What was your most embarrassing moment in school?

Stacee 2012/08/23 00:30:50
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  • Elz 2012/11/14 22:08:01
    Here it is...
    when teachers thought i was stupid and getting called out in front of the whole class.
  • BReeZY!!!:D 2012/09/23 17:20:21 (edited)
    Here it is...
    im sure its not my most embarrassing moment but i ran into a glass wall at my dads job because i didnt see it so i didnt know it was there invisible glass wall
  • CwrazyLwina 2012/08/24 00:17:13
    Here it is...
    U know it. The one with serina. Freshman year.

    Poor man. Stupid me..
  • Farbiger 2012/08/23 01:09:47
    Here it is...
    I was running up the stairs to my next class and I completely missed one of the steps so I almost face planted, but I grabbed the railing at the last moment. People on the steps still saw and I was too shocked to move, so I stayed at a 45 degree angle holding onto the rail for a good minute. Lol
  • Scott (o)(o) 2012/08/23 00:45:16
    Here it is...
    Scott (o)(o)
    getting caught having sex on the stage in the auditorium
  • CwrazyL... Scott (... 2012/08/24 00:17:30
  • Stacee Scott (... 2012/08/28 02:12:12
    haha like a champ!
  • Scott (... Stacee 2012/08/28 20:20:43
    Scott (o)(o)
    yeah I got Suspended for a week
  • Stacee Scott (... 2012/09/04 02:34:43
    lmao i bet
  • Mellow 2012/08/23 00:43:09
    Here it is...
    I was talking to some girls, turned around to sneeze and accidentally farted at the same time. It was the worst... I'm still embarrassed. =(
  • Scott (... Mellow 2012/08/23 00:45:52 (edited)
    Scott (o)(o)
    WoW that's funny ... LOL ... Winner !!! ha ha
  • Stacee Mellow 2012/08/28 02:12:30
    hahahah that's hilarious!!!!
  • Lina Al-alami 2012/08/23 00:34:18
    Here it is...
    Lina Al-alami
    i have phobia from da Needle and they gave us an vaccine in da school and i was screamin in a funny way ..that was really stuipd
    hahaah i wont forget that day !
  • CwrazyL... Lina Al... 2012/08/24 00:17:48
    aww >.<

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