What is the BEST PRANK you have ever DONE???

MeDirectioner4ever♥ 2012/02/24 04:16:32
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  • John Galt jr or Ron/jon 2012/03/07 05:06:44
    John Galt jr or Ron/jon
    Was a water fight, you know how things get when you get up to buckets of water?
    Well I tossed a small bucket out the window missing on purpose, and then got em with a full five gallons while they were laughing about being missed
  • MeDirec... John Ga... 2012/03/08 00:00:18
    too good
  • cjj ~ FTGOP 2012/02/24 04:36:50
    cjj ~ FTGOP
    Going to a bar where our friend was, putting his car up on cinder blocks so it was barely above the road then going across the street and calling the guy saying there was an emergency, then laughing our ass of when he got in and tried to drive! He thought his tranny had gone out!! funny as all get out to watch!
  • MeDirec... cjj ~ F... 2012/02/24 04:45:28
    oooh man tooo good aja :D jjajajjajjajajjjajaj
  • Heathen 2012/02/24 04:18:15
  • MeDirec... Heathen 2012/02/24 04:21:45
    oooh MAN!!! you guys did him all DIRTY!!! ajajjaaj too good and bad :D
  • Heathen MeDirec... 2012/02/24 04:22:14 (edited)
    He didn't talk to us for a long time after that.....still we were pretty pleased with ourselves.
  • MeDirec... Heathen 2012/02/24 04:25:46
    ooooh dang :( but he deserve the truth fo not lying i guess he learned his lesson
  • Heathen MeDirec... 2012/02/24 04:27:35
  • MeDirec... Heathen 2012/02/24 04:45:07
    fo reals
  • Heathen MeDirec... 2012/02/24 04:45:31
    Good times :3

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