What "Generation" Do You Belong to?

Melizmatic 2013/01/07 23:18:06
My Gen is: 1986-2005 - The "New Boomers"/ Gen Y/ The 'Millennials'
My Gen is: 1965-1985 - "Generation X"
My Gen is: 1946-1964 - The 'Baby Boomer' Generation
My Gen is:  Prior to 1945 - The "GI" Generation/ The 'Silent' Generation
Seriously; if NONE of the other choices fit you, you're being too contrary.
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While doing some demographic research for an unrelated project, this question occurred to me:

We often hear about the 'Baby Boomer' generation being referenced in pop culture;

That is, a time after the end of World War II when there was literally a 'boom' in the number of US births -

From 1946 to 1964, approximately 76 million new citizens were born.

(Talk about "Makin' Whoopee!" *lolz)

1946 1964 approximately 76 citizens born talk makin whoopee lolz

That got me to thinking about other generations, and how we are all classified demographically.

So, what's your generation?

born talk makin whoopee lolz thinking generationsnbsp classified demographically generation

And of course, it goes without saying the same rules apply as always;

No religion, no politics.

Be civil or begone.
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