What was the best vacation you ever had?

♫Music♪My♪Life♫ 2011/04/17 16:16:48
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  • wcpjams 2011/05/11 19:49:33
    Well the first thing that comes to mind is Disney World and Universal Studios. But they have to come in 2nd, because the best vacation I ever had was a 7 night Southern Carribean Cruise my wife and I went on several years ago. It was on Royal Carribean's Radiance of the Seas. And everything about that vacation from start to finish
    was just perfect. I'm still hoping that one day soon we can duplicate that trip. I want to do the same ship, the same stops, the same everything and just hope for the same results. radiance seas vacation finish hoping duplicate ship stops hope Radiance of the Seas radiance seas vacation finish hoping duplicate ship stops hope Barbados
  • will 2011/05/11 12:40:27
    Going to Carowinds
  • Ramon 2011/05/06 10:55:22
    My vacation to Cancun about 3 years ago was the best ever
  • patrihsha 2011/05/04 02:14:35
  • Only wishin for the truth 2011/04/22 22:31:58
    Only wishin for the truth
    to the smoky mountains
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/04/21 00:19:43
    Lerro DeHazel
    Every vacation that I ever have taken to the Philippines. Once I went to the Philippines and I went alone . . . It was not a good time to go because I was still in love with my late wife . . . [I was even told once by someone that I was still in love with a dead woman; but that was a long time ago.] If any single man ever goes to the Philippines or maybe some other Asian country like Vietnam, etc., then he should not have anything on his mind but the girls that he is going to see all over the place. That is my advice to any single man who visits the Philippines, especially.
  • Ati156 2011/04/19 23:16:47
  • Brandon 2011/04/19 19:50:31
    The one when my family and i went to Florida.
  • haileyrawrr926 2011/04/19 05:10:09
    my best was Italy
  • Chamii 2011/04/19 00:57:29
    San Diego for a week last fall with one of my friends
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2011/04/18 19:05:47
    Just MEH....Piwan
    Georgian/Florida trip back in 2006.
  • Jana~ una chica loca 2011/04/18 17:09:39
    Jana~ una chica loca
    7 days along the south coast of France!!! :)
  • Dezy 2011/04/18 15:11:11
    It's hard to pick. I'd say between Prescott, ATF, or Winckleman River... It's really hard to choose. I had a great time on all of them haha :)
  • ♫Music♪My♪Life♫ 2011/04/18 14:54:17
    Massachusetts.... massachusetts Massachusetts marthas vineyard massachusetts Massachusetts cape cod
  • DannyHansen 2011/04/18 03:19:52
    to cali
  • SouthernB 2011/04/18 03:17:20
    A trip to Daytona Beach followed by Charleston, SC with my then girlfriend, now my wife, in 2005.
  • beachbum 2011/04/18 03:03:43
    Going to Israel
    israel tel aviv
    israel sea of galilee
  • keya 2011/04/18 02:05:58
    when i went to oregon and we stopped at places on that way and that was two summers ago
  • Destiny 2011/04/18 01:35:43
    never really had an official vacation
  • RobHom 2011/04/18 00:18:42
    Three weeks wandering around New Zealand in a motor home.....
  • Slim Shady 2011/04/17 23:37:36
    Slim Shady
    in 2008 me and my family went to mexico on a cruise ship and in 2010 we went to mexico on an airplane and this year we are going to mexico on a plane again
  • JC 2011/04/17 22:53:51
    I'd have to go with Florida two years ago.
  • juliet 2011/04/17 21:34:52
    when i went on a cruise to Mexico and i met a really hot French guy((:
  • Candi 2011/04/17 20:55:37 (edited)
    The Bahamas
    bahamas Bahamas
  • kitkat42 2011/04/17 20:29:38
    Up the Pacific coast and into Canada. It was awesome and beautiful.
  • Sister Jean 2011/04/17 20:20:56
    Sister Jean
    Martha's Vineyard a few times marthas vineyard times Martha s Vineyard
  • NekoChan 2011/04/17 19:43:45
    My family and I went on a 7-day cruise to Mexico, Cayman Islands, and Jamaica. It was the only big vacation I've ever been on. ^-^
  • relic 2011/04/17 19:31:33 (edited)
    I've been all over the world, but the best vacation was at Boothbay Harbor, Maine in the fall.

  • Stephen 2011/04/17 19:16:20
    I went to Bergen in Norway for a few days last summer. Saw Iron Maiden when I was there and travelled back to the UK via Denmark. Loved it. :3
    days summer iron maiden travelled uk denmark loved 3 Bergen
    days summer iron maiden travelled uk denmark loved 3 Bergen castle
  • ElisaGalvan 2011/04/17 19:08:27
    i loved DISNEY LAND wen i was 10yrs old... lol but also my summer spent meeting my aunts and uncles and then goin for a road trip and...so in other words i love all my vacations lol
  • ♥Patricia♥ 2011/04/17 19:01:06
    Can't say that...I love all my vacations :)
  • cece526 2011/04/17 18:52:25
    wen i went to kings dominion or the 2nd or 3rd time i went to flordia wen kings dominion 2nd 3rd flordia kings doominion
  • Redskin 2011/04/17 18:34:56
  • Dirty red 2011/04/17 18:11:04
    Dirty red
    When I went to Orlando Fl.
  • @LunnaLadiess 2011/04/17 18:10:38
    so manny placess i beeen
  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2011/04/17 18:00:23
    Either going to Lake George (some entertaining attractions there)-been there a few times now, The Grand Canyon (so cool and beautiful to see and travel on), or Salem Massachussetts (I'd definately go there again no question-especally looks fun around halloween).
  • mrdog 2011/04/17 17:56:14
    Two months at Venus...bark
  • Shapeshifter Zach 2011/04/17 17:29:46 (edited)
    Shapeshifter Zach
    I went to Disney World ,it was Awsome
  • Carabella 2011/04/17 17:15:55
    The International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM then the ride up the Turquoise Trail up to Santa Fe.
  • jokeriser 2011/04/17 16:48:21
    house sitting my parents house with my GF

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