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This is supposed to be Annalise.

Hair color: Golden blond with dirty blond and blonde highlights and light brown and auburn streaks

Eye color: Aquamarine

Eye shape: Oval

Hair Type: Long, flowing, curly

Lips: Bloodlust red

Ears: No lobe

Complexion: Olive, flawless

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Dress: Elegant, fancy, revealing, showy, sexy, enchanting; prep or goth depending on her mood

Shoes: 7 - 13 inch Stilettos

Earrings: Loop and hanging; golden or diamond accented

Jeans: If any light or darkwash design no more than 4 inches below waist

Belt: If any amethyst embezzled brooch on black flower patterned

Knife: Anakulumnos; so strong it takes away your life source and aura, your soul is severed by River Styx, and you cease to exist

Anklets: She has three two are invisible one is a contact enabler the other an emergency device, one is visible and for show; all diamond

Necklaces: Pink or white pearl to show she's Poseidon's daughter, Fancy dangled diamond to show power and beauty as trueblood Princessesscea

Bracelets: Most common is diamond espionage; she has 17 currently, pearl only underwater as a mermaid, famous other mineral to match her clothes or to go to an event (ex. Wedding, Reception Party, Birthday...)

Personality: Unstoppable, undefeated, a complete chick magnet, promiscuous, stylish and powerful, pretty, lethal, and deadly, sweet, feisty, headstrong, acting, strength,hypnotism, spells, witchcraft, intelligent and pretentious, a little preppy, but still serious and calm, pleasant personality

Teeth: So white every time she smiles you see a flash of the rainbow

Nails: Long clean French manicured or red or gold or silver or black nails glittery, shining, shimmering, metallic, or plain

Home: Currently Olympus

Full title: Queen Annalisa Carmen Eliza Illena de Senna la Corralas Nataliana Roseate Dominique Arora Thresae Licia Mariana Amelia Princessescea and Heira of the Oceana Ayeanna Ce Liquifielidas

Eyeshadow: Varying but in goddess form it's usually bloody red, exiquisite dazzling blue, royal purple, deep rich gold, or metallic silver, each the colors of a true queen outspoken lovely brave

Eyelashes: Majestic ebony, so dark and full, two inches long

Cheeks: Soft redish pink

Expression: Fearless

Blood: AOB+

Goddess of: Liquifields

Mother: Amphitrite

Father: Poseidon

Babies: 119

Sisters: 9

Brothers: 5

Husband: Currently Ares

Boyfriends: 11

Girlfriends: 11

Job: Queen of Olympus

Langauge: Mainly English and Greek; sometimes Spanish to chat with or French to confuse but she is fluent in every langauge

Birthplace: Olympus

Age: 41

Type: Mainly goddess but she has every mythic's blood on her DNA so more blood than others

Nose: Small, curved

Pets: Over 1000's but you only ever hear of 3 Marianna - Athenopian drakon, Stormbreaker - pegasi, Arachnea - giant spider.

Birthday: June 21, 1995

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