What is the difference between falling in love and being in love?

Micha Vengeance Way 2012/03/05 17:20:43
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  • tanyaahamilton 2013/01/05 09:59:15
    Falling in love is when lust adds excitement.. Being in love is when lust has diminished but the desire remains.
  • stephane mae 2012/11/27 06:30:10
    stephane mae
    huhuh . .super makarelate man akoh niyan uiept . . anu man to uiept bakit pa kasi nauso ang LOVE bah
  • ♥Patience Is Love♥ 2012/03/10 17:11:25
    ♥Patience Is Love♥
    There is a difference between being in lvoe, and falling in love. Being in love, is when the other soul had caught your love and connected it with theirs.

    Being in love

    Falling in love, is the patence of the other sould to catch you, and to get connected.

    Falling in love with you

    And as always, the best love is the kind that awakens the soul. =)
  • melanee ♥Patien... 2012/06/02 06:54:09
    To be loved by someone you love is exciting
  • Neo 2012/03/09 05:25:42
    donno the differnce bt knw bth are a part of the cycle of love
  • JoshuaHarper 2012/03/06 09:46:13
    I think the difference is that falling in love is when you're just starting to like someone a bit more than a friend but not being sure if they are the right person. Being in love is much more certain than falling in love.
  • AM 2012/03/06 00:50:23
  • FencerCat 2012/03/06 00:46:48
    Falling in love is the pheromone and synaptic chemical-drenched first blush of discovering you love someone special. Being in love is a more even and constant feel.
  • Crime Time 2012/03/05 22:56:48
  • BeingMe<3 2012/03/05 22:09:00
    being in love means that you love them you care deeply.. and falling is the begining of the whole process.... to me at least
  • tayboo 2012/03/05 20:41:42
    falling hurts more when its over
  • Blood Bathed Angel 2012/03/05 19:57:07
    Blood Bathed Angel
    The difference is simple. To love someone can mean anything (ie. Brother, sister, best friend, boyfriend) Most people use the words I love you as a hollow greeting. But when you are IN love, you can't get that person out of your mind, or their name off your tongue. You can't think or breath right when you think about them, and you would do anything for them. Parting with someone you love is alot easier then parting with someone your in love with. People who have married many times have never been IN love. They Loved, but they weren't IN love. Get it?
  • TheReal... Blood B... 2012/03/05 21:42:00
    that makes perfect sense. u took words outta my mouth
  • Blood B... TheReal... 2012/03/05 21:50:37
  • angel 2012/03/05 19:18:01
    the difference is falling in love your still able to get out of that relationship easer to let that person go if you endup having to let him or her go . but in love is more were it would be extreamly hard to let him or her go in a patectular point like for example the women who get beat and cant get out of that kind of relationship!
  • Justin Smith 2012/03/05 19:08:48
  • Mandy 2012/03/05 18:34:16
    I have no idea. There are many ways to love, fall in love, and be in love.
  • doc moto 2012/03/05 18:10:50
    doc moto
    Falling is when you get all banged up and scuffed up; being is well and well-being is good!
    "There never was a good war or a bad peace." - Letter to Josiah Quincy III, September 11, 1783
  • Wonder Woman 2012/03/05 18:02:26
  • ♥K14 2012/03/05 17:51:30
    One is the process of attaining, the other is the state you're in afterwards.
  • john 2012/03/05 17:38:26
    When you fall in love it was the start and being in love is the continuation of the feelings that will keep going and getting stronger each day.....
  • Aksana 2012/03/05 17:36:12
    Being in Love
    Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.

    Falling in Love
    Falling in love with someone isn't always going to be easy... Anger... tears... laughter.. It's when you want to be together despite it all. That's when you truly love another. I'm sure of it.
  • Dickens 2012/03/05 17:27:39
    ..well, FALLING in love is the first step to BEING in love..
  • Red_Horse 2012/03/05 17:23:02
  • *The Gentle Giant* 2012/03/05 17:22:52
    *The Gentle Giant*
    Falling in love you didnt know it was going to happen
    Being in love with someone that feels the same way.

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