What does your name mean?

Locker Midget 2010/02/25 23:13:02
weird people
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  • Ashcat 2010/02/26 13:59:40

    A Girl who is a good lover and a good looker with the right moves and loving heart and won't take shit from anyone and doesnt give a shit what other people say about her.
    Dude: See that ashleigh chick? She hot isn't she?
    Dude2: Yeah i see her and nawh she is

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  • cotty coo 2011/03/04 08:12:59
    cotty coo
    my name means .. a high girl .. always in the top .. perfect mmm greatful n near by every one heart mmm ^.^" ..
    in short >_> It's ( up n near ) << difficult definition ..lolz @@!
  • S.Sif:* 2010/05/10 02:33:39

    A striking combination performed in rapid succession; a Sola is performed when the assailant kicks his opponent square in the balls, causing the opponent's upper body to lean forward. While the striking foot is still lodged firmly in the victim's balls, the assailant punches the victim in the face. It's basically a kick to the balls with an immediate punch to the face.

    and an arrogant teacher

    That's my nickname, my name isn't defined, yet... x)
  • ♥♠Oreo♣♥ 2010/04/01 01:08:22
    1. Flower of Flowers
    2. One of Aphrodite (the goddess of love) nicknames.
  • warlock 2010/03/14 13:30:13 (edited)
    Ishwar > means God in Hindi...but alas my poor mom & dad were wrong...I'm no God, I'm not even close too being an angel.
  • lydoawharvu 2010/03/13 18:13:48

    Greek origin, and its meaning is "from Lydia". From Ludia. Place name: Lydia was an area of Asia known for its two rich kings, Midas and Croesus. Biblical: a Christian woman called a "seller of purple" and described as a woman of business.

    Sweet, classic, not overused but still familiar. Punky, friendly and either very athletic or quite exotic
    Lydia is beauty haha thts wht it said
  • loolyty-7 2010/03/12 16:12:34
    my name is galiya "arabic name" It means something Expensive ...
  • DrkLght 2010/03/08 20:12:22
    Nikie is a woman who is independent and completely selfless. Although she is a 21st century woman, she holds timeless values and good morals. Nikie is the epitome of what a woman should be.
  • Jodi 2010/03/07 01:47:30 (edited)
    A funny girl. Really smart, and usually doen't act her age.(wether it be acting older or younger)Jennifer's have amazing eys, and love to laugh and smile. They generaly enjoy the finer things in life. They have trouble showing their feelings, and take sometime to warm up to new poeple. They don't trust easily, but that shouldn't stop you from trusting them, they are very trustworthy. They need someone who will listen to them and give their honest opinion. Jennifers are very blunt, and speak their minds often. They are caring and usually very sexy. They know how to flirt in a very suddle way that drives men crazy. They know how to get what they want. Jennifers are very good friends.
  • manderzzz 2010/03/03 20:03:16
    A women named Amanda is typically very beautiful with an incredible body and nice eyes. They are known to be very loveable. Amandas are envied by other women.

    ...wow that really just fueled my ego lol jk
  • bonface 2010/03/03 14:45:32
    bonface humble with less to say
  • bblair125 2010/03/01 17:10:17
    Bonnie: It means fair, beautiful, very pretty. Scottish
  • Sarah 2010/02/28 17:39:20
    The name "Sarah" is translated from the Hebrew language. It means "Princess"...and rightly so!
    it also said:
    a sexy little creauture!
  • AsianGirl ^0^ 2010/02/28 17:28:16
    AsianGirl ^0^
    Darylle my actual name and this sounds too weird : P and my actual nickname is DJ no joke!

    A different way to spell the name Daryl. (a feminine version to the name), Appropriate name for a girl.

    Usual nicknames to this are Dar, Dah, Dar Dar.
    Trent: hi, whats you name?
    Daryll: hi, I'm Dar. how are you?
    My name is Daryll, but you can call me Dah
  • ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥* 2010/02/28 16:36:34
    ¡Longview! XD *G®ξΣπ Dá¥*
    1.A chick from Habbo.com who is underage and therefore jailbait.
    2.Jye's girlfriend on Habbo.com
    3.A girl who usually has brown eyes and Dark brown Hair. Very pretty. Crazy, Hyper,Funny, Random,Big boobs. Usually is skater or emo. Jailene is a spanish girl name. In spanish it is said like Hailene.
    the funny thing about #3 is that i have dark brown/black hair, im crazy, hyper, random, people think im emo and im spanish
  • Ms Missy 2010/02/28 15:11:22
    Ms Missy
    Noun, Person, Informal

    1) Term of address for a girl or young woman, often expressing affection or reprimand (informal).
    2) Slang for "miss", endearment, used often as a nickname, usually for a very outgoing hot young girl.
    3) A petname used to/for a girlfriend, a crush, or a flirt.
    "You're in big trouble Missy!"
    "Missy is awesome!"
    "Hey Missy, can I take ya out tonight?"
    "Good god Missy, you're looking gorgeous tonight!"
  • drek73 2010/02/27 20:17:08
    nothing, i am a nobody.
  • cotty coo drek73 2011/03/04 07:59:40
    cotty coo
    hahahahaa O,O.. I belive u .... u_u"
  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2010/02/27 13:25:37
    1. Eleanor

    Is not only the coolest looking car but the coolest looking person. It is the most awesome name a person can have. means "light". and must always be pronounced eleAnor not eleanA. Elena is a DIFFERENT name. the distinction between the 2 is very important.

    can also be shortened to el, ellie, and nell/nellie.

    "omg isn't Eleanor cool."
  • Minnie; Träumer 2010/02/27 08:32:14
    Minnie; Träumer
    Man, what the fuck rofl.

    You know that really loud girl downstairs, that owns like a 1000 pairs of shoes and is afraid of spiders? Yeah, that's her.
    "OMG WEEEE!"
    Minnie must be around the corner then
  • DevilukeGirl 2010/02/26 22:55:59
    Tahitian Gardenia found all throughout Polynesia
  • Christopher.Paul.Colfer<3 2010/02/26 17:54:54
    -An Irish name meaning pure essence.
    -The right way to spell it. No other spelling makes sense.
    -Cute girl that everyone loves. Most likey always dancing and singing around. Almost always brunette and adorable with a cute voice to match that cute smile. The most caring person you will ever meet.
    -One of the most coolio people in this whole damn world.
    Shy as fuck.
    But still amazing.
    -Dark hair and eyes. Always a beautiful exotic face with a captivating smile and laugh.
    That's right.
  • Undead Little Red 2010/02/26 15:40:28 (edited)
    Undead Little Red
    holy shitalking Robots this is me lol, sept Iam playful very playful lol er whats a little Shara?

    Sharita: One who is wise, a perfectionist, appreciates stability, and finds responsibility. Always learning from experience, walking away with the lesson, seldom to repeat it. Likes time alone and exploring the spirituality of life. Excellent worth ethic, and the applied efforts grow into a fruitful harvest over time that will be remembered for all eternity. Needs to remember, however, to play a little more and lighten-up the sense of humor. The derivative of "little Shara" in Spanish.
  • blackcherry-white wine 2010/02/26 14:12:52
    blackcherry-white wine
    Rebecca (n.) ri-bé-ku. a name given to girls in the Greco-Romanic period of Siberia. Derives from the Anglo-Saxon word, Rebka, literally translated as "one who is simply much too hot for definition, and in all aspects of her body." It is understood that all aspects mean simply everything. ( Used today for girls who are simply beyond that of ordinary hottness.
    A caring, kind and friendly girl that you know will always stand by you. As soon as you meet her and hold a simple conversation you know that she is true and good. A strong and brave individual that has friends that will always stand by her because she is that type of person. Always thinks of others before herself and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is just an amazing person that doesn't deserve half the crap that has been done to her!!!!!!
  • Ashcat 2010/02/26 13:59:40

    A Girl who is a good lover and a good looker with the right moves and loving heart and won't take shit from anyone and doesnt give a shit what other people say about her.
    Dude: See that ashleigh chick? She hot isn't she?
    Dude2: Yeah i see her and nawh she is
  • Echelon_Princess 2010/02/26 05:42:56
    A girl, who is renowed for her ability to drive you mad, but also bring you joy at the same time. Also will refuse to accept how beautiful she actually is. Sexy, cute and Nice, all wrapped in one package
    How do you solve a problem like Maria? (song)
  • antanina 2010/02/26 04:10:23
    Yeah! My name wasn't defined yet
  • Ashcat antanina 2010/02/26 14:00:38
  • Ash 2010/02/26 03:02:09
    1. Ashley is a name that was popular to name babies in the late 80's early 90's.
    2. Origin: meaning "From the Ash-Tree meadow".
    3. Character names on the popular kids telivision show Recess

    A fly, crazy, fresh, princess, ditzy, beautiful, gangster, barbie, diva, fun, irritating, badass, playertastic, indescribable; young lady who always looks her best.
    not many can handle her.
    someone who is talked about; on a regular basis. but doesnt give a fuckkk.
    someone who knows what she deserves and won't settle for anything less.
    She just floats with ease, and never struggles with anything she does.
    She must always meet the expectations and live up to her rightful name of the awesomest person everyone knows.
  • Ashcat Ash 2010/02/26 14:01:41
    my name is Ashleigh
  • Ash Ashcat 2010/03/03 00:16:59
    that's a weird way to spell it.
  • Ashcat Ash 2010/03/07 08:23:11
    lol yeah, i get that alot
  • Ash Ashcat 2010/03/09 04:08:10
    But I mean that is a nice way to spell it though
  • ☺♥.•°Bəth°•.☻ 2010/02/26 01:39:52

    "The most amazing, beautiful, awesome, spectacular, gorgeous, cute, incredible, breathtakeing, wonderful, pretty, adorable, and most importantly cutifulazing girl ever."

    "A woman of great power, intellectual ability, and loyalty. Beautiful, compassionate, and chaste. Originally from Hebrew "promised to God."

    I'm flattered....hahaha
    loyalty beautiful compassionate chaste originally hebrew promised god flattered hahaha
  • 3/776~ΨρנατσΨ~ 2010/02/26 00:37:47
    Name for a girl, who tends to be quiet although when you get to know her she has a great personality and can often be quite loud and described as insane. A Hannah tends to be single, because they are often seen as boring, because of their quietness and the way someone will judge her before they get to know her. A Hannah is often brunette and very mysterious, there's always something she's not saying. They are often smart, but very modest and can be a deep thinker. A Hannah is a child at heart and loves to have fun. A Hannah is happy.
  • Just Missy 2010/02/26 00:16:15
    Just Missy
    1. Melissa is a Greek name.
    In Greek, it means "honey bee."
    In Persian, it means "red rose."
    The feminine version of "Melisseus", legendary "King of Crete."
    In mythology, it is the name of a princess of Crete who was changed into a bee after she learned to collect honey.
    Melissa is a princess name.
  • chanel 2010/02/25 23:46:09
    I'm too embarrassed! Can't tell anyone! lol
  • Ashcat chanel 2010/02/26 14:03:00
    what is it? dude its sodahead, nobody cares if its embarrassing
  • chanel Ashcat 2010/02/27 02:20:53
    I do!
  • Werewolfgirl1995 2010/02/25 23:41:44

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