We've all used them...

♥ugh♥ 2012/01/14 02:36:16
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I'm talkin' cheesey pickup lines!! ..
Tell the world you're best, the worst, the cornyest!

My favorite...

I don't know much about pies...but damn you make my banana cream! ;D XD

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  • ❤Runaway❤ 2012/03/15 00:53:27
    Hahaha one of my friends randomly texted me the one about the banana cream pie xD it was weird!
  • ♥ugh♥ ❤Runaway❤ 2012/03/16 00:51:56
    Hahaha that's amazing! XD
  • ❤Runaway❤ ♥ugh♥ 2012/03/16 02:43:55
    I know, right? xD but she wasn't really MY friend! I thought it was my boyfriend texting me because his friend was using his phone and she texted me "I don't know a lot about pies, but you make my banana cream!" I thought it was him!! xD
  • ♥ugh♥ ❤Runaway❤ 2012/03/18 03:44:18
    Haha the. Awkward moment when you think you're texting someone else! :P

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