What Is the First Thing You Would Do If You Won the Powerball Jackpot?

ABC News U.S. 2012/11/28 11:35:09
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The Powerball jackpot just increased to a record $550 million ahead of Wednesday's hotly anticipated lottery drawing. The jackpot was boosted Tuesday from $425 million to the historic $500 million sum. The jackpot swelled Wednesday to $550 million as millions of Americans rush to the store for their last chance to purchase a ticket and become a multi-millionaire overnight.


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  • M-Dog 2012/11/28 22:22:41
    Give some to charity
    I would go mad not knowing what to do with it all!! I'd pretend to give it to charity because I'm a nice kind hearted individual when really I just want to be sane

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  • Transquesta 2012/12/02 22:39:15
    Something else
    Get everybody I know out of debt, buy a fully self-sufficient underground missile silo/house in the middle of nowhere and move in, distribute about half the remainder to favorite charities (homeless/Habitat/Samaritan's Purse). . .

    And maybe buy a new car/truck. :-)
  • Delete 2012/12/02 22:36:16
  • RageFury 2012/12/01 21:15:42
    Something else
    Had I won I the $550 million, I would have put half into precious metals, must prepare for the Dollar Bubble to burst. I would have then invested 3/4ths of the rest somehow for a residual income to live off of. The remaining I would have fixed up my home and bought what surrounding land by my house that remains. That wouldn't put any kind of dent in the remainder though.
    So with what would have remained of the money I would likely use to purchase some rental housing, fixed it up and rented it out at affordable rates for low income folks who need affordable housing. Plenty of them floating about these days.
    I was thinking negotiable rates based on income. I would need some profit for my next plan, but I don't want the people to go broke either. Have not gave it to much thought.
    Next I would have built some Housing for the homeless and use the profits from the rentals to maintain them all... Of course some figuring would have to be done to ensure I don't end up paying out more than the rentals bring in. I would have been ok with using the invested residual income keeping things afloat, provided it wasn't all eaten up causing an overall loss.
    That's what I would like to have done.
  • Crime Time 2012/12/01 06:15:06
  • Cupcake 2012/11/30 19:47:30
    Something else
    buy a crap-load of films, then give a lot to charity and then save the rest
  • DavidK 2012/11/30 13:47:10
    Something else
    Keep quiet, contact my attorney, collect and invest in more precious metals. One cannot "OBAMA-PROOF" themself enough!

  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2012/11/30 11:51:37
    Quit my job
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    quit my job and do anything i want!
  • cageaikenz 2012/11/30 10:12:36
    Invest it all
    sincerly i dont know
  • TREslide7 2012/11/30 07:48:02
    Buy a car
    Buying a brand new nissan gtr, toyota supra, mazda rx7 honda nsx, silvia s15, and a 1993 thunderbird supercoupe
  • Kiki,Pixie,Worm 2012/11/30 06:55:45
    Something else
    Well I would buy a cottage that looked like Snow White's >.<. Then I would save the rest.... Snow white cottage
  • AL 2012/11/30 05:05:32
    Something else
    pay off the loan on the Church I go to,without anyone knowing! Then pay off my condo-then pay for My two Grandsons college educations and then pay off all three of my adult childrens home loans as well
  • Aki 2012/11/30 03:33:17
    Something else
    First I would pay off my family's debts, then mine, set aside money for my family to use, and then probably invest the rest.
  • SIMPATTYCO 2012/11/30 02:09:46
    Something else
  • N. Zane 2012/11/30 02:09:30
    Something else
    N. Zane
  • SIMPATTYCO N. Zane 2012/11/30 21:06:30
    Thats a LOT OF WEED!
  • charles nelson 2012/11/30 02:05:34
    Something else
    charles nelson
    Find Buddha and yell at him
  • william keegan 2012/11/30 00:43:44
    Something else
    william keegan
    Call my mother!
  • Cher 2012/11/29 23:51:03
    Something else
    Take care of my family for life...
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/11/29 22:38:59
    Quit my job
    Christopher Kirchen
    Then move out of my craphole apartment.
  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2012/11/29 22:17:55
  • ymcmillan2 2012/11/29 21:03:07
    Invest it all
    I would go on a holiday for a while...but would never quite my job...I love it way too much!!! lol
  • piegirl333 2012/11/29 20:57:04
    Buy a home
    And then quit my job. Unless I had a job I really liked at that time...
  • Jim 2012/11/29 20:50:02
    Something else
    Hire a lawyer.
  • geteen Zecash 2012/11/29 20:29:32
    Something else
    geteen Zecash
    give away a 10th of it whatever's left put half into bonds and spend the rest on a house, car boat and puppy. :-)
  • SIMPATTYCO geteen ... 2012/11/30 21:07:39
    How about rescuing some puppies!!!!
  • doomsquirrel 2012/11/29 19:43:50
    Something else
    try to stay logo
    don't need new friends
  • bob h. 2012/11/29 18:25:08 (edited)
    Something else
    bob h.
    Get my wife's knee repaired. Then we could travel a little.
  • whowasphone 2012/11/29 18:13:17
    Something else
    buy a nice house. nothing fantastic, but comfortable. Buy a car that will last me a long time. pay for college, buy my mom a new house so she doesn't have to live with her abusive boyfriend, invest money for my future children, donate at least 2 million to charity, get some new clothes

    and buy lots of cats.
  • TimothyBrianFoley 2012/11/29 18:08:24
    Give some to charity
    put the money where its needed
  • birdie1224 2012/11/29 17:38:35
    Buy a car
    I need a car desperately
  • lady_c5_loadmaster 2012/11/29 17:30:35
    Give some to charity
    I would give some to our church and then I would pay off my current mortgage because I like my current house. Then I would pay off my bills and help my daughter buy a used car so she can get to and from school and work.
  • Marshal Artz 2012/11/29 17:30:08
    Quit my job
    Marshal Artz
    I would quit my job, if I had one. But since I am 77, it was the best choice of the lot. I would spend like a drunken sailor, for the same reason. I would make sure my kids were set up for life also. But I didn't win this big one. I did how ever have the power ball in one line and won 4 bucks and 3 numbers in another line and won 7 bucks. I bought 10 bucks worth, so I won a dollar.
  • JakeisHere 2012/11/29 17:14:08
    Buy a home
    Buy a House, invest a bunch, sit on the rest and live on interest, quit my job. Build an amazing recording studio and take a long vacation.
  • Magical Mushroom 2012/11/29 17:11:48
    Buy a car
    Magical Mushroom
    Porsche Panamera
    I want a new white Porsche Panamera. Then I am buying a modest house. When I get the money in I will pay off my debt.
    white Porsche Panamera  white Porsche Panamera
  • merlinskiss 2012/11/29 16:27:12
    Invest it all
    And use it when I needed it. Don't need cars, homes, boats or much of anything else. Doubt my life or spending habits would change very much but I would enjoy the additional freedom it would provide...
  • Nibz 2012/11/29 16:09:26
    Buy a home
    or a castle in the south of france with a vineyard...either one
  • Gloria 2012/11/29 15:51:40
    Give some to charity
    I was thinking about a million to Habitat for Humanity & a million to UMCOR for hurricane Sandy victims but my numbers didn't win yet.
  • Darr247 2012/11/29 15:44:14
    Invest it all
    Laddered CDs.
  • Alacrity 2012/11/29 15:40:47
    Invest it all
    Because I have the other things already I would invest most of my winnings and travel to every corner of the earth to give help to people in need.
  • **Bessie** 2012/11/29 15:36:15
    Quit my job
    Pay off debt. Help out nice people.
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