What are some easy to hide piercings?

♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫ 2011/05/03 02:26:14
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I'm thinking of getting a piercing but...it must be easy to hide. I was thinking about a hip piercing but...eh idk...any ideas?
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  • MaryDaSilva 2012/12/28 03:13:57
    Alright well, sometimes I dont really agree to the point of getting something pierced if you can't see it but then I remember why some teens (like myself) do it. Because of parents... But eh, what can we do? Anyway I would say the easiest to hide would be you tongue web piercing and neck. I did both of mine at the same time 2 days ago and both my parents haven't noticed yet. Hope this helped :)

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  • Ashlee 2014/07/20 13:00:10
    Im 14, i have had heaps of piercings, Hips, nose, septum, belly (twice), nape, tongue (more then 5 times)
    My parents had no idea about any apart from my belly as they were both birthday presents.
    I hide my tongue bars for a fair while until i took them out for sports, but also for the fact
    of they were getting annoying as far as kissing goes. (not a slut oops)
    Tounge is easy, to hide, with a clear or a camo bar (same colour as your tounge or back of mouth) dont play with it, if it gets infected you're pretty much screwed from then on.
    Dont try tounge. get septum, its easy as :)
  • Melanie 2013/11/06 23:55:04
    I got my septum done. Love it and flip it. No one knows. ;)
  • MaryDaSilva 2012/12/28 03:13:57
    Alright well, sometimes I dont really agree to the point of getting something pierced if you can't see it but then I remember why some teens (like myself) do it. Because of parents... But eh, what can we do? Anyway I would say the easiest to hide would be you tongue web piercing and neck. I did both of mine at the same time 2 days ago and both my parents haven't noticed yet. Hope this helped :)
  • Michelle [: 2012/12/01 22:16:44
    Michelle [:
    the smiley is really easy to hide i got it to days ago and it doesn't hurt at all (:
  • Goodnig... Michell... 2013/02/18 18:39:02
    Yeah I did my smiley b4 but I took it out cuz I didn't have the right jewelry
  • Chloe 2012/06/25 22:35:14
    I have my web its REALLY easy to hide and on a pain scale of 1-10 it was like a 2, Only because the clamps the needle dosnt hurt at all! In my case I got the piercing for me. Because I wanted a piercing. But my parents werent ok with that so I got it done anyway, also the web heals in 2-8 weeks and on the first day you cant lift your tongue up that high or it'll sting.
  • Ronnie 2012/06/16 00:04:36
    Septum piercing? All you have to do is flip it up inside your nose and it's barely noticeable.
  • Lindsay Hernandez-Clark 2012/02/03 22:22:24
    Lindsay Hernandez-Clark
    I have my webbing. It is very very easy to hide. Little lisp for about a day or two, i just said i bit my tongue rly bad. and my cousin suspected i pierced my tongue, so had me stick my tongue out, she didnt even think for me to lift it. I changed it right away to a hoop, and now i have no lisp, and have had it for about 2 weeks now. Its pretty painless, just a little pinch, and that was it. And people only notice it when they see me playing with it with my tongue, and thats only when I'm at school and idgaf who sees there. Lol.
  • 2012/01/01 04:43:05 (edited)
    I have horizontal nipples and vertical hood piercing. The nipple piercings were like an ear piercing, a big pinch and a little soreness. The VCH was virtually painless and healed within a week. Most of the time I forget it's there. I thinking about nape, cleavage, and tongue web. I would love to have more visible piercings, but I work in a professional atmosphere. Just got tragus and four dermal napes this week!! 6/7/12. Love them!!
  • janna 2011/05/23 01:48:10
    A smiley is really easy to hide it's under your upper lip that lil peace of skin it painless and super easy to hide
  • Claise 2011/05/14 13:32:35
    all but facial piercings are easy to hide
  • Halla Winchester 2011/05/04 00:16:36
    Halla Winchester
    The only 2 that come to mind are any on the ear or your belly button
  • kerran 2011/05/03 23:58:21
    frenulum; its the under part of your tongue, its really easy to hide and doesnt hurt so much
  • Kati~Hopelessly In Love~ 2011/05/03 17:18:21
    Kati~Hopelessly In Love~
    My cartiledge was until i relized my hair wasnt hiding it anymore.. i kept it secret for about a month or a little over a month... belly button peircings are hard to notice, nipples, crotch, tongue if you stay at friends house when you get it done over the weekend and dont open your mouth really big in front of your parents.....
  • janna Kati~Ho... 2011/05/23 01:41:48
    What happeneds when it's infected like mine did last time is it safe to re do it
  • sonnieuk 2011/05/03 13:55:13
    well lets see to those who think "whats the point of hiding a piercing?" parents maybe?? i have had piercings since i was in 6th grade im in the 11th now and my mum just found out last month about my septum und snakebites but anywhoozen I am now a professional piercer!! YAY!!! and the only ones you can hide if its under clothing but if your mum is like mines und make you strip down everyday before you sleep then I would suggest a septum but sometimes those can get pierced to far down to where you can see it but everyone whos septum i have pierced is pretty high up to where you can flip in and out with no problem.....
  • janna sonnieuk 2011/05/23 01:43:16
    How do you hide snake bites?
  • sonnieuk janna 2011/05/23 11:35:59
    they were 14g. so i got them done at 6am before school so i could have them pertty much all day und it got to a point where i could just take them out und put them back in. but i wouldnt sugest doing that also i only saw my mum 10 mins each day lol
  • madixma... sonnieuk 2011/12/28 10:03:08
    Okay first of all, if your in 11th grade it is impossible to be a piercer , second of all a 14g is a very big needle and your snake bites would be very noticeable
  • Ally madixma... 2014/05/25 03:30:55
    14g is not big at all. 14g is the size needle that almost all piercer's use.
  • Katie janna 2012/04/14 15:28:34
    You can get the clear piercing holders they sell in stores like Spencers, or Hot Topic, but even then you can still kind of see them.
  • zandale... sonnieuk 2012/07/12 12:24:24
    You do Pericings where is your store... Cus i want my eyebrow and my dad said yes so i want u to do it with my dad telling u yes
  • SceneQueen sonnieuk 2013/12/04 00:46:13
    Will u come pierce my septum for me?! Dx or like mail me the needle to do it .-. bc i cant buy one and a sewing nedle is too small bc i tried it XC
  • 아만다 ♥ AMANDA 2011/05/03 11:27:02
    아만다 ♥ AMANDA

    If you're too ashamed to be doing something, then maybe you shouldn't be doing it.

    I don't have any piercings, but what's the point in getting one if nobody can see it. As I know, piercings can be considered ritual or a freedom of expression... If you aren't going to do it in a manner to express yourself, then it must be ritual and that is none of my business. hahaha
  • kira.el... 아만다 ♥ A... 2012/07/09 05:39:22
    Some people have more reasons than what you think. I can't have any visible piercings while I'm at work. People would still see it, just not at work which is the point.
  • Ally 아만다 ♥ A... 2014/07/15 19:35:32
    there's some piercings that no one can see unless shown. for example nipple piercings, no one can see it but people have it for their own pleasure. you don't need to have a purpose in order to have a piercing you can get one just for the hell of it and be happy that they have it.
  • jamie 아만다 ♥ A... 2015/02/03 12:24:24
    I have my nipple, septum, and rook they're easy to hide, I have hidden piercing because of my school which is catholic, but I get piercings for me, not for anyone else, but for me, they make me feel better,
  • mavericky 2011/05/03 10:13:53
    My nipples are pierced and it doesn't show under business clothes.
  • Memysel... mavericky 2011/05/11 00:35:47
    Memyselfni Dun
    Did it hurt a ton? Im thinking of that, but Im a bit hesitant...
  • mavericky Memysel... 2011/05/11 00:38:38
    It hurt like crazy. I almost passed out :-/ But the pain is over quickly and as long as you don't let your shirt touch your chest for two days (pretty hard to do) you'll be fine :-)
  • Pancake... Memysel... 2015/04/27 23:43:50
    I have to disagree with it hurting. I got my nipples pierced two days ago(I am female) and they hurt as if someone is biting it. I just held my friend's hand and it was over. It really isn't that bad, just depends on pain tolerance.
  • Shawna 2011/05/03 05:09:59
    What is the point of a hidden piercing?
  • Goodnig... Shawna 2013/02/18 18:43:00
    Well when I get ones to hide it's usually ones that u can hide until you are allowed to have them
  • Raindropkitten™~the author ... 2011/05/03 05:07:49
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    Any piercing that is a dermal piercing (hip for example) don't last long since the skin pushes the piercing out of place and you'll have to get it repierced if you want to keep it. Also, you can't change the piercing yourself and have to go to a piercer to have them change it.
  • mike.is... Raindro... 2012/12/02 01:36:13
    You can change it yourself once its healed somebody i know has dermals and once theyre healed u just hav to un screw the stud and put a new one in
  • mike.is... 2013/04/13 21:59:11
    You can change dermals yourself, you just buy another jewel for it, unscrew the old one and screw another back in...
  • bethany... Raindro... 2013/01/12 03:36:16
    Thats a huge lie have dermals never have they fallen out or got infected I love them and I've had them for years now so....
  • jacqui.... bethany... 2013/03/23 12:49:38
    I have had about 12 dermals throughout the years. They all eventually rejected. Remember, we may want to be pierced, but our bodies don't .
  • kidkewlsgirl8888 2011/05/03 05:03:57
    Tongue is pretty good worked with my manager for 6 months and he never knew i had until i stuck my tongue out at him.. hes like now i think differently of you.. his way of calling me a whore lol i love my manager he makes my day.. 6 stuck tongue differently calling whore lol love manager tongue piercing
  • janna kidkewl... 2011/05/23 01:45:07
    How do you hide a tounge ring?

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