Were you or are you spanked by your Parents into your Teen-Years? In what situations was or is it used? What is your opinion on it?

Abel Lewis 2011/01/14 22:47:43
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And what age did you get your last Spanking from your Parents? And what did you do?

And did you get Spanked on your Bare Bottom or did you get spanked over your clothes?

My opinion is if a Teenager wants to act like a child then they should be treated like a child. Teenagers are NOT too old for a Spanking in my opinion.
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  • brian 2012/03/12 01:54:21
    im am 15 and once me and my brother got in so much trouble. my mom told us she forgiven us. then she told us later we should invite our friends over for a party. well all together there was about 10 ppl. my girl friend was even there. my mom came out made our friends watch as she made us strip. then she hit us with her belt. we did not talk much on that sleep over. the word spread around my block.

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  • Richard Pearson 2015/04/11 10:06:57
    Richard Pearson
    I disapprove of corporal punishment and spanking and other forms of physical punishment.
  • binkey 2015/03/27 15:58:05
    yes I did get spanked by my parents.I got a spanking for getting a bad report card. Yes I got it bare bottom and I got it with a strap...Last time was when I was 14. I broke a stature of my mom loved . She really was angry at me
  • jasper 2015/03/03 08:35:09
    i am a boy fron 15. still spanked by mom and dad,It is embrassing,painful,and deservedd.
    I was spanked yesterday,over my mom's knee.Pants down,on my undertpants.
    Punished for smoking,rude, and misbehave.I feel terrible.The spanking was awful.I am too old for a spanking, I think.
  • cheekychops 2015/03/01 08:54:47
    I still get spanked on my bare bottom at home from my dad when I do wrong. It sucks still getting spanked at 14 thought spankings were for children not for teenagers
  • Dave 2015/02/15 15:00:31
    I am 14 and I got my last spanking few days ago. I was told to do my homeworks and tidy up my room, but insted of it I was playing on computer. I was spanked by my dad on my bare bottom.
  • Nathan 2015/02/12 05:55:26 (edited)
    Well I got spanked today for getting into my first fight at school. I'm 13 and my stepdad got a call from his first sgt to go pick me up at school, mom is currently deployed, so anyway he brought me home pulled down my shorts bent me over the bed and spanked me.....yes I cried, 13 licks with the belt. He is a 101st Airborn Ranger Special Forces in the U.S. Army. then he took me back to the his base Fort Campbell Kentucky.....He stop grounding me though..now I get spanked when I act-up
  • binkey 2014/12/26 00:12:18
    last spanking was when I was 18..I was spanked bare bottom all the time. I always had to wear a pink plastic panty to get spanked. When I was little and got my first spanking I wet all over so that it what my dad did to me. He also used to wet my panty with water and wait and then give me a beating. It really hurts doing this. Teens are never too old to be spanked
  • trent74 2014/11/27 06:45:14
    I was spanked all through my childhood. Early by hand but around age 8 we were taken into the master bedroom and bent over the bed. Anywhere from 8 to 12 hard smacks with a leather belt over our pants. You wished to never get another. Also would have to cut a switch and big enough to be effective, to be spanked with if outside. I was paddled 3 times at school. last belting was age 16, switch 14, paddle 9th grade. it worked, I always hated!
  • rushabshane 2014/11/06 12:20:57
    For even minor offence I am caned naked and for corner time facing my cousin sister of my age and my real sister who is thee yrs younger to me and 12 yrs age.Now they think it quite normal .for being girls they are never punished physically
  • qazwsxedc 2014/06/28 22:26:01
    I'm 22 and still get spanking. Sometimes on bare and sometimes over clothes.
    Only my mother spanks me, with belt or her hand. Last spanking was about month ago.
  • Hope Rawlson 2014/06/25 02:22:33
    Hope Rawlson
    Oh Ya, my dad spanks me all the time completely naked. I don't really enjoy it but it keeps me in line. Grounding doesn't really work for me, it's to easy. He also doesn't care who's around either. He one time spanked me at his dinner party then made me stand in the corner for the rest of the time! His spankings aren't just on my butt, he spanks my clit to, it hurts like hell though!!!
  • damon m... Hope Ra... 2014/08/21 02:19:59
    damon mitchell
    How old r u
  • declan.carver.71 2014/05/18 19:33:38
    Hell yes I am 15 and still get spanked i don't think that grounding works for me I can appricate the fact that dad spanks me and i deserve it when he does so i dont see a problem with it the only problem i see are the boys that my age that dont get it because it makes me think before i act
  • helen 2014/04/05 18:54:17
    Hey. I'm 14 and get spanked by either mom or dad if I'm bad. It's mainly dad though . . Been getting spanked more last few months
  • austin 2014/04/04 00:16:42
    I last got a spanking at 18. I made a bad grade. When my Dad found out, it was the regular routine:
    Go to your room and get ready. My Dad came in and spanked me with a belt on my bare bottom. My opinion is as long as you live under your parents roof, you live under their rules. I am now 24 and thankful that I had parents who loved me enough to discipline me.
  • Rory 2014/02/14 05:36:11
  • roselena lovesherfans 2014/02/08 14:08:07
    roselena lovesherfans
    my older sister is a teenager now and she gets spanked real bad, once my dad told her to be back by 9pm after watching a movie with friend but instead she decided to sleep round her friends without asking and come back home in the morning, when she got back she told my dad she was old enough to do what she wants. my dad told her to take her outfit off in the bathroom, put some underwear on and a long t'shirt and meet him in her office room, when she when into his office he told her to put her underwear into a wedgie position to keep her privates covered at the same time as getting her bum cheeks out, he beat her well over 100 times with loads of different things, paddles, wires, canes, you name it he used it hahahaha. my sister couldn't sit for about a week and as well as beating her he took her cell phone away, grounded her for two months and made her spend all her days of grounding writing up i will not disobey my parents over and over again.
  • roselena lovesherfans 2014/02/07 20:15:08
  • Rory roselen... 2014/02/14 05:39:06
  • roselena lovesherfans 2014/02/07 20:13:08
  • archie1961 2014/01/17 13:04:00
    I still get spanked by my dad at home and am a teen he always gives me the slipper on my bare bottom when I do wrong
  • zomo 2014/01/02 20:52:26
    Well I m 13 year and still gets spanked bare bottom with a wooden spoon or belt and last week me and my little sister(9) were playing in the living room and she accidently broke a precious vase (I was a little bit involved) so mom told me to knee in the corner and went to spank my sis with a paddle then it was my turn she grabed my ear and took me to the bathroom and spanked fully naked with tgat paddle 30 times it was so humiliating for both if us especially because our very close girl cosins were here and heard evrything I then receive a 20 swats from dad with his belt in front of mom and my sis (I received it alone and naked and got some on my legs ) because I should be the gd example to my sis
  • archie1961 zomo 2014/01/19 10:50:09
    That sucks getting spanked naked I get it always bare bottom hard with hand or slipper but never naked that must be so embarrassing
  • amber guthrie 2013/11/22 06:56:52
    amber guthrie
    I'm 15 and still get the belt from my stepdad. I come here to vent because I don't tell anyone. I know he's not trying to be mean but I hate it. It hurts sooooo bad and is totally humiliating.
  • archie1961 amber g... 2014/01/19 10:51:58
    Sorry you get the belt poor you that must sting like crazy for you I hope your stepdad does not do it on your bare bum
  • lola amber g... 2014/01/24 21:32:25
    Maybe you can tell your stepdad how this makes you feel. If he won't go for it you should have another adult intervene. you don't deserve to be treated this way
  • Taylor 2013/11/10 22:24:28
  • marc Taylor 2014/01/19 11:12:56
    Well at fifteen you should not be spanked for stating you oppion to your dad. Hope your mom understands.
  • Hannah 2013/10/22 19:26:06
    Even if you felt like you deserved the punishment, sometimes whoever did the spanking crossed a line (Too hard, too many, made people watch, touched your genitals). If this happened to you, please don't be afraid to speak up. Tell an adult you trust (a teacher, school counselor, neighbor, etc.) so they can get you help. You are NOT doing anything wrong by talking to someone and asking for help!
  • lola Hannah 2014/01/25 15:04:08
    Especially tell somebody if the spanker left bruises, cuts or any other kind of mark.
  • Claudio 2013/09/21 21:04:14
    I am a 16 year old male and I still get spanked I am always naked and my parents usually spank me with a slipper. The last time was a few days ago my mom was bathing my 12 year old brother and his willy got hard and I started teasing him, mom made me undress myself and swated my my bare bottom
  • Hannah Claudio 2013/10/21 20:38:26
    This doesn't sound right. You should really tell some adult you trust about this. Don't want to nag, but this sounds like it is crossing a line.
  • cary self 2013/09/17 08:03:00
    cary self
    My mom and stepdad still use the belt or paddle on me, my brother and my stepsister. We are all teenagers and its humiliating and we hate it.We get for almost any rule braking.
  • bartt.marconi 2013/08/29 18:08:39
    Hello I am 30 and still get bare assed strap and belted and paddle by my daddy who needs it I live in his house his rules. I brake them I get punished. Bare assed strapping hurt like a mother get no fewer then 25 and no more then 100
  • bob lang bartt.m... 2013/09/22 03:23:16
    bob lang
  • Stephen 2013/06/23 15:34:32
    I wasn't spanked in my teen years. I don't agree with spanking. To me, it is child abuse. There are many other ways to discipline children
  • bob lang Stephen 2013/09/22 03:24:36
    bob lang
    Somtimes, a good spanking is warranted
  • ghijklmsd Stephen 2015/03/06 08:55:17
    I was NEVER punished in any way; Mum would just talk to me and always ask me what I was feeling, and we would always feel better after talking and we learned to understand each other.
  • kayla 2013/04/21 16:59:11
    When I was about 16 I kicked my dads car cos I was angry, the I was told to go to my room and wait and 30 minutes later my dad made me strip naked In front of an neighbour then told me to masturbate and the he spanked my vagina and my bottom and made me walk aroud naked all week and even mastubated me it was soo humilliating
  • Hannah kayla 2013/10/22 19:31:19
    I am so sorry that this happened to you. It was totally inappropriate and you didn't deserve it whatsoever. I hope you are in a safer position now.

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