What happens if you die in your dream?

Sparklee 2009/12/20 06:44:05
People say that doesn't happen. If it does that's a bad sign.
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  • herb 2009/12/20 10:00:57
    Let's say that it's true that if you died in your dreams, you'd die in real life. That being assumed, how would we know what these people who died in their sleep were dreaming?

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  • victor 2013/06/13 18:49:59
    once i dreamed about something and the next day it was happening right before my eyes
    =P l.o.l
  • darrell13 2012/10/24 03:30:52
    im realy woundering if id be looking at my body or just wake up as someone elese??
  • William Reynolds 2012/08/07 12:59:21
    William Reynolds
    It's nothing. Once In one of mine i was dead from the beginning.
  • cloe 2011/08/28 01:21:08
    wel i must b dead then because ive died in my sleep n im stil ere hehe freaky
  • jada 2011/04/13 03:21:46
    yea becuz when u die in your dream uget scared and u wake up in a flsh no dout about that
  • RyanAviña 2010/07/12 13:17:40
    basically its your opinion no one can prove it true or false no one can prove if they have in fact died in their sleep or not its their word and its your opinion i beleive it to be true cause when my grand parents passed away the probably dreamnt of heaven for thats what the believed and doctors will say of course "cardiac arrest" go figure no real answer to whether or not they died in their sleep so again IT"S YOUR OPINION
  • dani johnson 2010/06/13 17:41:11 (edited)
    dani johnson
    let me tell u. i have died in my dream about nearly 50 times last year and i havent died yet.it would be supersticious to say something bad will happen.
  • RyanAviña dani jo... 2010/07/12 13:18:35
    how do we know you died in your dream? you cant prove it so its you opinion =D
  • Kimberly dani jo... 2011/12/05 03:59:47
    Well, I've almost died in my sleep 73 times, yes I write my dreams down. If you believe you really did die, how do you know you almost died and just woke up because you got scared? I dreamt of falling into the grand canyon and I woke up before I died.
  • Zozo 2010/02/01 19:35:00
  • danny0091 2009/12/31 01:03:40
    I dont dont think dreams have any meaning they are just like some sort of movie in your brain
  • Brandon 2009/12/21 23:09:23
    Nothing. If you think you die when you die in your dreams, I think you have seen nightmare on elm street too many times.
  • Tiffany 2009/12/21 07:42:30
    I usually just wake up....Yes, it's happened to me...
  • Chili 2009/12/21 05:10:24
    sorry i dont know, but i had dreams that my aunt did, and the next week she was in a life-threatening accident.
  • SarahSapphire 2009/12/21 04:06:01
    I wake up before I die in my dreams. I don't think it's a band sign... usually means you ate dinner too late or watched something scary or ...I dunno. xP
  • deadhead509 2009/12/20 23:37:13
  • texasred 2009/12/20 23:29:53
    Don't know. Don't want to know!
  • icymore 2009/12/20 23:28:35 (edited)
    it does happen. I've died in several dreams. It wasn't a sign of anything.
    this morning I dreamed someone was about to kill me. I was begging them not to. It was a shitty dream.
  • rightside 2009/12/20 23:22:18
    Its just a dream.
  • Gaby 2009/12/20 21:25:44
    Ive died in my dreams plenty of times, though I just end up watching my self ,like a ghost outside of my body, lifeless while someone tryings to pick me up or resusitate me or something.
  • FencerCat 2009/12/20 20:13:47
    Hmm.... nothing?
  • Nikki +In God We Trust+ 2009/12/20 19:35:03
    Nikki +In God We Trust+
    Dreaming that someone died means long life for that person.
  • BlondieBrownEyes 2009/12/20 19:16:53
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2009/12/20 18:56:10
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    It's only a dream... it's only a dream. If you died while you were dreaming, would you know?
  • Zozo Nick~be... 2010/02/01 19:35:50
  • wombat 2009/12/20 18:10:44
    I usually wake up right than!!!
  • Nuke Dukem 2009/12/20 16:46:05 (edited)
    Nuke Dukem
    I usually kill people in my dreams....
  • Robo Toaster 2009/12/20 16:01:05
    Robo Toaster
    I wake up.
  • Gun665 2009/12/20 16:00:35
  • Matt 2009/12/20 15:41:16
    I always wake up before I can find out. Last night, I dreamt that I was fishing on the bank. I looked down and saw that somebody had lost an artificial minnow, fishing lure. When I reached down to get it, I was bitten by a white snake with black patterns on it.
  • Twitch 2009/12/20 14:18:00
    well, i just wake up sweatin really bad
  • Jo 2009/12/20 14:15:22
    You get to wake up in the morning :-) I think it would be superstitious to automatically assume it's a "bad sign."
  • Dwight Mann 2009/12/20 13:47:04
    Dwight Mann
    No one has lived to tell about it. . .
  • SirenAlyss 2009/12/20 12:58:17
    Dreams aren't controlled. What they mean is up to you. You dying in your dream is just that a dream. You woke up didn't you?
  • ..tisha... SirenAlyss 2009/12/20 20:07:02
    Dreaming can be controlled actually, Lucid dreaming can be attained quite easily if you become aware of yourself while still in REM sleep.
  • linny 2009/12/20 12:54:28
    Hopefully I wil leave all my tangibles behind and move on to another place.
    Some where out there with the stars or the heavens as some might say.
    Thanks for asking.
  • Treecat47 2009/12/20 12:01:48
    I've died a lot in my dreams but I'm still here. But then again maybe life is a dream? :P
  • GLaDOS 2009/12/20 11:54:16
    Supposedly, you should die in real life.

    Though, dream analysis would suggest that there is a change coming, a finality of some sort. Basically, the end of something is coming. That is, if you believe in dream analysis.
  • linny GLaDOS 2009/12/20 12:57:05
    There is also a beginnig.
    Life as I understange has well
    a biginning and an end.
    My spelling is off
    But I think of it life as a full circle.
    Most die in the fetal position.
    sorry if I was no help.
  • GLaDOS linny 2009/12/20 22:18:49
    True, the end of one thing often harkens the beginning of something else.

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