What Was Your Favorite Childhood Stuffed Animal?

Ty A.K.A M0st WaNTED 2010/06/03 19:24:25
I had all kinds of animals.
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  • Puck ~PHAET 2010/06/03 20:02:16
    Puck ~PHAET
    Cheer Bear. The original, not this new crap that is being passed off as The Care Bears. I toted that thing everywhere. Mine's a bit faded, and the paint is scuffed on her eyes, but that's her.

    crap passed care bears toted mines faded paint scuffed eyes

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  • Oriana 2012/03/14 02:21:48
    I actually had 2 :)
    Eeyore & Yomiko.
    Yomiko was my stuffed golden retriever. & Eeyore was my donkey from Winnie The Pooh :)
    I used to have a stuffed george monkey but lost it in Publix when I was about 2 and cried alot.







    Yomiko and Eeyore are the exact ones but the George, not so sure
  • ilovebugsandspiders 2011/10/24 14:25:10
    I had a little black spider that I named Itsy Bitsy Spider after the song.

    black spider stuffed animals
  • Funky Bracelet Chick 2010/07/02 02:59:16
    Funky Bracelet Chick
    A weiner dog....thing that I won from a carnival and named Spot. I never did decide whether Spot was a boy or a girl. It changed depending on my mood.... lol
  • mu_linlin7 2010/07/01 20:36:17
    I have a stuffed gorilla that my father bought me at the hospital gift shop when I was born. I call him "Rilla." I also have a shaggy dog that I took every where when I was little that looks like this:
    stuffed gorilla father hospital gift shop born rilla shaggy dog
  • mu_linlin7 mu_linlin7 2010/07/01 20:37:35
    However, I now collect stuffed animals. I have three large laundry hampers full.

    collect stuffed animals large laundry hampers
  • royal cloud 2010/06/18 08:07:58
    royal cloud
    my big gray auntie Aneda bear from my aunt gave me. Its always chased away monsters and nightmares as a kid.
  • Suzie 2010/06/18 05:19:13
    Mr. Panther - a black stuffed panter :)
  • MSkyDragons 2010/06/11 12:54:53
    When I was 3, I got a stuffed dog that was twice my size. Used to be sold at Toys 'R' Us but now they only sell small ones.
  • girlink 2010/06/10 22:53:15
  • Ilovesw... girlink 2010/06/30 18:01:52
    aww tht is so cute does it have a name
  • girlink Ilovesw... 2010/07/04 00:30:04
    She calls Lady.
  • Ilovesw... girlink 2010/07/04 02:29:21
    both of them are named lady?
  • girlink Ilovesw... 2010/07/17 22:53:11
    Only the one that has the pink bun!
  • Ilovesw... girlink 2010/07/19 00:19:03
    oh what happened to the other picture
  • Dax 2010/06/08 22:32:48
    A black & white Steiff cat named "Meiko", and a grey & white husky named "Trigger". <3 I still have them somewhere, too.
  • Suga plum fairy 2010/06/07 14:38:44
    Suga plum fairy
    a little yellow dinosaur
  • EarthGirl 2010/06/07 13:41:16
    Pink Panther
  • kissbeth 2010/06/07 08:52:19 (edited)

    I love this doll. I could never find another one.
  • Erica!!! 2010/06/07 08:50:45
  • wolf 2010/06/07 08:08:49
    a large sleepy fox that was given to my mother name arigato.
  • King Anti-Christ 666 2010/06/07 06:23:46
  • kissbeth King An... 2010/06/07 08:48:15 (edited)
    nice!!!!! I get to see eddie on the 22nd.
  • King An... kissbeth 2010/06/07 14:00:27
  • Rangiku 2010/06/07 04:34:01
    my tiger that my mom got me wen i was like 5 & i still have it tell this day ^^
  • chandrika22 2010/06/07 03:30:00
    this cow doll..
    cow doll

    name = ulil :3
  • ♥Carebear♥ 2010/06/07 03:28:57
    my teddy bear..i still have it lol teddy bear lol
  • DeadBlood 2010/06/07 02:32:29
    A white & pink bear that my parents gifted me the day I was born. It's name is Tolo, I still have it :)
  • Ilovesweets 2010/06/07 01:02:51
    care bear and my pig and more of my stuff animals care bear pig animals
  • Animeluver 2010/06/07 00:20:22
    My was a wbkinz it was one of the first ones they remodaled it though wbkinz remodaled

    She looke a little like this but different I still have her her name is Webkiss
  • eLmO Is AwEsOmE lol 2010/06/06 23:58:24
    eLmO Is AwEsOmE lol
    my triceratops
  • Dollface❤ 2010/06/06 23:45:35
    I have had a dog named Darling, and a Lamb named Lamby, and a Monkey named Pebbles.
  • ☮★✞Brittney✞★☮ 2010/06/06 23:25:01
    I had a lot but my favorite was this liitle caramel colored dog with dark brown ears. His name was Brownie. =D And I still have him

    I also loved this one... http://as7.disneystore.co.uk/...
  • VKS(approved) 2010/06/06 23:03:54
    Minnie Mouse. Still sleep with it, have been since I was 5. :D
  • Cinna 2010/06/06 22:48:42
  • Donishka 2010/06/06 21:44:12
  • ~ninjagurl~ 2010/06/06 20:54:34
    It's from the show Molly and the big couch, i always used to watch it when i was 4


    oh ya and my purple teletubbie but it scared me when i first got it.
    couch watch 4 httpthmb inkfrog comthumb ya purple teletubbie scared
  • ooooo 2010/06/06 20:11:38

    Me loves this thing
  • Driftyness 2010/06/06 19:58:15

    Frisbee the beanie baby! I still have him :)
  • Miss K 2010/06/06 19:51:13
    Miss K

    couldn't find a better picture but mine was sooo worn out
  • VKS(app... Miss K 2010/06/06 23:04:49
    Awww!! I used to have Simba too!

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