What is easier, front or back flip?!

$@^^ ^^ ψ ☮☠ 2009/08/19 21:58:45
front flip!!!!!!!
back flip!!!!!
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  • xDracoXHarryx 2009/08/20 00:57:30
    front flip!!!!!!!
    I'm afraid of going backward xD It's harder to see what you might hit.
  • $@^^ ^^... xDracoX... 2009/08/20 01:37:01
    $@^^ ^^ ψ   ☮☠
    yes and with a front flip yo can see EVERYTHING!!!!
  • mdawg25 2009/08/19 22:27:14
    back flip!!!!!
    for me. but it has to be off the diving board. with a front flip if u mess up u land flat on ur back and it hurts like hell. with a backflip u land on ur knees unless u strighten out and it doesnt hurt as bad land flat ur hurts backflip land ur knees strighten hurt
  • $@^^ ^^... mdawg25 2009/08/20 00:03:32
    $@^^ ^^ ψ   ☮☠
    i meant on the ground or a trampoline........ besides if you do a back flip into water and mess up youll do a belly flop!!!
  • mdawg25 $@^^ ^^... 2009/09/12 19:57:53
    o i cant do either on the ground. and its not that hard, u just have to tuck
  • $@^^ ^^ ψ ☮☠ 2009/08/19 22:04:17
    front flip!!!!!!!
    $@^^ ^^ ψ   ☮☠
    im always scared when i try 2 start a back flip
  • andy 2009/08/19 22:02:58
    front flip!!!!!!!
    mean you just sorta spin forwards
  • Twiggy 2009/08/19 21:59:57
    front flip!!!!!!!
    It's easier to catch yourself if you accidentaly mess up.
  • Emperor Penguinz ►One Hit R... 2009/08/19 21:59:41
    back flip!!!!!
    Emperor Penguinz ►One Hit Rage Quit◄
    I would assume.

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