What made you choose your particular profile pic?

Jane Constant 2012/02/18 23:45:26
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My reason is my cats!
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  • Apocalypse Island 2012/02/20 22:05:33 (edited)
    Apocalypse Island
    These are the rock outcroppings on Robinson Crusoe Island which Jim Turner falsely claims are giant Mayan sculptures in the History Channel show, "Apocalypse Island"
    turner falsely claims giant mayan sculptures history channel apocalypse island

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  • oldlady Lulu's Mom 2012/02/19 21:34:31
  • Lulu's Mom oldlady 2012/02/19 22:41:28
    Lulu's Mom
  • CAROLYN... oldlady 2012/02/19 21:26:07
    Well said.
  • oldlady CAROLYN... 2012/02/19 21:37:34
    Thank you ;-)
  • Shirley oldlady 2012/02/19 21:36:23
  • oldlady Shirley 2012/02/19 21:51:23
    I'm at a lose for words. So very kind of you Shirley ;-)

    A song for all the strong woman on this site and there a many of us here.


  • Shirley oldlady 2012/02/19 22:07:01
  • oldlady Shirley 2012/02/19 22:50:21
    I will never forget!

    Getting back to avatar's, have you noticed all the fake sexy avatar's put out by the woman here? Are they looking for a date that will never happen in the real world? What cracks me up are the guys who fall into their imaginary world. Guess it takes two LOL.
  • Shirley oldlady 2012/02/20 00:59:55
  • oldlady Shirley 2012/02/20 01:20:30
    I agree, one needs to look past the avatar to find out who is there. My problem is when a woman or a man puts up an avatar of propaganda perfection I see a shallow, sad or disturbed person. If this question were to be put up I doubt they would enter it and be honest but I could be wrong. I would like to be wrong on this subject, otherwise I find it sad.
  • Shirley oldlady 2012/02/20 01:30:16
  • oldlady Shirley 2012/02/20 18:15:46
    I agree and I do have fun, not take it too serious. LOL! Don't mind me, sometimes I dig too deep ;-)
  • Shirley oldlady 2012/02/21 01:21:07
  • oldlady Shirley 2012/02/21 13:47:57
  • Shirley oldlady 2012/02/21 17:49:17
  • LAAD Gu... oldlady 2012/02/20 03:56:22
    LAAD Gunner - USMC
    smart lol
  • Woody 2012/02/19 21:04:34
    It was taken during a rocket attack at KAF, the Georgia colors don't run.
  • hitari 2012/02/19 20:43:14
    i like the artist that did the picture so i use it as my profile pic
  • FGomez 2012/02/19 20:05:28 (edited)
    Tired of macho cholos thinking it is a sign of strength to ignore HIV and AIDS.
    tired macho cholos thinking sign strength ignore hiv aids
  • Llesenia FGomez 2012/02/20 23:32:04
    You are so right. Cholos and cholas think it is brave to do stupid things that get them in trouble or even great harm. This chola is with you 100%.
  • ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠ 2012/02/19 19:16:30
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    Duh.. I'm a freak. At least that's what my teachers, parents, class mates and therapist says. :)
  • Batman 2012/02/19 18:59:13
    it just went well with my username
  • gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/02/19 18:35:55
    gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Because it is exactly how I feel!
  • Deona 2012/02/19 18:00:17
    idk, i was going through my creepy phase :P
  • Jeremy 2012/02/19 17:35:15 (edited)


    I'm a big fan of comfortable, practical car. and to be honest I love to drive nice "Cars" !!

  • GoreGirl 2012/02/19 17:15:26
    Love piercings lol
  • BwaHa 2012/02/19 16:47:41
    It pretty much sums up a lot that I like about my life... for the most part my life's been like a barbecue on a warm, sunny day. Though I've had my share of stormy days too.
  • mark 2012/02/19 16:08:16
    I guess I'm just lazy. I may post a picture of myself in the future. Presently , I don't have one to post.
  • Valia-chan 2012/02/19 16:05:04
    My best friend made me -.-
  • Reality-Check 2012/02/19 15:19:55
  • Shirley Reality... 2012/02/19 21:40:17
  • Reality... Shirley 2012/02/20 07:57:39 (edited)
    damn... I've been found out...

    yellow roses
  • Rocky 2012/02/19 14:59:03
    I love the character of Jack Sparrow.
  • gldynmd... Rocky 2012/02/19 18:37:09
    gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Me too!
  • Rocky gldynmd... 2012/02/19 18:48:23
    I picked the name Rocky for my Amazon parrot that sits next to the computer and yells all day long.
  • gldynmd... Rocky 2012/02/20 03:34:12
    gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Aawww you have a parrot... too cool! Hello Rocky.
  • MistyMoon 2012/02/19 14:53:29
    Anime. Blue haired girl.
  • Frank Rizzo 2012/02/19 14:31:57 (edited)
    Frank Rizzo
    I think mine looks like the classic sour old Bastard from Massachusetts. Looks like the guy that cuts you off at every intersection around here, then gives you the finger. Makes me laugh just looking at him.
  • tea for you 2012/02/19 14:15:58
    tea for you
    Memories of my old lifestyle
  • TasselLady 2012/02/19 14:14:07
    Some of them I found by accident. I like to change them, but I have a couple of favorites.

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