What was your best experience with an officer?

Tee Quake 2012/07/18 14:14:33
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While a student at Syracuse my dog, Jessica, suddenly vanished and a Syracuse Officer spent hours helping me find her. She had been abducted by thugs who steal, starve and fight dogs and the Officer knew just where to go and what to do to get her back. I think people who make dogs fight are the lowest form of scum and I cant believe Vick got a job back and people go to see him throw footballs after what he admitted to, including drowning Pitts who were not viscous enough. I hope HELL has a special hole for such creatures.
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  • NarcolepticGoat 2012/07/18 14:51:43
    After I was in a stupid accident in a bad intersection and everyone left I couldn't start my car. I was almost in a panic when an officer stopped, asked me what was wrong, then explained that my car had a fuel cuttoff system, and showed me where to reset it.

    Kind of embarrassing but he was kind. :)
  • Erin V. 2012/07/18 14:35:05
    Erin V.
    i was having a bad day and was speeding, i got pulled over for driving 72 in a 45 zone. the officer saw i wasnt having a good day and just let me off with a warning
  • wutever 2012/07/18 14:31:29
    Sorry about your dog. Iv had a couple of good expiences, i strait up ran a red light because it stayed red way longer than normal. He told me i was in luck, he said " you got pulled over by the only two cops in amarillo that dont cary ticket books". I didnt believe that but i didnt care. I also got pulled over hauing ass, didnt have my licence or insurance, and all he told me," next time you want to speed, make sure you have your licence with you. I lucked out, my inspection sticker was expired.

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