What American products can not be found in Australia?

Emily Skellington [[Bones]] 2009/07/14 05:24:29
So far I've found lemonade, brownie mix, Trix and some other cereals [apparently extremely expensive], Hershey's coco, Kool Aid, Reese's cups, jello, and jolly ranchers. This question is obviously best for those who live in Australia or have been there. I ask because I intend to send a package of American products to a family I stayed with while in Australia. They sent me a package with Tim Tams and other things like that so I want to return the favor.
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  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/22 06:50:37
    Haha, string brean, I might have to start calling it that xD

    Oooh, I think I might have to set up a puppet account and have "Robert" troll around and scold his little twitard droolers. >=]
    Although, I did read somewhere that he goes online to read fanfiction about himself for laughs, it is possible...But most likely, you're right.

    robert troll scold twitard droolers read online read fanfiction laughs
    Except, I think it's worth a double facepalm....

    :( i has a sad. I was hoping for some kind of epic origin of adventure and daring. Ah well, it's colloquial, no fun in that x]

    *strolls off to find fake profile just to laugh insanely at 3 am*
  • Emily S... Vic~*PH... 2009/07/23 02:20:52 (edited)
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    LMAO. I was thinking the same thing! "Brean" is much more satisfying than "bean." :P

    :D Wow! That is a wonderful idea! I'd never thought of doing that! Good thinking! >:]
    I can understand fanfiction. I've read some Twilight fanfics [for shits and giggles, of course] and....well..*coughs* it would be a bit of an ego booster for him. Some of the things they write are... 'interesting.'

    read twilight fanfics shits giggles coughs ego booster write interesting

    As was I. then I go snooping around and THIS is all I find? LAME. I WILL find a kickass phrase to use with some epic tale one day and it will be GREAT.

    3AM? High five! 3AM-interneters must unite!
  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/23 04:02:05
    Brean is far more satisfying. Sounds a bit like a cereal instead of a veggie...

    haha, same, I've gotten through maybe half of the first page of one or two and have had to hit the back button from either disgust or me laughing hysterically. I only once found one that was okay, and then i got bored...fast. The plot moved too quick and was silly. But yes...I think it would be a great ego booster for anyone.

    I think I need to go make a sock puppet account, oh it'd just be delightful....

    hmmm....epic phrase....

    silly ego booster sock puppet account delightful hmmm epic phrase silly ego booster sock puppet account delightful hmmm epic phrase
    I giggled, I thought it went with the conversation xD
  • Emily S... Vic~*PH... 2009/07/23 06:42:47
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    And we all know that cereal is much, MUCH more satisfying than vegetables! Lucky Charms vs. carrots.... Yeah, I'm picking the lucky charms! they're magically delicious! :P

    Seriously, they've got Rated-X Twilight fanfics. I've just never understood Rated-X fanfics. I guess it's cool to have a major obsession with someone or something, but, DAMN, keep the dirty to yourself. Of course, that's just me.
    I'm sure Rob Pattinson gets off to that crap when he's not screwing hookers on the street. X[

    I won't snitch!

    lol Win!
  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/23 08:06:31
    Bwuahaha, I prefer some honey nut cheerios myself :) even if I can't enjoy them in their entirety as I'm a lactose intolerant type =D

    ...X-Rated Twitard fan fics?
    O.o Dirty I can deal with, but sparkle porn? D= At the very idea my eyes bleed.
    Well, I dunno about that, half of the twilight stories are total shit that I've read and considering pattinson himself said that Meyer was a terrible writer I can only imagine his reactioni to horny teenagers trying to act like they know all about sex...specifically sparkle porn.

    =D terrible writer imagine reactioni horny teenagers act sex sparkle porn
  • Emily S... Vic~*PH... 2009/07/23 08:20:32
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    Well, dry cheerios are just as good! :D

    X-rated. No lies! Admittedly, i can handle dirty as well, but sparkle porn [lol] is a no for me. I hate the actual book. Twilight erotica can only be worse. X[

    LOL. Interview with a Vampire ftw!
  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/23 18:00:58
    I actually am considering going to fetch some right now xD

    X-rated...a twisted part of me wants to find these fictions too, and impersonate pattinson on there....Sparkle porn just skeeves me out Dx

    It was so incredibly accurate, and I couldn't resist, the interview characters were spot on x]
  • Emily S... Vic~*PH... 2009/07/24 05:10:03
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    DO it! I dare you! C:

    LMAO. That'd be hilarious. Find the sparkle porn, review it and watch the fangirls flock and freak out.

    "Skeeves" I must add that word to my list of amazing words.

    Favorite movie and book of all time!
  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/24 05:14:57
    I did you one better >=] I had TWO bowls. buahaha. I'm such a badass x)

    I'm going to do it, I will, and I'm going to send links to let you see *cackles* It'll be amazing ^_^

    "O, Rob!!!!11!!! I luv u!!!!11!! I lyk NVR wrte any of dat x-rated stuff! I think dat's gross 2."
    *twitard deletes sparkle porn off account*

    Oh, skeeves is a great word, I use it ritually as you'll see on posts that disgust me xD

    YES! Best vampire novel I have EVER read, though Lady Jules mentioned a series called the Dark Series that I googled, it's like twilight but 10000000000000000000x better and makes edward look like the 108 year old virgin he is. =D
  • Emily S... Vic~*PH... 2009/07/24 05:45:08
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    Oh, you ARE bad!

    Good. i could use a good laugh! lol. JUst make sure to pick a fanfic written by a teenager or younger. The older writers probably aren't as gullible....of course, I could be wrong.... O.o
    Singlehandedly destroying sparkle porn as we know it. Your cause is a worthy one. >=]

    I attempt to use 'whilst' at all possible moments. One day I'm going to eventually create one giant sentence using all my favorite words.
    It will be epic.

    Just one more series of books I MUST buy! Damn, good book series are going to be the death of me.
  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/24 06:53:25
    I know, what can I say? ^_^

    It's easy to tell usually, they don't have a clue what they're on about, vocabularly and plot suck and they - according to the sexually experienced fan fic authors i know - apparently think that sex is 'a whole bunch of kissing.' I giggle everytime I think about that line xD

    Whilst...I know a guy that uses it a lot, lol. A pal of my pal in Britain. Those English, I swear...

    Hmmm...."'Tis a shame that the wafting odor of skunk skeeved young Marybeth out whilst she stood upon the balcony only to faint and plummet to her demise"? I just wanted a go x)

    Aye, they'll be the death of all of us with brains in our heads instead of the fuzzy puffs in twitard's.
  • Emily S... Vic~*PH... 2009/07/24 23:59:45
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    Just imagine how bad you would be if you had eaten THREE bowls of dry cheerios! 8o *faints from too much badassness*

    Tehe. I honestly have nothing else to say to that. xD Silly kids need to go back to their sandboxes! No really, I'm struggling. Damn! You win. At what? I have no clue. You just win.

    Whilst is such a fun word! Just say it aloud a couple of times. Hear it? it's musical, is it not? What are some other fun words we can use randomly?

    :D Epic, just EPIC! that sentence was completely made of win! Pure winnage!

    musical fun randomly epic epic sentence completely win pure winnage
    [So, when you type 'winnage' in the 'Add Image' search box, THIS comes up. It doesn't fit the convo at all but I included it anyway. :P]

    Those darn brains. Invading my head with their smartness and such. X]
    I'll probably spend my life savings on books. I'll have to build a book house since I won't be able to afford a real home. I won't have any food money so I'll have to live off of sewer rats and pidgeons and the like. I'll have to burn my precious books for warmth and make clothes out of ripped out pages. There is a bright side, though! At least I'll have a brain!
  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/25 00:15:13
    Sniper Jesus! ROFLMAO. xD That made me laugh so hard.

    Oh you better believe it, the sparkle porn virgins need their water wings if they think they're gonna be swimming in a pond of big fish xD

    Winnage is gooooood, I like winnage, we all like Winnage. You too are a winner for you use the word "whilst" in all of it's musical glory! ^_^

    Well, brains are better than fuzz...and I would rather a house of reasonable books than a house of twilight *cringes*

    Other fun words, I like shoddy, rendevouz, extravaganza, and a couple other I can't think of off the top of my head. =D
  • Emily S... Vic~*PH... 2009/07/25 03:13:27 (edited)
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    Water wings! I had some of those as a littlie. They were the best! :P
    water wings littlie Don't know what this is all about...O.o

    I'm adding the word 'winnage' to the list. *nods* Mhmm. It has proved to be on an acceptable level of fun.

    Fuzz or lint? Fuzz is like lint but different. I like lint, especially when you magically find it in the pocket of your jeans after they've been washed and dried. It's like Christmas morning all over again! :D
    I wouldn't mind having lint for brains....maybe. Then I'd have an excuse to constantly sing christmas songs! It'd be a big barrel of fun! But fuzz...nope....nuh-uh. No sir.

    House of Twilight?! O.o Never speak those words again! That is the nightmare of all nightmares. i'd go insane.

    All wonderful words! To the list they go! Now it will be a majorly epic sentence!
  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/25 03:26:59
    Winnage is a fun word. I too had water wings, yellow in fact >:)

    Yeah, I saw the pic and was like "what's this about?" lol.

    Well, if you don't like fuzz, then clearly they have lint for braiins! lol. xD

    I know...it scared me too. Can you imagine what would happen if they made Twilight amusement park O.o I shudder at the mere idea.

  • Emily S... Vic~*PH... 2009/07/27 05:35:57 (edited)
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    I'm not quite sure, but I get the distinct feeling that my water wings were floral. The voices in my head are agreeing.

    I have no idea what kind of video game [this screenshot looks like that of some video game discovery] would warrant the winnage of water wings.
    Honestly it sounds like a video game prize we would have made up.

    They're in the process of making a Harry Potter amusement park. The HP park would be heaps better than the Twilight one. I mean, seriously, what could you possibly put in a Twilight amusement park? A couple of houses, a 'fun' school-themed ride, a forest, and a volvo?
    Then I guess you could hire some people to dress up as vampires and werewolves to stalk and emotionally abuse the patrons. Sounds fun, right?
  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/27 19:27:58
    Yelllow =D Floral's cool too though xD like voices in one's head.

    It does!!!! Holy shit it does!!! lol. "You have defeated the Twitard goblin king. Twitard goblin king has dropped blue water wings! Would you like to pick up blue water wings?"
    "You have collected blue water wings!!" *victorious music*

    I've heard about the Harry Potter one, it's gonna be freaking amazing xD there's so much exciting stuff that'll be there. Dragons, quidditch, mazes who knows, lol.

    Well, considering at least a portion of this site has devoted itself to the story of emotionally abusing boyfriends and creeper werewolves I would say, you'd be surprised how many morons could have fun there....
  • Emily S... Vic~*PH... 2009/07/29 03:06:15 (edited)
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    Oh, I love yellow! :D The voices in my head are spectacular. They make for good company and one sounds just like House! Did I ever tell you that I absolutely adore your avatar? I love House!

    War. Against. Twitards. W.A.T.! It'll be like Halo, Zelda and Warcraft all combined into one. We'll have the Anti-army on a quest to kill the Twilight overlord (SMeyer, of course) fighting off her Twitard minions along the way! EPIC!
    Victory dance (with water wings)!
    overlord smeyer fighting twitard minions epic victory dance water wings

    I will pay any amount of money to visit the HP theme park. I will do whatever it takes. I cannot die peacefully not having experienced the wonder that is (will be) the Harry Potter amusement park. O.o

    I'm sure but those of us with brains and working funboxes will be enjoying ourselves at the HP theme park. Let the tweenies have their park! At least that means there'd be shorter lines!

    That place would be a sexual assault law suit waiting to happen.
  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/29 03:12:06
    I love yellow too xD one of my favorite colors....I know! I have half my profile decked in House! I absolutely love House - I watch it constantly.

    *GASP* ZELDA?! I LOVE ZELDA!!!!!!!!! ZeldaLove<3 (I might make that my user name soon....lol). The war will end in an Anti victory and all POWs shall have been subjected to grammatical and literature lessons in severe anti-twilight conditions. >=]

    Pshh, well, you better count on ME coming with you to that themepark! No way I'm gonna miss out either!! =D

    grammatical literature lessons severe anti-twilight conditions pshh count themepark gonna

    I will NEVER die without finding myself in that amusement park. I will drag my great grandchildren there and make them take me on every ride if I have to.

    Yes, shorter lines means more fun...YAY! =D
  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/22 06:59:20
    Okay, I take that back.

    SO NOT WORTH LOOKING. too many freaky girls named "mrs. pattinson"

    *eye twitch* and my friends think that I'M bad with a teensy crush on the man.

    (You will never catch me with the words Mrs Pattinson on my display name unless I am murdered while fighting off the bastard trying to change it)
  • Emily S... Vic~*PH... 2009/07/23 02:24:27
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    Or unless we have some kind of Invasion of the Body Snatchers apocalypse run by Twilight-loving aliens. O.o
  • Vic~*PH... Emily S... 2009/07/23 04:02:33

    I think that Smeyer wrote that D=
  • Emily S... Vic~*PH... 2009/07/23 06:39:01
  • GIRLIELEO 2009/07/14 16:03:00
  • ┌∩┐(◣_◢... GIRLIELEO 2009/07/14 16:43:22
    ┌∩┐(◣_◢)Delibean ಠ_ಠ
    Tim-Tams are proof that god loves us and whants us to be happy, Imagine a chocolate cookie sandwich filled with a chocolate mousse, dipped in chocolate. God damn you aussies SHARE!!!!! sandwich filled chocolate mousse dipped chocolate god damn aussies share sandwich filled chocolate mousse dipped chocolate god damn aussies share
  • GIRLIELEO ┌∩┐(◣_◢... 2009/07/14 17:00:37
  • oh my s... ┌∩┐(◣_◢... 2009/07/14 23:56:34
    oh my science
    tim tams are soooooo good, i may even go buy some right now :)
  • Emily S... oh my s... 2009/07/16 05:01:00
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    If only Tim Tams were also made in America. It's going to be a sad day when I run out.
  • Emily S... ┌∩┐(◣_◢... 2009/07/16 04:59:33
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    Yes! Definitely amazing! The whole time we were over there, we would blow all our extra money on Tim Tams!
  • ┌∩┐(◣_◢... Emily S... 2009/07/16 05:00:43
    ┌∩┐(◣_◢)Delibean ಠ_ಠ
    you can find them in Canada, but the are HARD to find.
  • Emily S... ┌∩┐(◣_◢... 2009/07/18 02:42:36
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    Sad. I have to travel extremely far to find them no matter what. :/
  • GIRLIELEO GIRLIELEO 2009/07/14 16:59:32
  • Emily S... GIRLIELEO 2009/07/16 05:00:09
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    If you ever get the chance to go to Australia, by all means, go! It's completely worth the 14 hour flight!
  • GIRLIELEO Emily S... 2009/07/16 08:51:25
  • Emily S... GIRLIELEO 2009/07/17 04:17:12
  • Nowonmai 2009/07/14 13:52:14
    Everything on this site, from which I order from quite often.

  • gfreeman BN-0 2009/07/14 12:40:17
  • oh my s... gfreema... 2009/07/14 23:55:48
    oh my science
    hahahah noooooo you can keep her lol
  • gfreema... oh my s... 2009/07/15 12:06:51
    gfreeman BN-0
    You betcha! I'm coming down under, I heard the wolf population could use some control!
  • Emily S... gfreema... 2009/07/16 05:01:34
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    I don't think she'd fit in the box. :]

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