WEEK 1 College football is "FINALLY" here!

Adi 2012/08/31 03:15:10
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Week 1:

Tennessee vs @N.C. State  Fri 08/31    7:30pm

@(13)Michigan St. vs (24)Boise St.  Fri 08/31  8:00pm

Notre Dame vs @Navy  Sat 09/01   9:00am

Northwestern vs @Syracuse Sat 09/01  12:00pm

@Penn St. vs Ohio Sat 09/01   12:00pm

@California vs Nevada  Sat 09/01   3:00pm

Miami (FL) vs @Boston Coll.  Sat 09/01   3:30pm

@(17)Nebraska vs Southern Miss Sat 09/01  3:30pm

Iowa vs @Northern Illinois Sat 09/01  3:30pm

@Colorado vs Colorado St. Sat 09/01  4:00pm

@Duke vs Florida Intl.   Sat 09/01   7:00pm

(14)Clemson vs @Auburn Sat 09/01  7:00pm

@(1)USC vs Hawaii   Sat 09/01   7:30pm

@(2)Alabama vs (8)Michigan Sat 09/01  8:00pm

@(15)Texas vs Wyoming Sat 09/01  8:00pm

@Arizona vs Toledo Sat 09/01  10:30pm

@Washington vs San Diego St. Sat 09/01  10:30pm

@(25)Louisville vs Kentucky Sun 09/02  3:30pm

@Baylor vs SMU Sun 09/02  6:30pm

@(16)Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech Mon 09/03  8:00pm
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  • USC Gamecock fan 2012/09/02 19:30:30
    I got my picks ready...
    USC Gamecock fan
    Wow ADIDAS You left my team off . South Carolina Gamecocks vs Vanderbilt . We won it was on Thursday night ESPN. It was sort of sloppy but a win is a win.
  • Marlow ~ Let There Be Light 2012/09/02 02:31:55
    I only care about Pro-Football...
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    I'm sorry, I just don't follow college football. There's just too much sports.
  • Old Salt 2012/08/31 22:28:21
  • keeper Old Salt 2012/09/01 01:29:23
    OS, her name is "Adi", regardless of how Rock spells it!! hehehe
    We have similar picks~
  • Old Salt keeper 2012/09/01 01:54:10
  • keeper Old Salt 2012/09/01 02:00:04
    I hear you, my friend~~
  • ReconMa... Old Salt 2012/09/07 05:49:34
  • Old Salt keeper 2012/09/01 05:21:53
  • keeper Old Salt 2012/09/02 03:48:28

    Alabama kicked butt!
  • Old Salt keeper 2012/09/02 05:28:46
  • keeper Old Salt 2012/09/02 20:57:05
  • ReconMa... Old Salt 2012/09/07 05:48:19
  • Old Salt keeper 2012/09/02 21:01:14
  • keeper Old Salt 2012/09/02 21:17:41
    Thanks for posting those... I was just going to do that!
  • Old Salt keeper 2012/09/02 22:53:22
  • keeper Old Salt 2012/09/03 01:27:28
    I bet I picked that wrong!
  • Old Salt keeper 2012/09/03 05:07:53 (edited)
  • keeper Old Salt 2012/09/04 02:14:50
    Luckily I did pick Louisville..
  • Old Salt keeper 2012/09/04 03:01:35
  • keeper Old Salt 2012/09/04 21:30:26
    The funny thing is that is remnants of Isaac that affected the GOP convention!
  • ReconMa... keeper 2012/09/07 05:47:07
  • ReconMa... Old Salt 2012/09/07 05:46:39
  • ReconMa... Old Salt 2012/09/04 02:49:17
  • Old Salt ReconMa... 2012/09/04 03:02:01
  • ReconMa... Old Salt 2012/09/04 04:02:21
  • Old Salt ReconMa... 2012/09/07 04:15:53
  • ReconMa... Old Salt 2012/09/07 05:45:25
  • ReconMa... Old Salt 2012/09/01 04:28:26
  • USC Gam... Old Salt 2012/09/06 21:49:09
    USC Gamecock fan
    OS I watched the Alabama game where they put a whuppin on Michigan 41-14 and the announcers were bragging on the Michigan team how strong and disciplined they were. Hard to beat Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide.
  • Old Salt USC Gam... 2012/09/07 04:20:22
  • ReconMa... Old Salt 2012/09/07 05:52:50
  • Dark Knight 2012/08/31 20:02:15
    Where are the Cheerleaders?
    Dark Knight
    Vols in an easy one

    M.St. is too big and mean for this years glass slipper wearer

    Really - you even need to ask - hehe?

    Hopefully Syracuse so that IL has a better year than the University of MENSA

    I hate Ohio State - I hope they all burn-up in a plane crash enroute to Happy Valley - WAIT - this is just football, not politics ----- okay, then, just injured badly - I feel sooooo ashamed of myself

    Pick 'em game - I'll pick Cal

    Boston with a Flute-bomb at the buzzer

    Newbraska as my hillbilly friend calls them

    NIU just because Iowa thought (when they scheduled the game) that the Huskies were cupcakes

    Who cares

    Duke (even with their BB team doing the game)

    Ouch - Auburn, I guess just because??????

    The team with the most paid athletes (plus they get to travel to Hawaii - maybe they'll see Michelle there with 40 or 50 of her best friends)

    Roll on - I know this game will make you happy, Adi

    Hook 'em

    File all the rest under "Home Team Wins Again"
  • keeper Dark Kn... 2012/09/01 01:30:08
    Good picks, and as always, like your comments!
  • RoyDMercer - IFOTFD 2012/08/31 19:26:51
    I got my picks ready...
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    Michigan St.
    Notre Dame
    Penn St.
    Miami (FL)
    Florida Intl.
    Virginia Tech
  • Sister Jean 2012/08/31 17:54:30
    I only care about Pro-Football...
    Sister Jean
  • Adi Sister ... 2012/08/31 18:53:22
    Nice to see you Sister...good team too:-}
  • ReconMarine~PWCM*AVA*BTTB*JLA* 2012/08/31 17:40:45
  • Adi ReconMa... 2012/08/31 18:58:31
    Very nice RECON:-}
    We don't see eye to eye on a few but we can't ALWAYS think alike (hehehe)
    animated football
  • ReconMa... Adi 2012/08/31 19:08:35
  • Adi ReconMa... 2012/08/31 19:12:37
    I didn't get to do it last year but the first year I was on SH I did faithfully every week. I will try and have these posted by Thursday night because of Friday's game picks:-}
    You have a AWESOME weekend too my friend!!!

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