What are some awesome or weird things that have happened to you while cosplaying?

Kemet Anubis 2012/09/16 19:50:39
Share your cosplay stories! :-)

At Anime Expo '08 (I'm pretty sure) I was wearing my newly finished Ocarina of Time Link cosplay and I walked passed this guy who was playing a saxophone (if I remember right) and he starts playing the Zelda theme! It was awesome!

Another thing, same place, AX'08, people kept following me around imitating Navi, lol! It was pretty funny! I guess it is to be expected when cosplaying as Link. :-P
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  • windwolf14 2013/06/07 02:05:29
    last year, at a local anime meet I wore my nightmare moon cosplay for the first time windfox14

    I was taking a brake with friends outside the library for lunch then this van of little old ladys stoped in the parking lot with cameras out at me I heard a few saying "my grandkid knows her" "nightmare" and that sort of thing ^^
  • Raakone 2013/02/03 19:13:09
    Which of the two Links from that game?

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