What is the most scariest movie you have ever seen

cupcake100 2010/05/02 20:14:09
paranormal activity
texas chainsaw massacer
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for me i think halloween
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  • I_heart_Alucard 2010/07/26 13:03:25 (edited)
    texas chainsaw massacer
    Paranormal Activity was stupid and I never saw the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    Jeeper's Creeper's. I normally don't get scared by films, but that one left a scarring impact on me.

    I think it's because I have an irrational phobia of having to funtion without a vital organ and fear of being tortured under paralysis.
  • DarthDefault 2010/05/04 04:17:33
    texas chainsaw massacer
    I like the original better. Jacob's Ladder was also great. Along with, Eyes of Fire, Basketcase, Gates of Hell, and a few others I can't remember right now. Horror movies in the past several years have become way too predictable, and pointless remakes.
  • cupcake100 DarthDe... 2010/05/06 22:11:02
    thats very true have you seen the texas chainsaw massacer the beggining that newest one is was really stupid
  • PRISCIℓℓA♥ 2010/05/02 21:25:26 (edited)
    paranormal activity
  • cupcake100 PRISCIℓℓA♥ 2010/05/04 01:50:38
    how scary is paranormal activity i have never seen it
  • PRISCIℓℓA♥ cupcake100 2010/05/04 01:55:48
    its freakyy it game me chills
  • NinjaZombieslyr 2010/05/02 20:43:33
    paranormal activity
    not this movie, this movie;
    paranormal activity movie movie
  • cupcake100 NinjaZo... 2010/05/02 20:46:34
    that movie is pretty scary i have seen it really i was scary but really really weird
  • NinjaZo... cupcake100 2010/05/02 20:53:22
    yup it is! :O
  • cupcake100 NinjaZo... 2010/05/04 01:51:19
    i havent seen it in a long time though so i dont remeber any of it

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