WATCH > President Obama Slow Jams the News With Jimmy Fallon: Awesome or Inappropriate?

Fun 2012/04/25 23:00:00
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President Obama doesn't usually slow jam the news, but when he does, boy is it good. President Barack Obama was on Tuesday night's episode of "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" and rather than doing his usual sit-down-and-talk-about-politics schtick, he tried something a little different.

A recurring segment on Fallon's late show is "slow jamming the news" -- but this time, Obama joined in on the fun. He used the segment to talk -- er, we mean "slow jam" -- about student loans. And though he may sound a bit too academic doing it, Obama was complemented by Fallon's smooth "ohhhhh yeahhhh's," making the segment both hilarious and educational. Well, at least we think so. Watch the clip below and let us know: do you think President Obama "slow jamming the news" is awesome -- or inappropriate?

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  • God ble... Temlako... 2012/04/26 23:10:14 (edited)
    God bless American freedom
    and his animals special transport... while he announces he is searching for great places to spend even more vacation time wth his wife at tax expense while we are in the midst of financial crisis!! , whom I hope shall wake up soon and divorce him.

    There is something seriously wrong here .
  • none God ble... 2012/04/27 03:27:48
    What!!!!! That fool Bush stayed on vacation as a matter of fact that fool and his pappy is the reason we are in the midst of a financial crisis. You people have been blinded by the light.
  • God ble... none 2012/04/28 03:38:26
    God bless American freedom
    by " you people" I must assume by your previous statements you refer to republicans ... of which I have never been one, None. Nor am I now.

    When Obama was put forward by the democrats ( to which I once belonged ) I LEFT the democrat party.

    Obama is Luo .. ( Kenyan taliban ) .

    Americans who do not read OTHER nations news papers are the ones being blinded by the spotlights , None.

    Oh and by the way None.... Michelle claims her husband has brought the USA nto the " light".

    STUDY more please before you talk to me, please. Your profile says you are far older than I but your words say far younger logically.
  • none Temlako... 2012/04/27 03:25:23
    What??!!! You can not be serious. SMGDH
  • Temlako... none 2012/04/27 17:51:02
    You're d____d right I'm serious!
  • Muver 2012/04/26 20:17:55
    I am so sick of this man cavorting around the globe for BS trips, the zillionith vacation, and then heading off to do a friggin talk show....
    In this economy and the way people are losing their homes and jobs, why isn't he back at the WH burning the midnight oil helping the situation....to me, it just shows more of his lack of caring about the American situation, and his further arrogance...People in his position have no business doing things like this...
  • ScottyG - Faqueue 2012/04/26 20:00:11
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    Idiots love to stick together.

    How does Fallon qualify as a comedian? I have never laughed once.
  • 'Zedd ScottyG... 2012/04/26 23:34:41
  • ScottyG... 'Zedd 2012/04/27 01:40:54
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    He's about as funny as cancer.
  • Guido 2012/04/26 19:50:15
    I'm going to find a way to vote for him twice now....
  • Nina Guido 2012/04/27 03:27:24
    It won't do you much good, Ron Pauls got it!!!
  • Guido Nina 2012/04/27 10:31:14
    Fine.... I'll sneak in 4 times
  • Gloria 2012/04/26 19:49:51
    Here's my question what's inappropriate about it??? The same people on here who talk about respect are the one's who spend their mouth trashing the President.

    They don't stand against obstuction, stomping on women's rights, voter suppression, racial profiling, or gutting of programs that help less fortunate americans.

    Yet if Obama farts, they there to catch it to tell you what flavor it is. Nothing but hatred and lies, without any semblance of recognizing the truth. Always falling for the okie doke.

    I'm so feed up and sick of the hypocrits, marching in pretense that they have some type of exclusivity on religion, the constitution and America!

    Herein lies the ignorance! TIME moves forward! We progress! All this seriously, really, stupid talk about taking us back simply will not happen! Even GOD moves forward...to the RAPTURE! Keep on hollering to be left back! Remember, be careful what you wish for!
  • God ble... Gloria 2012/04/26 23:24:29 (edited)
    God bless American freedom
    Obama wrote in his book... he would stand by the islam/muslims no matter what happens politcally . Muslms still own slaves ... females and children and all non muslims are the literal legal property of islam muslim males ( islam/shari'a current day every day circa 650 AD NO changes ) . IF that is NOT " stomping " on womens rights, what is?

    For the ignorant... time is suspended for islam which our current president and many others and does not move forward.

    Fake christians who have never obeyed their christ and studied ALL scriptures remain held back by laziness and ignorance.


    I think those who suffer for various religions/theocracies ( islam is a theocracy extremely similar to 1776 ) would hope people who claim they love God ... would at least try harder to obey him eh? But .. in view of your statement concerning ignorance of facts and time and hypocrisy??? .. perhaps not eh?

  • God ble... God ble... 2012/04/26 23:25:50 (edited)
    God bless American freedom
    Get busy all "christians " eh? Gloria .. I peeked at your profile and copied it for reference.. you make the claim of "christianity".. and so does Obama eh?
  • Gloria God ble... 2012/04/27 00:31:04
    Nice! Since as a Christian, you hold Obama and myself to to a higher standard than yourself obviously! How about get busy people, and get off soap boxes, and untruths, simple opinions and rants!
  • God ble... Gloria 2012/04/28 03:41:03 (edited)
    God bless American freedom
    Um.. Gloria.. I do NOT claim christianty as my belief in God. YOU do that. Profiles are made for a reason, Gloria.

    I am a simple plain American young woman interested in FREEDOM..
  • Gloria God ble... 2012/04/28 22:25:25
    I never said you claimed Christianity as belief in GOD; and yes I do, both claim Christianity and more importantly, I believe in GOD.

    I can't speak for you, but I made my profile because I wanted to, you know, being all free and all! Well, I guess that makes both of us simple, plain, American women, with the exception of me being older and wiser!

    I'd be willing to bet you're more free here in America, than anywhere else...???
  • God ble... Gloria 2012/05/01 00:27:52
    God bless American freedom
    you make my eyeballs rool back into my head.
  • Gloria Gloria 2012/05/02 16:13:52
    Coco, I'm over here imagining your eyes roling back into your head and ROTFL! Have a spirit-filled, free, great American day! Vote Barack! :-) ^5
  • Gloria God ble... 2012/04/27 00:25:50
    Coco, Hey, eh, or nay! Obama is not the Muslim superhero! How about the ones that talk here all big, go to some of those Muslim countries and talk big, and try to change some things for women and children!

    Even in Muslim countries time progresses. The Bible says "ye have not because ye ask not." Who you asking for freedom? For GOD says, "whom I have set free is free indeed."

    Sounds like it's laziness and ignorance that holding Muslims hostage to me, and that's not fake. Again the word says "be bold and of good courage!"

    There is only one perfect one, JESUS! Loving and oberying GOD means you must also believe in Him! Judging, yes judging, from your rant, I am not the one stuck, mentally, physically, emotionally or intellectually!
  • Edie 2012/04/26 19:45:37
    Obama should be taking care of business that he was elected to do not make a fool of the office. What a joke our country is becoming because of stupid things like this that makes the government look so dumb.
  • God ble... Edie 2012/04/26 23:32:10
    God bless American freedom
    Edie .. the " government " IS DUMB.
  • C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT 2012/04/26 19:42:38
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
    Who is the Pres who is cool as they come?

    you Daaaammmnn right!

    Isaac Hayes Obama
  • dianne615 C-ZAR™ ... 2012/04/26 22:59:54 (edited)
    Damn Right!

    obama cover of ebony magizine
  • God ble... dianne615 2012/04/28 03:43:08
    God bless American freedom
    you mean d - left eh?
  • dianne615 God ble... 2012/04/28 19:59:31 (edited)
    I mean "Damn Right"! as in "he's the right man for me"...
  • 'Zedd C-ZAR™ ... 2012/04/26 23:36:33
  • C-ZAR™ ... 'Zedd 2012/04/27 02:08:52
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
    but he IS..and ya'll HATE it! hahahahahahaha!!!!
  • Nina C-ZAR™ ... 2012/04/27 03:39:14
    um...... huh? Ye,s I would say I hate what he's done to my country, and then to gloat over it, dispicable! I am ashamed and greivous that he is in the peoples house and how he's marred it. He is dispicable for what hes done to all of America, to our soldiers, to our children, and its people without any trace of a consionce. Comedy, really?!!!
  • dzzshadz Nina 2012/04/27 05:20:33
    My country too!! He has done everything he can to make our country better. Talk about gloating, republicans screw our country and then go on tv smirking and laughing about it. Then they blame liberals for everything.
  • ☆ Queen... dzzshadz 2012/04/27 12:40:24
    ☆ QueenAline
    "He has done everything he can to make our country better"

    lmao lmao GIF
  • dzzshadz ☆ Queen... 2012/04/27 20:11:20
    Keep laughing it shows your ignorance.
  • ☆ Queen... dzzshadz 2012/04/27 20:54:49
    ☆ QueenAline
    YOU are the one who is ignorant if you think this country is better off with all the damage this POTUS has done.PBWY
  • none C-ZAR™ ... 2012/04/27 04:17:58
    LMMAO @ C-ZAR....Yes they do, they HATE it soo much they have been blinded.
  • God ble... none 2012/04/28 03:45:53 (edited)
    God bless American freedom
    I see you changed your profile so you aren't a "christian" anymore :) But I copied it so you cannot deny it. Obamas product is what you are. You never even read your own scriptures as your christ commanded you to do .... which is why .... ?

    Didn't your Peter deny your christ? Like you now? Obama is your new christ eh? It shows. You never were one at all ( christan ) were you? Name only . Does the word " judas " mean anything to your future, eh? It should.

    Very creepy ... like Obama?

    You need to look an old copy of qa'ran and hadith of Bukhari.. and recall that Obama stated in one of his books..he would stand by IIslam no matter what way politcal winds shall blow... Islam loves slaves and convinces the stupid to remain uneducated enough to be slaves.

    God gves people life. Freedom is not something a prophet or theocracy grants.

    All people are born the same way.. via coupling of male and female chromosomes , then through vagina eh? You and all humans are no different or better or worse than each other. WE are ALL the same. Yet Obama chooses to endorse a theocracy which claims only muslm males are innocent of all wrong doing .. no matter what they do to females, children and non muslims.

    You are rght to change your profile.

    You never were one at all. Just name only .. a fake... a fraud. And you serve Obama .

  • Live Fr... C-ZAR™ ... 2012/04/28 14:47:13
    Live Free Or Die
    They're true colors are coming out, green with envy.

    He IS cool and they just can't stand it. Ha ha!
  • dianne615 C-ZAR™ ... 2012/04/28 20:02:16
    You're so right!
  • 'Zedd C-ZAR™ ... 2012/04/29 00:05:39
  • Aurora 2012/04/26 19:41:02
    I do not even watch late night tv it all sucks, and Obama sucks too. This is a vote catcher for the stupid liberal crowd who thinks he is cool. Obama is one and done in 2012.

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