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Fun 2012/03/21 22:02:45
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We don't need to tell you that "Hunger Games," the new fantasy movie based on a novel, is getting a lot of attention lately -- and it's not even out in theaters yet (only a couple more days, people.) But just because it's not out yet doesn't mean "Hunger Games" mania hasn't swept the nation. With "Hunger Games" fan gear and even "Hunger Games"-themed weddings, it's clear that this movie is going to be a hit.

So why not make another product out of it? Like, for instance, a board game. Sadly, the "Hunger Games" game isn't actually a real thing (not yet, anyway.) It's just a spoof that College Humor did to make fun of the ridiculous fan-dom that the movie has accumulated. But that doesn't mean we can't laugh a little at the idea, anyway. And laugh we will. How would you react to a "Hunger Games" board game?

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  • FrozenHeart 2012/03/21 22:21:38
    I'd probably gag.
    Dear Sodahead,
    If your gonna talk about the Hunger Games stop with all this Twilight like nonsense. Most of the fanbase is not like this. I know you find some like that but if you actually talked to the fans that read the book before it was even gonna be a movie you'd know this team peeta and team gale makes us puke.
    The ones who actually read the book series.

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  • Shmeggie123 2012/08/16 14:30:32
    I'd be thrilled!
    LOL!! It would be super fun to play a "hunger games" game.
  • tobe 2012/05/27 01:06:24
    I'd be thrilled!
    actually it is a board game. they sell it at most big bookstores. it came out when the franchise started booming
  • logan-er-a-tops 2012/04/18 20:56:50
    I'd probably gag.
    im not a huge fan of the hunger games
  • LuckZombie 2012/04/07 01:26:13
    I'd probably gag.
    I LOVEEEEEE College Humor
    So that video was hillarious to watch
    But the thought of an actual Hunger Games board game is just ridiculous xD
  • Jay Calderone 2012/03/24 16:48:02
    I'd probably gag.
    Jay Calderone
  • Ameera 2012/03/23 07:58:34
    I'd be thrilled!
    looks awesome lol!
  • mali 2012/03/23 01:23:48
    I'd be thrilled!
    I'd be so happy, maybe. It would depen on how they made it
  • disclaimer 2012/03/22 22:43:57
  • BILL 2012/03/22 21:12:24
    I'd probably gag.
    Might make a better online game
  • emma 2012/03/22 20:52:24 (edited)
    I'd be thrilled!
    I like the movie better. But the game (which they already have) is sorta fun. Anything hunger games is cool
  • Sarah 2012/03/22 20:51:11
    I'd be thrilled!
    I hit the wrong button, I'd gag. Damn stereotypes make girls look like prissy idiots. Seriously, why turn such a great series into crap.
  • baby shaker 2012/03/22 20:44:07
    I'd probably gag.
    baby shaker
    Oh God why
  • lily 2012/03/22 20:30:13
    I'd be thrilled!
    there's already a game.
  • ale 2012/03/22 19:56:18
    I'd be thrilled!
    I love The Hunger Games! And i hate twilight! It is so stupid
  • Nicole Giuliano 2012/03/22 19:25:24
    I'd be thrilled!
    Nicole Giuliano
    I already have the hunger games training days game
  • Elz 2012/03/22 19:08:29
    I'd probably gag.
    they definitely stereotype a girls commercial by having all of that pink. like god damn.....
  • S123 Elz 2012/03/22 21:32:14
    I couldn't watch the "ad" but I'd guess that's part of the joke.
  • Elz S123 2012/03/25 15:31:46
    yeah it is.
  • S123 Elz 2012/03/25 17:00:21
    I wish I could see it, it sounds funny.
  • Elz S123 2012/03/25 17:06:49
    maybe you can watch it on youtube.
  • Zeus2713 2012/03/22 19:04:07
    I'd be thrilled!
    Everything hunger games is amazing, I promise!!!
  • I Wish I Were A Skywalker..... 2012/03/22 19:03:07
    I'd probably gag.
    I Wish I Were A Skywalker... ~ In Television I Trust
    Well I wouldn't really mind.
    I'm only five pages in and it doesn't really seem too great. I'm sure it'll be the most brilliant book I've ever read once I get past this stage, I just don't see what's so great in it.
  • Frenchi Le~ann 2012/03/22 18:50:30
    I'd be thrilled!
    Frenchi Le~ann
    Not really but.. i had to choose an answer to say this.
    Hunger Games is a piece of amazing political satire. Twilight is a stupid simple minded piece of fiction.
  • Contarded Guru Chickenhawk 2012/03/22 18:37:05
  • Mrs. V 2012/03/22 18:35:51
    I'd probably gag.
    Mrs. V
    The Hunger Games, unlike Twilight, is a very serious matter, which faces us all. Look at what the Democrats are doing to the United States. The Obama CZARS are tightening the noose of regulation around our necks. They are setting up a Marxist Regime in which only the Elite, (Capitol) will be the recipient of the produce of the Districts, (the flyover states for example).
    You young people, PLEASE, for the sake of your future, choose your political ties carefullly, with much thought. Look and see which side it is that tightens the noose around your ability to be responsible for yourself. BECAUSE if you ARE NOT responsible for YOU, the government will be all to ready to make you their SLAVE or SERVANT.

    Watch this and ask yourself, whose side is the Devil on.
  • Simmysimfreak 2012/03/22 18:32:17
    Um, what about "Twilight"?
    only chose this answer to be able to put in a comment... BUT there is already a hunger games board game xD its based on the book, and theres a twilight boardgame too xD so yea... (i actually have the twilight one)
  • Simmysi... Simmysi... 2012/03/22 18:35:46
  • Fox 2012/03/22 18:06:15
    I'd probably gag.
    Dear Nickolodean do not ruin another childhood story with your retarded ideas
    Sincerely, Fox
  • Anthony Calder 2012/03/22 16:21:19
    I'd be thrilled!
    Anthony Calder
    Omg ill b thrilled unless its a girl game i think its sooo stupid tht the hunger games i considered as a girl movie book n now game its ridiculous!!!! Its no twilight, the people who made this game should know tht the hunger games is a boy game boy movie n boy book too!!! I hte wen this idiot people do tht!!!
  • The Pot... Anthony... 2012/04/10 20:02:25
    The Potato Princess
    ...why would it belong to any specific gender?
  • Joyce Brand 2012/03/22 15:29:40
    I'd probably gag.
    Joyce Brand
    "Hunger Games" is a story about the future government of this land forcing teenagers to fight to the death for the amusement of the masses. Making a real game about it confirms we are already there. How can anyone focus on the "love triangle" when the parallels between ancient Rome with its "bread and circuses," the fictional world of Panem, and our own sick culture that glorifies war and sends our young people around the world to kill or be killed are so obvious?
  • Tennessee3501 2012/03/22 15:00:45
    I'd probably gag.
    Anything for a buck!
  • ray-bird78 2012/03/22 12:13:35
    I'd probably gag.
    Im the biggest hunger fan there can be but something about playing " the hunger games" just doesn't seem right to me
  • princessjess 2012/03/22 11:33:33
  • James 2012/03/22 11:26:33
    I'd be thrilled!
    Omg, I wish I had watched the video and read the article first! If it's made... KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!
  • Arianne 2012/03/22 08:43:10
    I'd probably gag.
    WTF is it about TWILIGHT?! You do realise the reason that the fans protested against having a Team Peeta and Team Gale thing because they wanted to distance themselves from it right? We're talking the Hunger Games a story of survival not a story of a lovesick clumsy girl with no expression on her face.
  • timothy.dalbeck 2012/03/22 07:05:34
    I'd probably gag.
    I know its all in fan but I only hope that some toy company doesn't consider this a 'fantastic idea.'
  • I <3 Nezumi 2012/03/22 05:35:39
    Um, what about "Twilight"?
    I <3 Nezumi
    i had to do a book project on the hunger games book in language arts. 1 of the options was make a board game, so i made a hunger games board game. it wasn't very good though
  • JAKACE 2012/03/22 04:39:38
    I'd probably gag.
    where the maybe button
  • Sterling 2012/03/22 04:38:07
    Um, what about "Twilight"?
    Is every book geared towards teens going to be compared to Twilight in the future?

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