What does a training bra do?

SimplyShannon 2010/07/11 04:19:08
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  • Proud2BeAMaggot 2010/07/11 04:47:57
    It teaches you how to get used to a real one... which doesnt make sense because real ones have the damn wires and crap

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  • Tommy 2010/07/18 17:54:23
    it goes for long runs in the morning and works out
  • freakoutnow... cuz mom's here 2010/07/17 07:09:12
    freakoutnow... cuz mom's here
    It is for several reasons. #1) It trains you how to wear a bra. You have to learn how to take off your own bra and stuff. When girls go through puberty the breasts develop in three stages before her breasts are fully developed. Training bras are nothing like real bras (although they do provide good training in how to take your own bra off and to remember to wear and put on your bra and do somewhat teach how annoying having to wear a bra all the time is) so they make little sense really. Training bras unlike real bras have none of those annoying wires, provide little to no real support (and a girl's developing breasts do need support but it can be found elsewhere), & have no cups. #2) It provides a girl with "A yay me! My breast are developing. I'm becoming a woman." passing of the torch, transition 2 womanhood type of moment. It's a great moment (it seems at the time at least) that signifies that "I'm no longer a 'little girl' but a 'young woman/lady'" and provides a feeling of self importance 4 girls. #3) $
  • Rainbow_Bubblegum 2010/07/12 14:32:52
    nothing really..well it makes little girls feel important because they got a bra..i remember those times
  • TheJoker 2010/07/12 10:47:38
    Haven't they got something to do with preventing Gnat bites?
    preventing gnat bites
  • GabrielsLoveSlaveLoki 2010/07/11 23:17:17
    haha. No idea.
  • JinxxedJasmine.♥ 2010/07/11 21:39:29
    1)Gets Young Girls Used To The Feeling Of A Bra.
    2)To Work Out(;
  • Tucker 2010/07/11 14:23:46
    Gets them pointed in the right direction? I have always wondered but was afraid to ask.
  • Laura 2010/07/11 14:23:13
    It gets little kids excited for a real bra, or gets you used to actually wearing a bra. Either way you grow up to have a pain in the ass bra
  • Paranormal♥Spirit 2010/07/11 14:19:48
    It helps young girls to get use to the feeling of wearing a bra.
  • ♫♪MelloCellist♪♫ 2010/07/11 06:23:09 (edited)
    It's like training wheels... they just get you used to the idea of it all and then you move on to the real thing when you are ready.
  • xiino 2010/07/11 05:41:36
    I think it gets a girl used to the feeling of elastic on her chest. That's how it was for me, at least.
  • Master 2010/07/11 05:00:04
    Mostly it just makes a profit for bra manufacturers and gives young boys something to laugh at. A girl with boobs that size doesn't need to wear any bra at all, but if her shirt is thin and her newly-forming nipples are pointy, it can help prevent them from being so obvious.
  • ..tisha... 2010/07/11 04:52:08
    A training bra generally has no cups, undeveloped breasts need support in some form though these bras give little to none. It's just for a preteen to get used to the idea of wearing one. Though a camisole with upper support (elastic lining around ribs) would do just fine.
  • Screaming Mute 2010/07/11 04:51:02
    Screaming Mute
    A training bra is designed for young girls who have begun to develop breasts but who don’t yet fit into women’s bra sizes. Normal sizes of the training bra usually range from AAA to A cups. Once a girl can wear a B cup, she can usually find a bra in sizes. It should be noted in all sizes besides the A cup, double letters means that it is a larger cup size. For instance, DD is bigger than D, but AAA or AA bra cups are smaller than A cups.
  • Proud2BeAMaggot 2010/07/11 04:47:57
    It teaches you how to get used to a real one... which doesnt make sense because real ones have the damn wires and crap
  • tweety 2010/07/11 04:44:59
    Training bras teach you how to wear a bra properly! You learn how to hook the hooks in the back and allows your breast to develop properly.
  • ♥Rhona Angel♥ 2010/07/11 04:41:04 (edited)
    ♥Rhona Angel♥
    A bra is for a well develop breast and when puberty starts girls starts to experience a change and breast starts to develop but a standard bra will not fit them yet and a training bra is for a starter .

  • Eva♥ 2010/07/11 04:29:28
    idk trains them?
  • Casey 2010/07/11 04:24:57
    My EX's told me that they really did not need one for long and why did they make them!
  • DEATH 2010/07/11 04:22:51
    im a guy so awkward
  • Megan ~ PHAET 2010/07/11 04:19:27
    Megan ~ PHAET
    Trains yer boobs?
  • SimplyS... Megan ~... 2010/07/11 04:21:11
    how??? I wore these way before I had boobs and I have no idea what they did if anything
  • Megan ~... SimplyS... 2010/07/11 04:21:45
    Megan ~ PHAET
    It helps them grow.
  • Master Megan ~... 2010/07/11 04:56:22
    How did they grow before training bras were invented?
  • Megan ~... Master 2010/07/11 04:57:36
    Megan ~ PHAET
    They didn't.
  • ♫♪Mello... Megan ~... 2010/07/11 06:25:12
  • XRenX Megan ~... 2010/07/11 05:16:07

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