What should boys have to be attractive?

Salvatore Girl 2012/05/25 21:02:34
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Nice body
Be smart!
Money $-$
Something else...
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this is a question for girls.. :) i'd love to see what they think ^-^
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  • Flyaway 2012/07/04 21:16:04 (edited)
    Something else...
    Openminded, Optimistic, Good communication, Kindhearted, Smart, funny, and Be himself. Yeah.
  • AlexTheDrummer 2012/06/15 05:09:05
    Something else...
    The physically perfect boy, in my opinion, needs to have long emo-style hair and a slim body. :)
  • BabyyRockerrC 2012/06/01 17:56:54
    Something else...
    Sense of humor,nice hair,loyalty,faithfulness,nice smile,lip piercing or snakebites....preferably both......
  • Eania 2012/05/30 04:52:38 (edited)
    Something else...
    Well, I like a good body when I see one, but that's a flexible concept. Dark hair and light eyes always get me, a good face, but one that's slightly asymmetrical or different.

    Besides that, because that only draws the eye, it doesn't necessarily hold mine, a sharp mind, talent, skill, determination, vision, self respect/Issues, confidence bordering on arrogance, a snappy walk, respect, lethal (literally of figuratively) passionate, easy mannered, offbeat, funny, serious about what matters, caring/selfish, demanding/giving, leader, doer, crazy in some way, and not a "boy"! I prefer men about 25 +.

    And many other variables besides.
  • Aly Hart 2012/05/29 02:54:39
  • Anonymouse ~superdoge~ 2012/05/27 18:27:54
    Nice body
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    Lightly toned, tanned body, strong chest, shoulders and arms, blue eyes, blond or brown hair, nice lips, a lovely personality, and similar interests to me...
  • Bibliophilic 2012/05/27 17:15:06
    Something else...
    A good personality: capacity for empathy, loyalty, and respect for all beings.
  • Claise 2012/05/27 12:42:55
    Nice body
    1). nice body, 2) money, 3) piercings. 4). tattoos, 5) be smart (and by the way, no prob if you call me a girl)
  • Bobby 48 2012/05/26 17:29:00
  • Shawna 2012/05/26 15:54:12
    Be smart!
    Brains, a good sense of humour, kindness and compassion and good hygiene will all work well.
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2012/05/26 15:31:44
    Something else...
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    personality, sense of humor and manners/respect.
  • Willski 2012/05/25 23:28:58
    Nice body
    Again, don't fit the criteria you gave to answer. But the same as girls, it depends on the people involved. Some may be attracted to a "nice body", others to an intelligent mind. Conversely, some may have the "nice body", but be thick as a post, so can only try to attract people with the former. Same with any other potential traits.
  • TasselLady 2012/05/25 21:14:57
    Something else...
    He has to have a nice personality and treats me right. If he doesn't do those two things then it doesn't matter what else he has. An a-hole can be dressed up in a three piece suit but it's still an a-hole. Some girls and many women haven't learned this yet, and some never will.
  • lorenab. 2012/05/25 21:12:42
    Nice body
    nice body, nice smile, gorgeous eyes! but usually when i like a guy, he has pretty eyes!:D like, i used to only like blue eyes, but not anymore! my boyfriends eyes are like literally black and i love them, icould stare at them for hours!!:D
  • 1wickedwitch 2012/05/25 21:10:34
    Something else...
    dk shaggy hair..,piercings..tattoos .sweet & smart....

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