIR
    I would start my generators,to keep my food,from going bad.I can heat and cook with wood.I have well water that I can pump by hand,if needed. I would do a lot more reading,walking,fishing,hunti...
  • Patriot Unit 2011/03/05 02:09:15 (edited)
    Patriot Unit
    Many people would die, because they would not know what to do with themselves.Or for themselves.
  • Matt 2011/03/05 01:35:24
    Life would be very inconvenient !

    life inconvenient
  • Bill Rind 2011/03/05 01:00:12
    Bill Rind
    most likely the majority of the sheeple would eventually die, due to them being dependent on government for all there needs, they would be in Deep S _ _ T. As the government looks to protect themselves it would be pure chaos unless you know what our forefathers did to survive. you better take some old fashion gardening courses, you are going to need it soon.
  • Freeranger 2011/03/05 00:40:57
    We'd learn to read, write and communicate again.
    TTYL (you get the idea)
  • Beccy 2011/03/04 23:59:20
    The economy would crash, I would miss my SH friends and we would go back into the dark ages.
  • Carl 2011/03/04 23:20:16
    If the loss is widespread, and doesn't last for more than a few days, we'll see and increase in births 9 months after the fact.

    If the loss is widespread and lasts for a week or more, chaos.
  • Char. Limit 2011/03/04 21:30:26
    Char. Limit
    Then millions of Facebook addicts would kill themselves, and nothing of value would be lost.
  • Crazy Bill 2011/03/04 21:26:11
    Crazy Bill
    Watch "The Day the Earth Stood Still, 1951." and then think of the exceptions they mentioned in the movie, airplanes in flight, hospital operating rooms, etc. The initial death rate would be in the hundreds of thousands if not millions due to all the people in flight these days. People stuck in elevators and stuff would take a while to get out with out powered equipment. That's right no electricity, no spark plugs either. A big solar flare could take out the power grids and toast everyone's computers and Ipads, but small power tools like chain saws might come out OK. Cars with control computers everywhere would be toast, so back to the 60's there.
  • President 2011/03/04 21:09:49
    Lol, whatever you do, don't see this movie, it will scare the hell out of you.

    lol movie scare knowing
  • "Silence! I kill you!" 2011/03/04 20:23:05
    "Silence! I kill you!"
    It would be like little house on the prairie
  • HefeDeHefe 2011/03/04 20:08:30
    That would suck. Maybe the water would stop too, because the controls are probably all electric. I would imagine mayen across the world and people taking from each other what they need too and no more soda head :(
  • OzSurfer 2011/03/04 19:30:41
    I remember the build up to Y2K, and people were expecting no electricity for an extended period of time. There was panic buying of gasoline, canned food and bottled water. The night before, my local supermarket had a huge queue of people, and a lot of the shelves were empty. I hate to think how it would have turned out if we really did lose electricity for an extended period - even with people being somewhat prepared for it.
  • Ron 2011/03/04 19:12:34
    We would fall off the Earth!
  • Racefish 2011/03/04 18:49:02
    Ww. Can you imagine all the problems? There would be a shut-down of the economy. Starvation would become commonplace, and the financial sector would be devastated. Transportation would halt, food would rot. Crops would be lost. There would probably be a 200% increase in the death rate. Hospitals would cease to be safe. A total calamity.
    At least we wouldn't have a lot of noise.
  • Icedragon1969 2011/03/04 18:44:40
    Depends on for how long. If it were seriously long-term there would be a drastic decrease in population in developed countries. You couldn't disperse the people fast enough to bring population densities down enough for food production in the immediate area to support them. You couldn't truck in food after all. You need electricity to crack petroleum for the various fuels to run the trucks. You also need it to pump it up out of the tanks at a high enough rate to fill a truck and go across country. People couldn't get out of, say, New York, fast enough on foot either. End result: too high a population density for the local food production to support, but that's all you have - local. Good luck everyone.
  • Theresa 2011/03/04 18:43:21
    Lots of bad things would happen immediately if we lost electricity on the grid!
  • Boo 2011/03/04 18:41:59
    I've endured power outages from weather events which required me to use my fireplace (both for heat & cooking) and supplement with kerosine heat temporarily. It could be scary! I agree with Steve King's post. The worst problem would be the food supply. Without electricity, the grocery stores would lose perishables pretty quickly. Gas pumps probably would not work without a back up power source, which would deter travel. It might be time to consider buying a generator, between this and the condition of the power grid infrastructure! Better to be prepared in the event.
  • Bill Rind Boo 2011/03/05 01:01:34
    Bill Rind
    how would you get fuel if the trucks are not running and all is closed down.
  • Boo Bill Rind 2011/03/05 02:36:55
    Part of being prepared is to have fuel on hand. People seriously need to be thinking about and getting prepared for the threats they feel are real.
  • Bill Rind Boo 2011/03/26 15:56:24
    Bill Rind
    they better prepare now, are they will be lost.
  • Max Ben... Boo 2013/02/12 01:55:04
    Max Bennett
    Don't forget about nuclear plants melting down
  • Huki68 2011/03/04 18:35:30
    NEW Y gen Lost!!! but we the Oldies... We are ready for anything, if not ask the Amish people as well LOL
  • Leonard Henderson 2011/03/04 18:14:21
    Leonard Henderson
    I am remembering that a few days ago, a question here was along the line of "Could you live without your computer?".

    A surprising number of people allowed as how their lives would utterly end.


    Important safety tip- If the power goes off for longer than 2 days, if it's winter and cold outside, get your frozen meats out of the freezer and store them outside. If you have a way to COOK those meats, they will last longer.

    If you live totally dependent on electricity, you are toast. I am sitting here with my electric breathing machine, and even though I grew up in an area with NO electricity and used propane for everything, including lighting, I am nearly at the complete mercy of the electric line.

    I am way unhappy about that.
  • Tau_Seti 2011/03/04 18:05:47
  • President Tau_Seti 2011/03/04 21:16:50 (edited)
    Interesting that the movies "Knowing" and "2012" were both based on solar flairs effecting the earth. In' knowing' the earth was destroyed from a solar flare. In 2012 the earth was just altered from a solar flair, and some of us survived, mostly the rich people survived because they had the money to prepare for it. What most likely will happen is we get hit with an asteroid and within seconds we are dead, lol.
  • Tau_Seti President 2011/03/04 21:33:41
  • President Tau_Seti 2011/03/04 21:56:15
    True, but if the earth collapse's from stress an asteroid causes, then nothing inside will survive either, matter of fact people deep down inside the earth might suffer a lingering death, whereas people on the serface will be gone in a second. Myself, I'll stay above ground!
  • Tau_Seti President 2011/03/04 22:02:23
  • President Tau_Seti 2011/03/06 00:32:56
    Yes, and how sad. There can only be hope if humans are out of the picture. And we know that, and most still do nothing to change it.
  • Tau_Seti President 2011/03/06 01:55:28

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