What is nick j about

Zutara4eva 2009/10/03 16:37:04
The Jonas Brothers
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  • christine 2009/10/24 17:02:09
    hottness cuteness sweet a babe awsome heartrenching
  • KrazyArchyGurl 2009/10/16 05:32:47
    all the above
    uuhh what do you mean? isn't it quite obvious? uuhh obvious
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2009/10/13 21:20:27
    hottness cuteness sweet a babe awsome heartrenching
    hes a passionate guy about his music! hottness cuteness sweet babe awsome heartrenching passionate guy music
  • Mrs.Nick Jonas...*Poned* 2009/10/11 22:28:19
    all the above
    Mrs.Nick Jonas...*Poned*
    i love him! and i will love him forever and always <3
  • little mrs. Edward Cullen 2009/10/11 18:23:58 (edited)
    all the above
    little mrs. Edward Cullen
    sure....But KEvins the Hottest! Nick is 2nd though kevins hottest nick 2nd kevins hottest nick 2nd kevins hottest nick 2nd

    and hes all about his music! They all are! And thats sexy!
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2009/10/08 22:59:04
    all the above
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    he's about the music. i feel her truly love the the music and is doing just to show what he loves. you can teel it from his face and the way he acts. Some do it for the fame some do it for the ladies, some do it for the money. but i really think that even if Nick was a underground artist he'd be content! he's a beautiful soul!
  • sexy mexican 2009/10/08 04:50:11
    hottness cuteness sweet a babe awsome heartrenching
    sexy mexican
    that box is not big enough to list it all!!
  • PeaceLove&Freedom 2009/10/07 04:00:37
    hottness cuteness sweet a babe awsome heartrenching
    and much more!
  • Manaphy224 2009/10/06 22:30:32
    hottness cuteness sweet a babe awsome heartrenching
    Hey you guys!!!!! Back off cuz hes MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mrs. jonas A.K.A mrs. bieber 2009/10/06 20:38:04
    all the above
    mrs. jonas A.K.A mrs. bieber
    he is more then cuteness he sweet he makes great songs he is a the above more than any thng to me he like a love to me but that not all he more.... cuteness sweet songs thng love
  • msfreek93 2009/10/06 18:08:12
    all the above
    love him he's awesome
  • Mrs. Bieber &hearts&hearts 2009/10/06 16:41:05
    all the above
    Mrs. Bieber &hearts&hearts
    i do not know
    i love JOE JONAS!!!
  • KICKASSHOCKEYCHICK#3 2009/10/05 23:02:10
    all the above
    he is way more them that
  • makayla KICKASS... 2009/10/06 16:32:35
    love you so much
  • KICKASS... makayla 2009/10/07 20:07:26
    i no lol♥♥
  • butterfly rayna 2009/10/05 21:35:16
    all the above
    butterfly rayna
    love him
  • KogaFAN101 2009/10/05 00:37:48
    all the above
    yea he's pretty much all of those things but he's alot more then meets the eye and alot of people don't get that! yea pretty alot meets eye alot people wouldn't that be cool or what :D
  • #1 muddy dirty counntry girl 2009/10/04 19:42:22
    all the above
    #1 muddy dirty counntry girl
    Just my type.
  • anime_girl 2009/10/04 19:32:16
    all the above
  • iluvnickj555 2009/10/04 13:18:25
    all the above
  • Jelly 2009/10/04 01:33:28
    all the above
    defintely all of the above but u forgot MAJOR SEXXINESS!!!
  • all the above
    well he is alot of things so yah....................
  • heidi[i love not u] 2009/10/03 23:35:26
    all the above
    heidi[i love not u]
    he's about having a strong voice and being a leader and not a follower,helping people feel good about they're selves,standing up for what he believes in,not trying to be something he's not,doing the best he can even when he feels like crap,still being very positive even when things go wrong,and staying strong no matter what.
    there's way more to him than how he looks and his music and i wish everyone could see that.
  • Alexis heidi[i... 2009/10/07 05:12:11
    you got it right on the money.
  • heidi[i... Alexis 2009/10/07 21:12:15
    heidi[i love not u]
  • Alexis heidi[i... 2009/10/08 00:15:04
    i mean...you basically have the best answer.
  • heidi[i... Alexis 2009/10/10 03:50:46
    heidi[i love not u]
    lol oh ok thx
  • Ginny 2009/10/03 21:44:39
    hottness cuteness sweet a babe awsome heartrenching
    he is so cool
  • Abby 2009/10/03 21:44:12
    all the above
    nick J is about the music and doing what he loves. He's about competition and dominating and doing his best. He is about speaking out about good causes and is about being the best brother, musician, actor, and idol he can be. nick music loves competition dominating speaking brother musician actor idol
  • angelinequiseng(:<3 2009/10/03 18:53:38
    all the above
    hes about everything...
    hes also about his music...
    i mean without his music a lot of us wouldnt even kno he was alive!
    i love nick jonas with all my heart!!!
    forever & always!!!
    nd there is nothin in the whole,entire world that can change that!
    :nick j is off the chain:
    nd i wouldnt say it if it werent true!
  • heidi[i... angelin... 2009/10/03 23:12:24
    heidi[i love not u]
    how do u love someone u don't even know?i mean i love him but i'm not in love w/him b/c i don't rlli know him.
  • angelin... heidi[i... 2009/10/04 04:39:06
    yea u r kinda rite...
    but u kno i dont like love him...
    i dont kno that for sure yet...
    but i love him...
    are u getting it?
    because it might sound confusing...
  • heidi[i... angelin... 2009/10/04 20:02:36
    heidi[i love not u]
    ok i'm confused lol
  • angelin... heidi[i... 2009/10/04 20:05:00
    like i love him...
    but i dont kno that feelin...
    like how u love him...
    u get it now?
  • heidi[i... angelin... 2009/10/04 20:06:38
    heidi[i love not u]
    oh ok.lol
  • angelin... heidi[i... 2009/10/04 20:08:37
    yea i kno...
  • heidi[i... angelin... 2009/10/04 20:40:11
    heidi[i love not u]
  • angelin... heidi[i... 2009/10/04 21:34:01
    this is hilarious...
  • heidi[i... angelin... 2009/10/04 21:41:50
    heidi[i love not u]
    what is?
  • angelin... heidi[i... 2009/10/04 21:43:02
    wat we were talkin about....
    just said it...

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