What would happen if honey bees were extinct?

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  • Shadow 2011/06/10 02:50:54
    Actually, there would be a LOT less fruit, flowers, honey, and such... there might be some for a little while(butterflys pollinate,too) but eventually, all of those things would disappear, then in turn, us humans.
  • Anna 2011/04/07 15:12:18
    We'd die
  • ElisaGalvan 2011/04/02 05:36:48
    OMFG What kind of sick twisted dirty mind do u have?? lmfao just kidding..well the obvious factor is there would be no more honey... AND I LOVE HONEY!! lol
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2011/04/01 20:13:33
    Just MEH....Piwan
    NO HONEY, and a lot less fruit and vegetables...they pollinate those!
  • Maya 2011/04/01 18:58:20
    no honey and i would DIE
  • Dutchess Trixy Tipsy 2011/04/01 17:40:55
    Dutchess Trixy Tipsy
    cakes made of honey would also be extinct.lol
  • whatsername_333 2011/04/01 16:08:16
    .........there would be no honey...?
  • Chained 2011/04/01 09:53:44
    Winnie the Pooh would be extremely pissed off.
  • David - a nudist 2011/04/01 08:07:37
  • mewycg 2011/04/01 06:52:14 (edited)
    It would be very bad. The world food would suffer because there'd be no bees to pollinate the fruits and veggies.
  • ashley. 2011/04/01 02:47:31
    No honey!
  • S. Gompers 2011/04/01 02:26:40
    S. Gompers
    A lot of people would starve to death since pollination would have to be done by hand to keep the food supply intact.

    Food prices would be through the roof as the labor costs rose drastically.

    I would not be so concerned about the flowers, millions starving would be a greater issue for me.
  • Shadow-Fire 2011/04/01 02:17:30
    I would cry in a corner because my Coffee would not have honey in it any more :(
    But then probably suck it up and use artificial honey...
  • wildcat 2011/04/01 02:01:10
    Artificial Honey artificial honey Artificial Honey
  • kitkat42 2011/04/01 02:00:51
    I just saw Ellen Page on Bill Maher show and she is an advocate for saving bees. If we don't have them to pollinate, we would be in really deep s**t. And they are declining in population. We need to do what we can to save them.
  • captkirk999 2011/04/01 01:32:43
    honey supply would go down. flowers would die. I heard that bees are low in some countries and people have resorted to pollinating the plants themselves.
  • Happy 2011/04/01 00:07:16
    Well flowers would die because of less population and that can lead to less oxygen and more carbon dioxide which could lead to higher earth tempetures all because of a little bee, life is precious. Whats scary is some reports say they are dieing out! higher earth tempetures bee life precious scary reports dieing honey bee
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2011/03/31 22:51:16
  • birdman 2011/03/31 22:34:23
  • i<3conanthebarbarian 2011/03/31 22:24:24
    god only knows
  • relic 2011/03/31 22:17:27
    Food shortages. Riots. Wars. Revolutions.

    You could do the same thing by diverting the Corn production to some hair-brained idea like making Ethanol.
  • Angelina.Petrafina 2011/03/31 21:52:27
    Honeybees (as much as I hate them) not only pollenate average plants (corn, beans, etc) but also the plants we eat for direct food! Things like apples, citrus fruits, etc. and they make it possible for the plants we use to bloom, in addition to the things that bloom without "our" help. Flowers, fruits, etc, are ALL propagated by Honeybees!
    And I say this having been CHASED (literally) from the car to the front door, only to be stung right along the hairline, by a "MAD" honeybee! Little bitch CHASED me from the car to the front door, to sting me in the head!!!
  • ☆RogueofDoom☆ 2011/03/31 21:50:52
    Well for one thing, there would be no more honey. There would also be an extinction of flowers that rely on the honey bee to help it spread pollen.
  • Sing.1497 2011/03/31 21:49:00
    No more honey and I think it helps flowers right??? So there'd be a problem with them, I guess...
  • OhWowLovelyXx0 2011/03/31 21:48:07
    no more hunny
  • relic OhWowLo... 2011/03/31 22:18:34
    Worse, no more Pooh.
  • OhWowLo... relic 2011/03/31 22:27:13 (edited)
    OMG!! noo not pooh!! :(
  • luisofsuburbia 2011/03/31 21:38:53
  • Kathy 2011/03/31 21:25:21
    Everything goes in a cycle so take that away and the whole world will deflate!!
  • moomoof 2011/03/31 21:18:15
  • flaca BN-0 2011/03/31 21:08:05
    flaca BN-0
    Apparently 70% of our crops are pollinated by bees. So, it's a very serious problem that bee populations are dropping alarmingly.
  • Caitlin ~American Patriot~ 2011/03/31 21:05:54
    Caitlin ~American Patriot~
    we wouldn't have anymore fruits and veggies...because they help pollenate the vegetation they go to for the pollen...so without the bees the plants couldn't reproduce fruits veggies pollenate vegetation pollen bees plants reproduce no bees
  • 2012 rick 2011/03/31 21:05:20
  • Miko 2011/03/31 21:05:00
    nothin' just another distinct insect will add to the list
  • DeathBolt 2011/03/31 21:04:55
    We'd be screwed
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2011/03/31 21:04:35
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    I guess for those crops that are dependent upon them, we'd have to hand pollinate.
  • Angelin... Dave Sa... 2011/03/31 21:45:57
    Good luck!
  • Dave Sa... Angelin... 2011/03/31 21:48:57
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    What? You'r not going to help?
    I have two words for you:
    henny penny
  • Angelin... Dave Sa... 2011/03/31 22:06:34
    Yeah, Henny Penny is a REALLY good example of what would happen if we had no honeybees. That's my my reply relied simply on LUCK. Without HoneyBees, our vegetables wouldn't be pollenized, our flowers wouldn't bloom, our corn and bean and wheat crops wouldn't be pollenized and grow to maturity, the list goes on and on. I may hate HoneyBees for their propensity to sting me in the forehead, but they serve a purpose WAY beyond that of ordinary human consideration, and I'm FULLY aware of that!
  • The Dude 2011/03/31 21:04:27
    The Dude
    We would go bye bye!!

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