What is Wrong with Our Nation

Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2012/07/28 18:30:05
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Allright, nobody's getting it. Allow me to expostulate.

the host is first infected with HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) it is
usually through careless sexual contact or IV drug-use that it is
introduced into the bloodstream.

In a like manner, complacent
American voters may vote for a relatively unknown but charismatic
senator from Chicago, buoyed on by the elation of HOPE and CHANGE, much
as the victim of HIV is enticed by sex and drugs....

It's an emotional high, if you will. A very poorly planned one.

So the virus is in the system know. In the body politic I mean.

(Stay with me.)

Now much like HIV may initially attack the carrier within the first few months, for a couple weeks....warning signs appear.

Transparency is lacking and the body politic is not behaving as it should.

Records are sealed, foreign appeasements are made.

Back in the real world, the patient with HIV begins to get sick, and then....

A miracle occurs.


patient's skin flushes as the white blood cells force the virus back,
almost to the surface of the body. This is a viral flush but it echoes
the appearance of health. The patient feels energetic and well.

His economy is now flourishing. He couldn't be any happier. Look at that stimulus buoy the market. Look at it go!

But relief is temporary. The money is gone. The dollar is devalued.

The patient begins to feel tired and out of sorts.

A year later, the sickness creeps back. The economic malaise swirls.

during all the time that the patients white blood cells are being
infiltrated by the virus proper, in the outside world there are no jobs
under the Democratic Congress; there is no plan for jobs, only
healthcare and SPENDING.

My how the virus grows. It spreads its corruption through the patient's body. The white blood cells are devoured.

The Republicans take control of the House.

The patients body, his immune system compromised, begins to turn against itself.

The warring Congress stalemates.

Everything is breaking down.

Obamacare is passed.

The patient fights to find a doctor.

The economy fails.

Obama rises triumphant.

The ailing patient falls to the ground writhing with terminal AIDS.

And the virus surges on.

Obama has shut down the coal industry, shut down small businesses, opened our borders, placed us under international law.

The patient bleeds out on the street, in front of the hospital.

'Tax the rich!', Obama cries. More small businesses go under.

'You didn't build that!', he proclaims. More corporations go overseas.

the dreamers come', announces the 44th president of the United States
of America, and they do....surging across the borders in one great
unwashed tide.

The patient convulses on the sidewalk as the bloody fever sweat unleashes waves of its viral load through his pores.

Trembling, finally he is raised onto a gurney.

'Forward', say the medics.

'FORWARD', cries Obama, "Let it all come down!".

And the patient shivers, his eyes closing.

Fade to black.
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