What do you say when you mess up OR make a mistake?

jt 2010/11/10 06:33:57
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Hahaha... hey U all.. it's another Q I just thought to add to my collection of Q box! I am sorry I can't help it...sometmes I find Qs that gives U guys hard time to answer.. right? Sorry.... here in this Q, what do U say when U say things that comes after a personal downfall? ... Try to be moderate..here as much as U can, still U can speak up Ur mind I guess... right? .... that's all folks... have a fun time... jt

12:30 am cst
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  • sky blue pink - American 2010/12/03 11:06:10
    sky blue pink - American
    Oh well !
    Blessed Be
  • zacoholic 2010/11/25 02:55:49
    i might say, whoopsies or my bad, or of course sorry if its bad for someone else due to my mistake
  • RoNnIRaMpAgE™ 2010/11/13 22:46:25
  • Blank 2010/11/12 23:47:53
    2.I'm sorry
    3.I mean
  • sand 2010/11/11 16:55:52
    I laugh
  • LesWaggoner BN 1 2010/11/11 06:28:56
    LesWaggoner BN 1
  • In vino veritas 2010/11/11 05:14:30
    In vino veritas
    Well son of a b*t*h(female dog)................ cursingson bthfemale dog
  • TCFla In vino... 2010/11/11 05:27:44
  • In vino... TCFla 2010/11/11 10:36:29
    In vino veritas
    You just never know who will..... TURNIP
  • TCFla In vino... 2010/11/11 19:09:25
    ahahahhaha---took me a nanosecond and then I started to LOL!
  • In vino... TCFla 2010/11/11 19:11:53 (edited)
    In vino veritas
    Quick study thats you.............lol what can I say I changed my mind...... funny hatstudy lol changed mind I take it all back I am a butthead, gotta dash........be good have fun,so glad you are here........ home sweet homestudy lol changed mind butthead gotta dash funso glad love you!!
  • TCFla In vino... 2010/11/11 19:12:48
    ahahah---more like a turkey! gobble
  • ♥getreal♥ 2010/11/11 04:10:08
    Ooops, sorry
  • David - a nudist 2010/11/10 22:33:49
  • Melizmatic 2010/11/10 22:17:59
    I own up to whatever mistakes I've made, and apologize if necessary.
  • In vino... Melizmatic 2010/11/11 10:38:04
    In vino veritas
    Tell us how you really feel.........
  • Melizmatic In vino... 2010/11/11 16:24:45
    Hey, that's my line!
  • aazeen 2010/11/10 21:58:06
    i'm so so so sorry or try to do something good or better
  • eiravahcee 2010/11/10 21:20:30
    i say dang it, aww fudge or fudge cake.llol
  • Karla 2010/11/10 21:05:04
  • keeper 2010/11/10 20:52:26
    I say "poop'!!! hahaha
  • kevracer 2010/11/10 20:34:32
    dammit is my most frequent outburst
  • La 2010/11/10 19:56:06
    How come you can spell "you" in the title question but can only manage "U" in the description section?

    I generally apologise and may try to justify my actions.
  • Sista Nunya 2010/11/10 19:54:17 (edited)
  • La Sista N... 2010/11/10 20:01:29
    I'm gonna presume that by conosur, you mean "connoisseur"....?
  • Sista N... La 2010/11/10 20:03:03 (edited)
  • Casy 2010/11/10 19:48:44
  • Melizmatic Casy 2010/11/10 22:13:39
    That pic is so cute, my head may just explode...

    too cute head explodepic cute head explode
  • leahboo! 2010/11/10 19:27:20
    I say alot! like....shoot crap, snap crakle pop, crapola, shoot darn, oops, whoopsi daisy, crap fart, and many more.
  • ThinkAboutIt! 2010/11/10 18:21:26
    I follow the example of the annointed one and find someone else to blame.
  • KLynn 2010/11/10 17:31:08
    I blame my mistake on George W. Bush.
  • Squeaken458 2010/11/10 17:07:32
    Sometimes I say. Im sorry.I F---ked up!! Dennis learyf---ked
  • Squeaken458 2010/11/10 17:05:07
    I always say when I mess up. I'm sorry, I was wrong about that. That way when you are caught in those little white lies you can say. Im sorry, I was wrong about that. I wouldn't lie to you honey,LOL.
    My wife: Did you take out the trash?
    Me: uh, Yeah, I did.
    my wife: Then why is it still here?
    Me: Whoops! I was wrong. I didn't take it out yet,LOL.
  • gingertwin2 2010/11/10 16:38:10
    I say 'Mea culpa!' And then try to never repeat that mistake again. mea culpamea culpa repeat mistake
  • mwg0735 2010/11/10 16:18:35
  • bags 2010/11/10 16:17:08
  • therainbowsshadow 2010/11/10 15:56:07
    Usually "F*uck!", or "Sh*it!"; if my mistake effects someone that's not me, I say "I'm sorry". ;)
  • La therain... 2010/11/10 20:04:20
    I'm confused, what letter is the asterisk substituting for?

    Also it's *affects* not effects.
  • therain... La 2010/11/10 23:35:18
    Thank you so much!! I seriously always get them confused w/one another (affect vs. effect).
    The asterisk isn't substituting any letter; I put it there so that the curse-word can be read *semi*-openly. ;)
  • therain... La 2010/11/10 23:40:59
    Thank you so much; I always get them confused w/one another (affect/effect; I hate that..).
    Oh, lol I actually didn't intend for the asterisk to substitute anything; I put it there so that the curse-word could be read *semi*-openly (cuz idk about anyone else, but the Profanity Filter is a b*itch to open for me, so I wanted to be considerate to *possible* others). ;)

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