What do you do when you find out your daughter is pregnant

nom 2011/02/27 00:27:01
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  • Cunning... fer_reals 2011/02/27 01:51:18
    You need to get the Boy's parent(s) involved..
  • nom Cunning... 2011/02/27 02:28:23
    yes i do but if she keeps it im 26 shes 11 i cant be a grandmother at 26
  • Cunning... nom 2011/02/27 02:33:13
    yeah and she doesn't have the mental capacity at that age to know what she is involved in..you are going to have to make the decison for her.. for yourself...
  • nom Cunning... 2011/02/27 02:39:50
    but how do i know im making the right choice i mean i got pregnant with my daughter at 15 and my mum didn't care but my dad torchered me and made me miserable and then kicked me out of the house and now i have two beautiful daughters
  • Cunning... nom 2011/02/27 02:54:48
    Well if you feel like you can take on a 3rd... You better talk to a doctor about the physical risks involved at that age..There isn't going to ben an easy choice..
  • Death On Two Legs 2011/02/27 00:30:24
    Death On Two Legs
    I don't have a daughter, so I can't honestly answer that question
  • Tudie BN 2011/02/27 00:28:33
    Tudie BN
    I would help her every way I could !
  • nom Tudie BN 2011/02/27 00:36:03
    yeah but how can i do that she's 11
  • Tudie BN nom 2011/02/27 00:51:48
    Tudie BN
    OMG !
  • Tudie BN nom 2011/02/27 00:53:40
    Tudie BN
    Is the boy young ?
  • nom Tudie BN 2011/02/27 01:03:42
    he's 15
  • Tudie BN nom 2011/02/27 01:05:52
    Tudie BN
    It will be tough .. Its a shame .. would you like for me to share this with my friends maybe someone can help you ??
  • nom Tudie BN 2011/02/27 01:07:22
    that would be a great help thanks
  • Tudie BN nom 2011/02/27 01:08:11
    Tudie BN
    Right Now !
  • nom Tudie BN 2011/02/27 01:22:02
    if thats not to much to ask
  • Tudie BN nom 2011/02/27 01:24:21
    Tudie BN
    I sent it they will drift in ...its probably suppertime !
  • nom 2011/02/27 00:28:13
    im dont know what to do

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