What is the best boy/girlfriend height????

nin 2008/08/10 21:30:00
taller than me
same heght as me
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  • justinwwefan 2012/10/21 22:23:54
    taller than me
    Imma short guy i'm about 5'5 and I LOVE tall girls and i'm with one shes 5'10 and shes amazing <3 we have an amazing romantic love life <3 height duznt matter in a relationship.. LOVE does <3 screw all tha people who think girls taller than guys iz weird.. heck a 7'0 foot woman can be with a 4'0 foot man becuz its for LOVE not their body height or shape <3
  • BABY J 2009/03/17 03:30:42
    taller than me
    BABY J
    yeah i guess just a little bit taller than me... but same height as me wouldnt be bad either.. =)
  • Killer Kiss 2009/03/14 03:48:21
    taller than me
    Killer Kiss
    I love it when their taller than me (which most teenagers are) so i have to stand on my tippy toes to kiss them.
  • Taylorsss 2009/03/10 23:02:50 (edited)
    same heght as me
    Well... i'm not answering because it doesn't matter.
    My sort of boyfriend is quite a bit taller than me.
    I say sort of because it complicated.
    But I had to answer so yeah lol.
  • tpromo@yahoo.com 2009/03/09 01:12:49
  • judypatudy 2009/03/09 00:18:37
    taller than me
    I am only 5'1 so it is easy to find a guy taller than me..
    6'0 is good for me......:)
  • SimsNerd 2009/03/08 23:56:38
    taller than me
    haha i agree with Rose
  • JinFizz 2009/02/03 21:20:52
    taller than me
    6 feet for my guy which he is!!!
  • paupau 2009/01/11 02:26:18
    taller than me
    definitely taller.
    looks cute when the girl tippy toes to reach the guy =] cute girl tippy toes reach guy
  • zcberry 2008/11/26 23:41:32
    same heght as me
    the tal for me, but for some odd reason i keep attracting short guys. weird huh!!!
  • Ally 2008/11/24 13:39:43
    taller than me
    I love tall guys.
    All the guys I've ever dated were 6ft+ lol. My current one is 6ft or 6ft 1. lol. I like taller guys because then I get to snuggle and nuzzle into their chest :)
  • Amberlynn 2008/11/24 05:49:33
    taller than me
    And it's not really that hard for me to come byy a guy whos talker than me.
  • B ♥ 2008/11/03 16:50:09
    taller than me
    B ♥
    i think he should be taller i think it always looks cuter when he has to bend down and u have to stand on ur tip toes to kiss each other
  • deleted 404 2008/10/04 20:13:52
    taller than me
    deleted 404
    I like tall guys... at least 6ft tall--
  • Jon 2008/09/24 22:05:03 (edited)
    shorter than me
    I'm a guy, in case you're wondering. The girl should always be shorter, with in reason.
  • krazykelly14 2008/08/19 02:47:38
    taller than me
    i think the guy should be taller
  • dimi 2008/08/11 20:33:00
    taller than me
    the boyfriend should always be a bit taller. taller guys are hotter anyways!!
  • Taiga 2008/08/11 20:16:05
    same heght as me
    Same or a bit taller. My husband was 6'3" and I am 4'11". We could not slow dance together. My best mate is 5'6" and he and I used to dance together and it worked out quite well. We even won first place in a Swing dance contest because our legs didn't get in each other's way.
  • lee lee 2008/08/11 16:24:23
    same heght as me
    lee lee
    then he wont have to bend down or jump up to me heght bend jump
  • judeee 2008/08/11 15:13:51
    same heght as me
    I am so in Love with a Man that is 5' 1" same as me and his height is no problem for me...
  • ClassicBeauty ~ is classy 2008/08/11 14:54:07
  • kittykat 2008/08/11 13:48:24
    taller than me
    well all my bf were taller then me
  • jhgfds 2008/08/11 05:14:16
  • kayla 2008/08/11 03:47:33
    taller than me
    I love when the guy is taller than me
  • Celeste-o-bot 9000 2008/08/11 02:19:10
    taller than me
    Celeste-o-bot 9000
    I love guys who are a foot taller than me :)
    a.k.a. my bf!
  • SWCN Surfer4life 2008/08/11 01:37:45
    shorter than me
    SWCN Surfer4life
    No idea why
  • Rose 2008/08/10 23:37:57
    taller than me
    Tall enough for me to wear a small heel without becoming taller.
  • Manda 2008/08/10 23:19:39
    taller than me
    about 2-3 inches taller
  • MUSIC CHIC 2008/08/10 22:40:26
  • Emi Kay 2008/08/10 22:05:53
    taller than me
    Emi Kay
    My dates have to be taller than me... it just seems weird to have it the other way...
  • TwilightPrincess~Miharu 2008/08/10 21:39:15
    taller than me
    But not too tall, obviously.
  • c e l i s u l l i v a n. 2008/08/10 21:37:52
    taller than me
    c e l i s u l l i v a n.
    But not so tall.
  • Shutterbug 2008/08/10 21:36:03
    taller than me
    Taller than me like this guy....

  • Blondie 2008/08/10 21:33:42
    taller than me
    taller than me definetly :)
  • deleted Blondie 2008/08/10 21:36:02
    that is how it should be
  • deleted 2008/08/10 21:32:13
    shorter than me
    it is better when the girl is shorter than me...

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