What Did You Think About Michelle Obama's State Dinner Dress?

jt 2009/11/28 07:19:44
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  • Heart Safire 2009/11/28 07:39:43
    Heart Safire
    Well, the floor-length of the gown was a wise choice, camouflaging her less-than-graceful gams quite effectively. And it's nice to note that her dressmaker is apparently now using recycled upholstery from newer sofas than the one they got the fabric for her inaugural outfit from.

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  • Mel the Witch POTL PWCM~JLA 2011/05/06 02:56:39
    Mel the Witch POTL PWCM~JLA
    Wow, I did not know that Bob the Raciest Iron worker was still around.
  • sue 2011/02/28 03:13:24
    I didn't.
  • redxc90 2009/12/16 22:49:44
    A total waste of taxpayers money!
  • ☆Nay nay☆ 2009/12/12 04:40:34
    ☆Nay nay☆
    one word beautiful
  • *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP 2009/12/02 20:13:27
    *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP
    It looks like it is about to bust at the seams ...

    bust seams

    Someone is eating well at the White house! ;o)
  • concerned 2009/12/02 20:01:29
    Michelle Obama and her dress look beautiful
  • FindingHeartInThisCrazy World 2009/12/02 02:16:44
    FindingHeartInThisCrazy World
    pretty...classy like she is...
  • tom Savage 2009/12/01 13:32:34
    tom Savage
    Very befitting a 1st lady. Lovely and appropriate.
  • Dan (Politicaly Incorrect) 2009/12/01 04:28:43
  • Max7 2009/12/01 02:51:40
    Again, this is kind of like deja Veu, but there are some things that Michelle wears, only she could wear. I think Michelle is very comfortable in her own skin, and she's a trend setter. That being said, I saw her in a royal blue gown, and this gown that she wore to the Steak dinner, she looked absolutely beautiful. Please don't anyone send me a response where you're feeling the need to be vindictive, condensending or just plain nasty, and I will not dignify your comment with a response. Whatever others think of Michelle that's your business, I happen to think that she is a person full of charm.
  • meridith Max7 2009/12/02 03:58:09
    perfectly said!
  • Max7 meridith 2009/12/03 03:14:20
    Thank you meridith, appreciate your rave
  • mikebyrd 2009/12/01 00:15:43
    they all look the same to me
  • J 2009/11/30 22:27:04
    I thought, Scarlett O'Hara.
    But, off the shoulder, this time of year... I don't think so.
  • very Conservative "me" 2009/11/30 18:53:19
    very Conservative "me"
    This was better than the last one, but somehow no matter what this woman does it just isn't quite what it should be. I don't know what's wrong. There is always something lacking.
  • kevracer 2009/11/30 17:56:18
  • birdman 2009/11/30 14:39:54
    It seems, I have as much fashion sense as she does, so I am not in a position to criticize that dress.
  • Will on the road again 2009/11/30 14:20:33
    Will on the road again
    I'm not much of a fashion critic, but it probably cost more than my car.

  • sue Will on... 2011/02/28 03:13:10
    Actually, Mrs. Obama is known for buying off the rack much more often than former first ladies have done. This dress, i don't know, but her day to day clothes and even some business-type clothes are off the rack.
  • debbi58 2009/11/30 05:33:10
    Well, it looked like they took the drapes off the wall to make her gown and used the sheers to rap around her arms, though I did like the color it would go really well in my living den.
    I wonder how much money that dinner cost taxpayers, could have feed a lot of hungry Americans, don't you think?
  • Sonja 2009/11/30 03:53:53
    I thought it was a very nice dress, but highly inappropriate.
  • insert name here 2009/11/30 00:58:46
    insert name here
    I think its a dinner dress. Prolly offended their dinner guests.
  • Not Einstein 2009/11/30 00:46:02
    Not Einstein
    She looked like a lovely, statuesque Nubian princess.
  • zcberry 2009/11/29 23:15:15
    She look very nice, and elegrant.
  • Lady Suspicious 2009/11/29 22:25:43
    Lady Suspicious
  • Semper Fi 2009/11/29 22:00:37
    Semper Fi
    I wonder how many staffers it took to put her all together. Must be the second time in her life she feels proud to be an American.
  • Dionysus 2009/11/29 20:15:09
  • Avadot 2009/11/29 20:07:58
    lovely :)
  • highlatte 2009/11/29 18:27:31
    She was stylin!
  • enlightened one 2009/11/29 17:02:31
    enlightened one
    Very glamorous, high fashion. Not at modest as should have been for the company - but then she has always had her own individual style.
  • danjac1263 enlight... 2009/11/29 18:07:05
    yes, trashy
  • mach-1 BL-106 2009/11/29 14:14:11
    mach-1  BL-106
    As much as it cost! We could have fed a small 3rd world population for months...
    It is a SLAP in the face of the jobless...And they need to tone this spending shit down.
    Is this what happens when nouveau-riche goes to Washington?
    What jerks.NO CLASS.
  • Not Ein... mach-1 ... 2009/11/30 00:47:45
    Not Einstein

    Merry Christmas
  • mach-1 ... Not Ein... 2009/11/30 01:18:06
    mach-1  BL-106
    back at you .LOL
  • Not Ein... mach-1 ... 2009/11/30 01:44:31
  • Big daddy 2009/11/29 12:08:40
    Big daddy
    i loved the dress...
  • Prairie Wind 2009/11/29 08:18:42
    Prairie Wind
    At least it didn't fall off; it didn't look like it had "black widow spider" markings on it this time and either she or her husband should have paid for it out of their personal income.
  • lady_c5_loadmaster 2009/11/29 07:39:25
    It's better than the dress she wore for the ignauguration balls.
  • strawberry 2009/11/29 07:32:33
    The gown was beautiful; h gown beautiful owever for a state dinner with a leader from India where women dress modestly, the gown was not appropriate. Too much bare shoulders and back. Michelle looked like a tall bean stalk standing next to the wife, leader from India, and President Obama. She should have worn flat dress shoes. The gown made her look so huge next to the President. I liked the shiny glittery, silver material on the gown. Michelle looked better when she campaigned with her husband. I don't like her current hair styles. Michelle has an awkward appearance. She just does not come across right. She does not look in control or graceful, walks like a duck. Michelle does not flow. The menu was wrong. If the head of India was vegetarian Michelle Obama should have had authentic vegetarian Indian dishes prepared. Using the pavillion was ridiculous. They all looked crowded into each other. With all those candles so close, I'm surprised someone did not catch on fire. They should have invited less and used the White House.
  • Not Ein... strawberry 2009/11/30 00:51:26
    Not Einstein
    Awww, you weren't invited, were you? The First Lady looked fabulous and you sound jealous.

    awww invited lady looked fabulous sound jealous

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