What do I do when my best friend is lieing to me? Is he a best friend? Please help....-_-

Kitty 2010/01/21 14:26:01
I did date this guy a long time ago but we have been best friends for years, even when we broke up. He has always had a lieing problem but he stopped lieing. Now that he says a new girlfriend, he is lieing to me again.... I need to know what to do. What to say. I am just sooo confused. Please give me advice, please help. Means alot to me. Thanks....
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  • Sadie1383 2010/01/22 01:30:44
    I think you should just let him go there are other ppl out there for u :)
  • Kitty Sadie1383 2010/01/22 13:37:48
    Thanks alot :) means alot to get help.
  • Sadie1383 Kitty 2010/01/23 15:28:57
    Np I love to help my friends ;)
  • Kitty Sadie1383 2010/01/29 15:18:04
    Awwww :') thanks
  • Sadie1383 Kitty 2010/02/13 23:31:40
    No Problem :)
  • Isabel-Publius 2010/01/21 15:10:54
  • Kitty Isabel-... 2010/01/21 15:36:28
    I should....
  • Isabel-... Kitty 2010/01/21 15:37:29
  • Kitty Isabel-... 2010/01/21 15:38:22
    .....ok.... I will.
  • Isabel-... Kitty 2010/01/21 15:42:29
  • Kitty Isabel-... 2010/01/21 15:45:04
    Am I a dog? Lol jk
  • Isabel-... Kitty 2010/01/21 15:46:51
  • Kitty Isabel-... 2010/01/21 15:48:02
    Lol That was good :) made my day.
  • Isabel-... Kitty 2010/01/21 15:49:00
  • Kitty Isabel-... 2010/01/21 15:52:13
    Seriously, it did lol :) Thanks :)
  • Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    If he's lying to you then he is no friend. Dump him and move on
  • Kitty Lady Ju... 2010/01/21 14:51:46
    Well I am not dating him anymore but he is lieing again ,-_-
  • Lady Ju... Kitty 2010/01/21 14:52:34
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    Dump him as a friend
  • Kitty Lady Ju... 2010/01/21 14:56:04
    Like I talk to him all the time and I tell everyone the only thing I ask for is honesty. I dont ask for them to like me or anything. I just want the truth.. and it seems like he cant even do that.
  • Lady Ju... Kitty 2010/01/21 15:04:10
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    Then dump him. He isn't a friend
  • Kitty Lady Ju... 2010/01/21 15:06:19
    I should. He has lied to me too many times and it hurts. I dont wanna take it anymore. Thanks I should do that.
  • Hailey 2010/01/21 14:27:50
    It sounds like he is lieing to you because he want to make you jealous....i hate it when guys do that!!:)
  • Kitty Hailey 2010/01/21 14:30:14
    Me too. It bothers me alot and I dont know what to do... he just keeps lieing ever since he started dating this girl...
  • Hailey Kitty 2010/01/21 14:32:08
    you probably just need to sit down and talk to him one on one
  • Kitty Hailey 2010/01/21 14:54:21
    I don't see why he has to lie to me thou. Cuz he was suppose to meet me and than he make up an excuse and I dont see why he couldnt have just said he cant meet me. I would have understood :( Like Im not a bitch when it comes to that. I tell everyone, the only thing I ask from them is honesty. Im not saying they have to like me or anything but to just be honest with me.

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