What is the one characteristic that you find in a guy that makes them most attractive?

Cherry Boy 2011/10/12 10:45:43
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  • Panloker 2011/10/12 11:40:43 (edited)
    What makes a guy most attractive to me is that he would be a manly man..someone who works a blue collar job like a construction worker or mechanic not a doctor or lawyer. Someone who guzzles back beer..not sips on wine. Someone who fixes things himself and not someone who would hire somebody to do it because they are afraid of getting dirty or just don't have the know how. Someone who takes matters into their own hands and not calls the police like some pussie(but not a law breaker mind you), Someone who don't give a hell about how they look(but must still look good)..not a man who will primp and preen in the mirror and get manicures and yes some men do that. I just like manly men..what men used to be, I don't like what they have become today, now they have man purses? I mean really? what next will they be walking around in stilettos like runway queens?

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2014/10/23 04:15:22

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