What does it mean when you boyfriend is ignoring you?

Tytto'cCaqeePypo<3 2011/11/11 19:42:54
I went to go and give my boyfriend a hug and he just like blew me off.... But a few hours ago everything was fine..
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  • #1directioner 2013/02/17 01:33:35
    I need help my boyfriend I think is ignoring me. I have texted him the past day and he hasn't texted me back. I had my friend text him and he texted back I don't know what to do. Please help

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  • #1directioner 2013/02/17 01:33:35
    I need help my boyfriend I think is ignoring me. I have texted him the past day and he hasn't texted me back. I had my friend text him and he texted back I don't know what to do. Please help
  • Spectular 2011/12/06 14:24:16
    It means they have something on their mind or you could had made him mad
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2011/11/21 11:18:23
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Maybe he was a bad boy one night.
  • Stonecipher 2011/11/16 17:30:42
    sometimes they have other thoughts and or could be tired or could be work related too.
  • justagudguy~PWCM~JLA 2011/11/16 17:19:35
  • Tytto'c... justagu... 2011/11/16 17:20:44
    Oh he wants to break up with you...
  • justagu... Tytto'c... 2011/11/16 17:24:06
  • Tytto'c... justagu... 2011/11/16 17:26:27 (edited)
  • justagu... Tytto'c... 2011/11/16 17:31:02
  • FJ 2011/11/15 06:41:39
    It means either he wants your attention or he's trying to get your attention for something you did wrong
  • Heat Her 2011/11/14 21:21:38
    Heat Her
    It means his video game just got updated and there are levels he has yet to play...

    call of duty modern warfare
  • Tunnel Vision 2011/11/13 06:54:18
  • bond 2011/11/12 13:45:59
    the best taktik is you need to ignore him
  • FJ bond 2011/11/15 06:40:52
    You seem to know a lot about us lol tha secret should not be revealed lol
  • bond FJ 2011/11/15 10:21:42
    i told u some thing good for you dear
  • FJ bond 2011/11/15 12:48:20
    What did you tell me?
  • bond FJ 2011/11/15 13:35:36
    if they selfish if you ignore them is better then they may value you
  • METALheadMom 2011/11/11 23:24:56
    Is it possible that something is bugging him, and he just does not feel like getting himself involved in any drama right now? Guys really do not like drama, and they do not always know the proper way to express their feelings. The fact that you have already judged him as "ignoring" you, tells ME, you are most likely NOT the easiest person to discuss personal things with. IF he is your age too, you both are way too young and inexperienced to be playing boyfriend/girlfriend. Seriously - - neither one of you can relate to the opposite sex interpersonal relationship dynamics right now anyway. I've never met any 14 year old that could.
  • Tytto'c... METALhe... 2011/11/13 20:24:14
  • ☠Błéêd įt øút☠ 2011/11/11 21:30:09
    ☠Błéêd įt øút☠
    maybe you did something that tease him and you didn't realise!
  • The Potato Princess 2011/11/11 21:10:52
    The Potato Princess
    I don't know. It could mean a lot of things.

    My boyfriend did that right before dumped me, but don't jump to that conclusion. Everyone's different and has different situations.
  • Tytto'c... The Pot... 2011/11/13 20:22:15
    he did dump me
  • The Pot... Tytto'c... 2011/11/13 20:26:45
  • Tytto'c... The Pot... 2011/11/13 20:26:58
    Its ok...
  • The Pot... Tytto'c... 2011/11/13 20:29:12
    The Potato Princess
  • Tytto'c... The Pot... 2011/11/13 20:29:46
    *hugs* thanks
  • The Pot... Tytto'c... 2011/11/13 20:38:00
    The Potato Princess
    *hugs* Welcome, hun.
  • Tytto'c... The Pot... 2011/11/13 20:40:26
  • ❤Runaway❤ 2011/11/11 21:04:56
    My " boyfriend" is doing the same thing. AND I found out he's cheating on me...AGAIN! But sorry hun, idk what it means. I wish I knew.
  • ♫♪HâìBęär♫♪ 2011/11/11 20:21:31
    Why don't you ask him?? Let him give you a reason for that.
  • sczen8 2011/11/11 19:57:25
    sunds like he has issues or something serious is bothering him.
  • sczen8 sczen8 2011/11/11 19:57:38
  • RoseRiot 2011/11/11 19:52:41
    like alana said..he might juss want some space because he doesnt like clinginess..he needs a little time to be to himself. when did you try to give him a hug?
  • Tytto'c... RoseRiot 2011/11/11 19:57:00
    be4 last hour, but yea I didn't see him be4 that other then lunch, but whatever
  • RoseRiot Tytto'c... 2011/11/11 22:54:55
  • alanagrrr 2011/11/11 19:45:08
    he prolly wants some space .. ik with ur bf he dont like clingyness ... its fine .. leave him be for a couple of hours or in this situation till tomorrow
  • Tytto'c... alanagrrr 2011/11/11 19:47:28
    Well it is the weekend so I will most likely give him till monday cause I am not going to have a crappy weekend
  • alanagrrr Tytto'c... 2011/11/11 22:09:27
  • Christy 2011/11/11 19:44:55
    Are you sure he doesn't have problems with your sexuality?
  • Tytto'c... Christy 2011/11/11 19:47:51
    I'm sure he doesn't. Why would you even ask me that?

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