What was your worst grade at school?

Kezzi Morris 2012/09/22 20:50:11
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  • Todayisgoingtobegreat 2012/09/25 13:20:17
    D Sophomore Year all classes. My best friend died. Well he was more then just my best friend. It has been 12 years and I still talk to him.
  • Me 2012/09/24 04:38:00
  • Random 2012/09/23 11:08:53 (edited)
    D- (which would be an F-) In History class, I couldn't see the board, so I didn't do any work. So I failed. I did manage to pull my grade up to a B through the tests, though.
  • La 2012/09/23 05:04:18
    Well, I have never failed a subject. In university though I have gotten a few P2s which is a 55%
  • Mike 2012/09/23 04:20:49

    my dog ate my homework LOL
  • marty 2012/09/23 01:34:29
    F - handwriting of course
  • Serenity the goth. 2012/09/23 00:29:05
    Serenity the goth.
    a u in spelling and it was my teacher fault because they did nothing to help me.I am a Dyslexic so it harder for me but I am still willing to try but I guess they weren't.
  • mikeeonly 2012/09/23 00:12:28
  • Harley Squiggles the God \(... 2012/09/22 22:02:23
    Harley Squiggles the God \(#o#)/
    I usually get A's and some B's, but I have had a few times where I just didn't know what was going on with a certain test and failed it with an E. But that only happened in Algebra...and Geometry. But I'm proud to say I've never failed a class. :)
  • kofp 2012/09/22 21:57:23
  • Kurt 2012/09/22 21:19:35
    C- in English.
  • Who wants a cupcake? 2012/09/22 21:10:34
  • ikeknight 2012/09/22 21:09:28
    3 (equivalent of a C)
  • Lady Gothika 2012/09/22 21:09:28
  • The Lost Spirit 2012/09/22 21:02:44
    The Lost Spirit
    4 to 7 is the worst so strict i wasent even aloud to talk to my friends
  • The Sane One 2012/09/22 20:58:54
    The Sane One
    I flunked Physics.

    I aced all the tests, but didn't turn in any of the homework. (I did the experiments, but didn't turn them in-- bully problems.)

    Since the homework was a major component of the grade, I got an F, which didn't make my parents too happy.
  • stevmackey 2012/09/22 20:58:51
  • Sick Boy 2012/09/22 20:58:14
    Sick Boy
    A big,fat

  • Swan Eshdeh 2012/09/22 20:58:10
    Swan Eshdeh
    9th . i hate it !!
  • 3003573 2012/09/22 20:55:05
  • shellyBlink182ToMark17 2012/09/22 20:52:22
    F in spainsh 2.
  • jc 2012/09/22 20:51:04
    Probably a C.And only because I cut class allot.
  • Gigglez 2012/09/22 20:51:02
    i have gotten a 0......
  • Kyra 2012/09/22 20:50:52
  • Kezzi Morris 2012/09/22 20:50:23

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