What Kind of SodaHead Member Are YOU?

Melizmatic 2012/06/06 18:43:13
I'm a Brawler; I like to argue.
I'm a Button Pusher: I like to try to piss others off.
I'm the Devil's Advocate; I see both sides of the argument.
I'm a Social Butterfly; just here to have fun.
I'm a Troll; laughing at your expense.
I'm an Extremist/Zealot; because what happens on SH really matters.
I'm a Joker; everything has the potential to be funny.
I'm a Social Activist; genuinely trying to educate others.
I'm a Misanthrope/Social Outcast...
I'm Some Other Label...
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So okay;

As I've said many times before, labeling people as a whole isn't really MY thing; as everyone is different, and there's always an exception to pretty much any 'rule' or standard you can think of.

exception to the rule

Additionally, all too often stereotypical labels are used as 'crutches' by many folks who can't (or don't want to) take the time & energy to actually get to know others beyond a superficial level, and that can level to divisiveness and counter-productivity.

Nevertheless, multitudes of people still
arbitrarily choose to label others and themselves, constantly.


Since my work-day is going even more tediously than usual, I am exceedingly bored; and so I got thinking about how people here see themselves.

self image

So let's hear it; what kind of member are you?

And by now everyone should know the deal;

This post isn't about anyone's religious or political beliefs, so if you want to discuss those topics please take it to the News & Politics section.

Be civil, or begone.

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