What Kind of a Person Doesn't Like Bacon?

HAHAJKDOTCOM 2012/08/09 21:00:00
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Bacon is delicious. What kind of a person wouldn't love it?

HAHAJK.COM reports:
Sizzling, crackling, crispy bacon. Mmmmmmmm. There isn’t much better in this world. Universally accepted as the perfect accessory to many a meal, it is puzzling to most of humanity why anyone wouldn’t like bacon. What kind of a monster doesn’t like bacon? Seriously.

world universally accepted accessory meal puzzling humanity bacon monster bacon

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  • d sar 2013/04/21 03:04:23
    I'm too sad to answer
    d sar
    I don't mind bacon. BUT It is overrated, particularly on the ninternet. its more of a stupid meme now than a food
  • Hermione 2012/12/07 03:26:29
    I'm too sad to answer
    I personally love bacon, but some religions like the Jewish, can't eat it. Which really sucks.
  • David (oYo) 2012/11/16 12:17:08
  • Chaya2010 2012/10/11 11:01:13 (edited)
    Someone who is compassionate to animals


    Practicing/observant: Jews, Muslims, Jains and Sikhs
  • kofp 2012/10/04 21:25:08 (edited)
    Someone who is compassionate to animals
    And also let's not forget:
    Orthodox Jews Muslims Orthodox Christians

    (well some of them at any rate)

  • David (... kofp 2012/11/16 12:25:19
  • mothermayhem 2012/09/17 23:33:52
    Someone who is compassionate to animals
    However as someone who cooks 15lbs+ of it a week I still love bacon.
  • Gabby 2012/09/10 00:22:31
    Someone who has never loved
    i love bacon...it is good and delicious! It is un natural not to like bacon! :/
  • Sister Jean 2012/08/25 17:24:28
    I'm too sad to answer
    Sister Jean
    one who does not like bacon
  • Butch 2012/08/25 17:14:19
  • Ϙόζμω ⚥ Græme اليا Mongrain 2012/08/16 03:58:57 (edited)
    I'm too sad to answer
    Ϙόζμω ⚥ Græme اليا Mongrain
    Your opinion IS NOT the ONLY one that MATTERS, Baconmaniac!
    There is NOTHING in the Universe that EVERYONE will like.
  • Royo 2012/08/16 02:11:02
    Someone who is compassionate to animals
    The only meats I eat are chicken and fish. Removed turkey from my lifestyle a while ago, and I've never eaten red meat. And yet I'm overweight -___-
  • Seeker of Truth - War Wizard 2012/08/15 04:33:25 (edited)
    Somebody who doesn't appreciate deliciousness
    Seeker of Truth - War Wizard
    MMMMmmmmmmm... Baaaacoonn...

    homer simpson bacon
  • Bribri 2012/08/14 21:06:14
    Somebody who doesn't appreciate deliciousness
    I like bacon but now its just became this big deal and its not.
  • actionjksn 2012/08/14 05:02:56
    I'm too sad to answer
    My wife's a Jew and even she likes bacon.
  • Ϙόζμω ⚥... actionjksn 2012/08/16 04:07:13
    Ϙόζμω ⚥ Græme اليا Mongrain
    Heard of a Baconarian? It's a Vegan that likes bacon bits on their salad.
    There's also bacon-flavored salt that's Kosher. figure that one out.
    For some, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. But others cannot be led into temptation.
  • steelcore1085 2012/08/14 03:48:02
    Somebody who doesn't appreciate deliciousness
  • sherdon2 2012/08/14 02:43:29
    I'm too sad to answer
    What? Are you trying to tell me there are people in this world that does not like BACON....ah ,that hurts!!!!!
  • ♥ Amy ♥ Is Home♥ 2012/08/13 22:40:10
    I'm too sad to answer
    ♥ Amy ♥ Is Home♥
    I don't understand this question, I will go ponder it while I dip my bacon in chocolate =)
  • NakijaTobias 2012/08/13 21:29:19 (edited)
    Someone who has never loved
    Okay, I understand if someone is a vegan or it's against their religion because the have never tasted or choose not to eat it. On the other hand, people who have tried and don't like it are out of their mind. Maybe they don't like pork? There is artificial bacon. Maybe its too greasy and fatty? The make bacon without the fat that doesn't produce much grease. So either way, there are still ways for the to enjoy.
  • glen 2012/08/13 20:48:24
    Someone who has never loved
  • ♥ Amy ♥... glen 2012/08/13 22:34:18
    ♥ Amy ♥ Is Home♥
    Bonus Rave =)
  • Ϙόζμω ⚥... glen 2012/08/16 04:10:17
    Ϙόζμω ⚥ Græme اليا Mongrain
    They've already cloned various types of meat,
    the animal is long dead but this can grow forever.
    Kinda like Jesus feeding 5,000 with a few loaves of bread & fish.
  • vegan 2012/08/13 20:30:24
    Someone who is compassionate to animals
    A vegan (:
  • L1 2012/08/13 20:11:47
    I'm too sad to answer
    Some don't like the taste, others have religious and/or personal restrictions.
  • Michael Mcconnell 2012/08/13 19:46:33
    Someone who is compassionate to animals
    Michael Mcconnell
    What you really like is the artificial bacon flavor. Bacon that isn't flavored, tastes like regular pork. Soy 'bacon' bits has the same flavor or you can use liquid smoke on your food if you want a bbq/bacon flavor.
  • WolfEyes 2012/08/13 19:44:35
    I'm too sad to answer
    libby the libtard, she's an ovo-lacto-vegan . skinnier the gwyneth paltrow . and yes , she voted for ol' barry .
  • ~HopelessRomanticM17~ 2012/08/13 19:13:05
    Someone who is compassionate to animals
    Personally, I don't think bacon is that good.

    It has to be cooked perfectly for it to taste good. It can't be fatty or chewy or any of that crap.
  • davyd god loving patriot 2012/08/13 19:03:33
    Someone who has never loved
    davyd god loving patriot
    the nobammy's
  • BigKwell 2012/08/13 18:17:47
    Somebody who doesn't appreciate deliciousness
    Not to mention an eco-terrorist like PETA.
  • Michael... BigKwell 2012/08/13 19:48:40
    Michael Mcconnell
    PETA isn't a terrorist organization unlike radical muslims which we are not suppose to talk about.
  • ♥ Amy ♥... BigKwell 2012/08/13 22:35:50
  • Dodgerfan 2012/08/13 18:09:08
    I'm too sad to answer
    Seriously, bacon is one of the worst things you can eat. Go ahead and enjoy now and don't worry about the coronary down the road.
  • S and S 2012/08/13 18:04:30
  • Ϙόζμω ⚥... S and S 2012/08/16 04:11:42
    Ϙόζμω ⚥ Græme اليا Mongrain
    Muslims too.
  • S and S Ϙόζμω ⚥... 2012/08/16 14:10:42
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/08/13 17:50:06
    Somebody who doesn't appreciate deliciousness
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Don't know, I knew a girl that couldn't stay a vegetarian because of bacon.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/08/13 17:46:25
    Someone who has never loved
    Hard to say. I can understand wanting to stay away from it for health reasons. I can't understand "not liking the flavor."
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2012/08/13 17:44:35
    I'm too sad to answer
  • Will 2012/08/13 17:38:45
    Somebody who doesn't appreciate deliciousness
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