What is the most insulting thing someone called you or said to you?

predilection 2009/07/12 15:12:39
First and only time I was ever called a liar, it was straight up, in-my-face; aside from the shock and humiliation, the worst thing was I wasn't even lying at that time. What about you?
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  • SirClownfear 2009/07/14 19:52:40
    Man, it takes a lot for me to feel insulted. I think the only thing that got me really hot a couple years ago was when my sister, who left her husband and her kids to live with a dude out of state, was criticizing my parenting skills. I went off about that.
  • predile... SirClow... 2009/07/15 16:11:06
    I hate when people don't look at their faults first. :-/
  • TattooedSailor 2009/07/14 03:11:57
    When the Department of Homeland Security called me a Terrorist.
  • predile... Tattooe... 2009/07/15 16:10:16
    Whoa! What were the circumstances surrounding that?
  • Tattooe... predile... 2009/07/16 19:58:57
    That report that came out a month or 2 ago saying that returning veterans were potential terrorists.
  • highdesertgemini 2009/07/14 01:52:25
    "Get drunk and be someone!" Ouch!
  • painted desert 2009/07/13 23:20:50
    painted desert
    My boss once called me her "little nazi" because my family is from Germany. Can you believe that!? I really should have reported her, but I didn't. I just cried. boss nazi family germany cried
  • TheSara. 2009/07/13 23:16:05
    CXNT is one word that crossed the line in my life.

    And when I was told I was psycho/abnormal and needed to see a psychiatrist, I started to look down on things in life. I don't care about it anymore because I'm used to hearing it and ignore it, but at age 13, it hit me hard.
  • StreetSpirit 2009/07/13 22:56:48
  • Isabel-Publius 2009/07/12 16:41:24
  • Joker Girl ♦{{Driven By Ins... 2009/07/12 15:45:13
    Joker Girl ♦{{Driven By Insanity}}♦
    Someone here on Sodahead called me a "fucking border-hopping Mexican" once.
    Then they said a bunch of other racist crap.....
  • predile... Joker G... 2009/07/12 16:23:15
    That's terrible. Was it something you said or was it purely judged on external attributes?
  • Joker G... predile... 2009/07/12 16:25:13
    Joker Girl ♦{{Driven By Insanity}}♦
    He was insulting people's race and religion.
    I decided to post something on his question telling him to stop being judgemental and rude then he called me that.
  • jjcroknits 2009/07/12 15:29:01
    About 2 months ago I was called a spic online here on sodahead. It affected me pretty badly because in real life I've yet to go through any racist and biased remarks. Down here in Miami you just don't see that kind of thing.

    I guess that's why it affected me as much as it did.
  • predile... jjcroknits 2009/07/12 16:24:47
    Funny how the online environment is harsher than the reality, when online people don't even know a smidgen of a person.
  • jjcroknits predile... 2009/07/13 07:25:59
    Yeah. Being online people can hide behind their computer and say and do things without facing that person in real life.
  • Tattooe... predile... 2009/07/14 03:15:01
    Its much easier to be a coward online.....
  • Miss Sissa 2009/07/12 15:23:47
    Miss Sissa
    Something I don't feel comfortable saying in mixed company (trust me though, it's not as bad as you think it is).
  • predile... Miss Sissa 2009/07/12 16:23:44
  • Miss Sissa predile... 2009/07/12 16:28:10
    Miss Sissa
    It has a more than a few bad words in it...

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