What Are You Allergic To?

LoveBug 2012/04/17 00:14:58
If you are allergic to anything.... what is it?
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  • Eterna98 2012/04/17 00:48:58
    I am allergic to cats...

    Kitty: "meow" *rubs up agents my leg*
    Me: "Achoo!" *eyes watering* "Your so cute!!!" *Pets kitty*
    Kitty: "Peer~"
    Me: Gets really itchy and rubs eyes. "Sorry kitty but I got to go.." *Starts to walk away*
    Kitty; *Follows me with sad kitty eyes*
    Me: *Feels really bad and gets some allergy pills so I can be with kitty longer. When I get back Kitty is gone.* "And I just took the pills too..that's why I don't have any cats..." *tear..*

    sad kitty

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