What does it mean, when your poop is lime green? (It's OK to laugh)

Cal 2008/07/29 18:45:59
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  • TOKYO.ANIMEFREAK.YACHI 2011/04/05 23:30:47
    My poop got angry and turned into the Hulk!
    EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! O.o
  • heatherrr 2010/02/10 19:05:18
    My poop got angry and turned into the Hulk!
    ahh why did my poop get angry
  • kimmpossiable 2008/07/29 19:14:47
    I ate Kermit!
    maybe you should eat some fresh veggies and a salad....hope it all works out...
  • ruby 2008/07/29 18:59:59
    I think...
    Green poop may mean your liver is overproducing bile, too much bile. Green poop could also mean you ate salads and green vegetables the day or two before.

    Green poop may also mean you are not digesting your food very well - if this is the case your green poop will also contain bits of lettuce, silver beet, spinach or other green food stuffs. Apart from mango and watermelon, most fruits will be fully digested in a healthy digestion system - so if they show up in the poop, you may have a digestive problem.
  • meowomon 2008/07/29 18:49:26
    I think...
    Are you for real? Are you taking supplements?(iron for example?) Did you have spinach or a big salad with Kale? Is this each time or just after having Kermit?
  • Cal meowomon 2008/07/29 18:58:24
    SH is a lot of fun! Even though there are some great questions and discussions on SH, I don't think every single question needs to be so serious. Besides, fried frog legs are good! :):)
  • RebelYeller 2008/07/29 18:46:47
    I ate Kermit!

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